7 Photos That Have Ruled The Instagram

Hearty welcome to all of you to our Rocking India channel where you get inspiring & mind blowing photo post everyday. I feel happy to see you all visiting my channel & reading my articles daily. Today I have brought an interesting article about some pictures that have ruled the Instagram in 2018. Let me show those pictures to all of you here.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo:

7 Photos That Have Ruled The Instagram

Let me tel you that Cristiano Ronaldo is everyone’s favorite & he is snapping a picture with his gorgeous wife that got 11.3 million likes on Instagram.

6. Kylie Jenner With Stormy:

Do you know Kylie has been the top list in 2018 & the list of her pictures with her daughter Stormi got maximum likes & this image rule the internet with 11.3 million likes.

5. Again Kylie Jenner:

Let me tell you that Kylie & Stormi really know how to rule the Instagram where this picture got 11.8 million likes where they celebrated Stormi’s first Halloween.

4. Cristano Ronaldo:

Do you know this photo is also in the top list of the most liked Instagram picture where he said he is transferring from Real Madrid to Juventus that almost got 12.3 million likes.

3. XXXTentacion:

How many of you know that he is a rap artist & his fan lost him this year but this photo got maximum likes with utmost 12.8 million likes.

2. Kylie Jenner on Stormi’s first birthday:

Kylie Jenner always likes to click her photos with her baby & that look so adorable & this picture almost gained 13 million likes.

1. Hailey & Justin Beiber’s engagement:

Justin Beiber & Hailey Baldwin amazed everyone with their 1st engagement photo that made every fan of him crush their heart & this picture literally got 13.3 million likes. No waht do you say about this post guys?


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