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Reliance share in Rafael is only 10%


Paris: Former French President François Hollande’s comments on the Rafael Agreement have provoked political turmoil. However, on the agreement, the French firm Dosso Aviation CEO Eric Trepper spoke in an interview. Eric said the joint partnership with Reliance in Rafael Agreement is just 10 percent of Dosso’s share. We have been discussing with 100 more Indian companies for the deal.

“Indian companies should be in accordance with Indian laws to deal with foreign companies. In accordance with the rules, the joint venture with Dosa Aviation Reliance has been set up to build a plant in Nagpur. It is only 10 percent of the deal with Rafael Deal. We are discussing 100 more Indian companies. We have already shared with about 30 companies, “Eric said.

Asked about why Reliance was selected instead of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Dixon Reliance Aerospace Ltd (DARL) is looking forward to the long-term presence in India through the joint venture. We will produce Rafael and Falcon 2000 equipment from the Nagpur plant under the joint venture, “he said.

Former French President Hollande’s comments led to the political controversy that the Indian government had selected Reliance Defense of Anil Ambani for the Rafael Agreement. But Dosso has been saying that there is no one in that, and voluntarily selected Reliance.



Import tariffs on more goods



Dilie: The rupee fall and the current account deficit have increased by the central government. Reduced the imports and ready to control the deficit. Import tariffs on more goods. In the past month, import tariffs on some electronic products have increased to a minimum of 20% on some communications goods. The decision was taken at a meeting held on Thursday, the Central Board of Excise and Customs said in a notification on Friday.

Optical transport equipment used in communication field, digital loop carrier systems and multiplexers, has increased the current 10 percent tariff on voice frequency telegraph by 20 percent. So far, 10 per cent import duty on telecom products and equipment without any tariff has been made. With this decision, smartwatches are going to be a little expensive.

During the fifteen days, the government raised import duty twice. The government had made a decision on September 26, doubling import tariffs on 19 electronic products, including ACs, fridges and washing machines. Earlier in December, the government had announced tariffs on 40 different items in the budget that was introduced in February this year.


Michael waits for me



The Mexican beach in the state of Florida, USA, was struck by the Michael Storm. This peak storm crossed the coast here Wednesday. The winds were hit by a speed of 155 miles per hour. So many houses have been demolished. About 3.5 lakh people were left in the dark after power supplies were lifted. One girl in Florida died in the storm, one in Florida.

India’srejected 115th rank

The World Bank, which releasedHuman Capital Index, which


Dilli: India ranked 115th on the Human Capital Index (Human Capital Index) released by the World Bank. India ranked 115th on the list of 157 countries based on various criteria. But India has declined this rank. “The Indian government has decided to deny the Human Capital Index report. We will continue to carry out good government programs for human capital development. The goal is to give a good life to all children, “the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

The Human Capital Index shows the productivity of the next generation. They are equipped with full standard education and good health. According to the human capital indicator released today, 44 per cent of children born in India now have to be productive. Compared to males in India, HSBC is the best among women, according to a report released by the World Bank.


Melanie’s threats are wrong


Washington: Perhaps the most threatened person in the world can be me .. These comments are not some common woman. Melanie Trump is the wife of American President Donald Trump. In a TV interview Melania made these comments. She spoke in an interview on the topic of “B Best” on her online launch of online threats. “I can say that I am the one who is the most threatened in the world,” she said on Thursday, ‘Good Morning America’. But she did not reveal how her threats were.

Social Media and Online Behavior are focusing on the ‘B Best’ initiative he launched. Melanie said that children need to be aware of it and how they can solve such things as they grow older. She also talked about the presidential residence of the White House. He told some people in the White House that Trump had no faith. But she did not reveal their names. Melanie said that she had not even told Trump about such people, and some people could not work there anymore.


The plane was crashed and

136 passengers were safe



Chennai: An Air India Express flight from Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu has been hit by a sharp risk. Air Traffic Control (ATC) crossed the wall of the wall, while the aircraft was taking off from Tiruchi airport. However, no casualties were reported to the passengers. The incident happened on Thursday night. According to officials,

Dubai flight from Tiruchi Airport to Dubai with 136 passengers left for Dubai. As the take-off, the two-wheelers went off the ATM wall. The pilots immediately identified the accident and immediately rushed the flight to Mumbai. Travelers safely landed safely through the Mumbai airport. Officials said the aircraft was attacked by anti-aircraft and antennae.

Officials said the flight had been severed from ATC signals for a short time after the wall collided with the aircraft. But for technical reasons, or whether the pilots are being investigated, “he said. Dubai has reportedly taken passengers in another plane. The DGCA also ordered the investigation into the incident.


I do not like it!



