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8 frequently asked HTML Interview Question for experienced professionals

Here, we have listed the 8 common HTML interview questions that can help you clear your next HTML interview.

1. Explain your understanding of HTML?

While this might seem like a question for beginners, it is equally important for the experienced HTML professionals to articulate this well. The interviewer is assessing your fundamental knowledge of the language here. Apart from explaining HTML is the abbreviated form of HyperText Markup Language (a World Wide Web language), you’ll have to highlight the use of it. You need to mention here that HTML is a standard text formatting language that is used for creating and displaying pages on the web.

2. Have you created multi-coloured text in a webpage before? Explain the process.

The question is generally asked to test your prior work experience as an HTML professional. Here you need to be thorough while explaining the process. Explain this in the below steps:

a. We need to use the <font colour =”colour”>…</font> tags for every character that we want to apply colour to be able to create multi-coloured text. 
b. This tag combination can be used as many times as needed either surrounding a single character or an entire word. 

3. Can you name the two semantic tags that are included in HTML5 version? 

As a seasoned HTML professional, you need to know that the two new tags included in HTML5 version are <article> and <section> tags. Also, explain that the article tag represents a full block of content which is a part of a larger block. 

4. Explain the use of Span tag with an example? 

This question is asked to test your knowledge of tags used in HTML language. Here, you need to talk about the various uses of the span tag including to highlight any color text or to add background & color on text 
An example of this could be 
<span style=”color:#ffffff;”> 
In this page we use span tag 

5. What do you understand by Application Cache in HTML5 and what is its use?

This is again an important concept that the interviewers expect the seasoned HTML professionals to know. You need to explain here that the Application Cache is a term used when a web application is cached and can be accessed without internet connectivity. 

There are several benefits of Application Cache such as better speed (as cached resources load much faster), reduction of the server load (as the web browser will only download updated resources from the server), and advantage of offline browsing (where the web users can use the application even in offline mode).

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6. Tell us the process of creating a link that will connect to another web page when clicked?

The interviewer wants to know your understanding of hyperlinks here. 

Talk about the process of creating hyperlinks or the links that connect to another web page. For this, we generally use the href tag and the general format for the same is <a href=”site”>text</a>. 

In the next step, we need to replace site with the actual page URL that requires to be linked to when the text is clicked. 

7. Explain how many tags can be used to separate a section of texts? 

As an experienced HTML professional, you need to know that there are three tags that can be used to separate the texts including

a. <p> tag – contains the text in the form of a new paragraph. 
b. <br> tag – used to separate the line of text and conveys the flow to the next line. 
c. <Blockquote> tag – used to define a large quoted section. 

8. Explain the meaning of semantic HTML? 

This is yet another frequently asked question at interviews from both HTML beginners as well as experienced professionals. Explain that semantic HTML is a type of coding style where the tags are used to define what the text is generally meant to convey. You also need to explain that in Semantic HTML, tags for italic and for bold should not be used as they just represent formatting and offer no indication of meaning or structure. 

Apart from these, below are some of the other important questions that you should be prepared for before facing your next HTML interview 

a) Does a hyperlink apply to text only? 
b) Do you know how to create links to sections within the same page? 
c) Can you create a nested webpage in HTML? How? 
d) What is the process to making a picture into a background image of a web page? 
e) Name the new FORM elements which are available in HTML5? 
f) What do you mean by empty elements? 
g) Explain the use of figure tag in HTML5? 
h) Explain the term Style Sheets? 
i) What is the difference between HTML elements and tags? 
j) Explain the term marquee in reference to HTML?

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Core html interview questions and answers for freshers and 1 to 5 years experience candidate.Learn tips and tricks for cracking html interview questions.Coding tag will guide you the best e-learning website that cover all technical and learn technical tutorial based on different languages

Core html interview questions and answers for freshers and 1 to 5 years experience candidate.Learn tips and tricks for cracking html interview questions.Coding tag will guide you the best e-learning website that cover all technical and learn technical tutorial based on different languages.


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