5 Cool Mad Max Vehicles you should See

The Gigahorse

This car was modified by using two 1959 cadillac cars which are mounted on the top chasis with double rear tyres and is powered by twin v16 engines.

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Plymouth Rock

This vehicle was built from a MAN 6X6 Tractor and has 1757 steel plates over its body and interesting part is it can travel at a speed of 80-90 in sand and mud.

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Rock Riders

Yamaha motorcycles made this cool weapon bike which can run with a gas and can do several stunts like jumping and drifting.

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The War Pig

This vehicle made from two machines Tatra T815 and a chevy fleet master and is powered by twin V8 engines and also you can see a beetle body and a truck cabin mounted on the top of the tank.

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It is a customized vehicle of 1970s Holden HZ Ute which is very cool and amazing.

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