Anil Kapoor wants to keep his audience engaged

Anil Kapoor wants to keep his audience engaged

For Anil Kapoor, acting is all about being able to connect with his audiences and the actor feels fortunate that in his career, which spans over 35 years, he was offered scripts that enabled him to do that.

Decoding his journey in Bollywood, which started in 1971 when he played the role of a young Shashi Kapoor in “Tu Payal Mein Geet”, Kapoor believes it is a combination of things that have worked in his favour till now — from good scripts to the respect he has earned from his peers and fans.

“Whatever planning and strategy you do, one would never know what will come your way. Because people are offering me different scripts, I am in a better position to chose and do what is right for me. There are a lot of actors who are not offered those kinds of films. I am very fortunate that all kinds of films are offered to me from mainstream to emotional to action films,” the actor said.

The actor says he judges his work on the parameter of whether it has been successful in entertaining the audiences. “I do films with the sole purpose of entertaining people. I am an entertainer, I like to make people laugh, cry, angry and connect with them. For me, doing drama, horror or patriotic film, making people cry is also entertainment. I like to engage audience. I don’t want to bore the audience. If it connects with people, I feel happy and if it doesn’t, I get sad too,” Kapoor says.


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