An ambulance to the trees!

If you get any disease in pottery plants at home That’s big tree .. what do they do?

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Officials of the Metropolitan Administration have noted that the stubbornness is stupid. Even the trees from the age of 20 years before the eyes of the eyes are also strangled to the stomach of the authorities. Those who found it impossible to increase this level and decided to take care of the trees. Specifically, it has been decided to establish a good system of measures that will identify the diseases coming from them. Then came the idea … tree ambulance!

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In February 2010, the first plant ambulance was opened in the country under the auspices of the new Dilli corporation. This ambulance contains various pesticides, pesticides and other medicines that can strengthen the plants. These drugs are pumped up to 60 feet of trees from the roots of the trees to the grass. The driver has a driver and three other personnel. They look from each plant root to the stem and provide the medicine for any disease. Specific marks are used specifically for medicine. Continuous observation of them is possible. People from any part of the city call the toll free number and go to the ambulance where they are told. Any ambulance in the city will have to be removed from the other place if the trees are to be removed. This is the plant ambulance story. Should we demand our rulers to establish such a thing in our city?



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