Nihikera Mohan proves how easy it is to reduce weight … Cycling plays a professional, mother, wife … Participating in competitions for a company … is getting acquainted with herself. That’s what … what’s it doing in her words? 
I’m fine …Lavish. The reason for it is delivery. It seemed too painful. The second time she was pregnant. With the delivery again, the more weight the weight. After that, I felt like I was in trouble in the mirror. That feeling is a victory for me. Although cycling is known as Super Roundunier three times. “It is time for women to have a personal life after marriage. What can I do with home and children’s activities? ‘ Because my MBA was reading. That’s not enough. The house, the child, the MBA along with the mail, the PhD 
Less than two months …Then I select the software sector based on my interest … job in Chennai as a consultant. I was born in 2008. With the weight gain, I felt negative to me. Anyway … it seems that it is not impossible. Every day, around thirty hours, walking to walk and focus on dietary rules. Oil ingredients, sweets, rice, soft drinks, junk food. All of this spoke to the experts and got acquainted with me … made the stomach to be stupid. Fruits, oats, brown, pulse, meadows … The result was reduced to five kg weight in two months. That may not be a great thing but … it’s a big hit for me. Since then we have decided to stay fit without weight. But the second time in 2011 was raised again after childbirth. This time the suffering seemed unbearable. Without the delay, under the control of experts began to decrease. This time we lost eight kg weight in just two months. So why do I like it better? Every task is easy. What clothes do you wear? I have a rule that I do not want to be weighed any more. I am five fifths two feet and I have not yet crossed fifty-five kg. That’s the same.
So cycling ... As part of fitness, our colleagues are talking about the marathon. Until then I was not aware of it. I also participated in the 2012 Hyderabad Marathon. The medal is given by the destination at the given time. In fact, I did not participate in sports since childhood. Never received the medal. It was the first time that I felt something like a smile. So decided to participate in more competitions. That’s why Dudeethlon chooses. Cycling, running … Dudeethlon combined with both. From that point on, I started a bicycle and started running. I had to compete with myself whether I could bicycle without taking a break. I was once aware that the 200 km bray (long distance cycling competition) was going on. Reach the destination within thirteen hours. This is a competition which is under the control of the organizers. That’s why Hyderabad joined the cycling club and practiced for almost nine weeks. I had a professional in Chennai. Hyderabad is coming for practice. Successfully completed that brace as expected. Brasse has to do more levels.
Every three times … Practicing 300, 400, 600 km of spraying. They are managed by an international organization called Adult India Club. From November to October, the company is considered a cycling year. They are known as Super Roundenier, who are made up of 200 (13 hrs), 300 (20 hours), 400 (27 hours), 600 (40 hours) kilometers. When making these levels, I tried to get to know the truth in me. Every time it reached the destination before time. The company is managed by the company across the country. Mainly in Hyderabad, Vikarabad, Nagpur and Bangalore highway. Every fifty kilometers will be placed by a flag or any signal manager. It’s time to get to the destination and collect them all. I have completed Bravey three times in every level. The Adduct Company recognized me as the first Indian woman to do so.
Preparing for Brushes … This is the challenge of doing the drills. Prefer bicycle performance. Additional accessories should be added to it. Close sunscreen and walalene. There is no food to carry food. So if the road is visible, it must be eaten while managing the time. I prefer to be the idiot. Energy bars, ladders, date palms and bananas from home. All of this is energizing. Tired of rejuvenating them quickly. Participation in such competitions is not just fitness, but also a time rule.

Prabhas is the French title?



Hyderabad: ‘Soho’ is on the sets of the film and started shooting his next film Young Rebel Star Prabhas. Radhakrishna is directing the film. Pooja Hegde is acting as the heroine. The film is currently being shot in Italy. Uwe Creations is building. On Sunday, Pooja shared photos of the sets, revealing that he was joining the set. She also had a working title. But the Pooja’s working title was broken by the finger.

Interestingly, the French title is being investigated. Film sources say ‘Amoor’ (meaning love in French). Apart from that, the movie has been reported as a love story of the past. Radha Krishna Periyadikal has been prepared for this movie. This is the story of the love story of the 1970s. According to the story, much of Europe is screened. A bit of fantasy, thrilling and action added. The film team is working on building new style sets for this film. Art director, Production Designer Ravinder is reported to have set up some sets in time for the time frame.

Currently Prabhas’ Soho is busy with the movie. Sujith is directing the film. Vamsi and Pramod are producing Uva Creations banner. Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor is the heroine. Almost all actors of Bollywood are going to appear in the film. The film is being directed by the action scenes with a huge budget. Next year, the film is going to bring the audience forward.

Life for life

Salim Malik gives $ 2 million: Warne



Dilie: Australian spin legend Shane Warne believes that if he has to send someone to batting for life, he will trust Sachin Tendulkar. Instead of questioning who is better at Sachin and Brian Lara, he responded. In 1998, when Warren was attacked by Tandulkar against Australia in the Sharjah Tri-Tournament tournament, Warne said that he had a nightmare when Sachin was in trouble. Some years later he changed the word that he said something fun. He said, “Sachin and Laraley are the best batsmen in the world. Both of them will choose Lara before the batsmen will be sent to the final day of the Test series. But if I want to send someone bats to save my life, I can trust that. That’s a fantastic batsman. ” In the autobiography ‘No Spin’ Shane Warner shared the darkest angles along the sweet memories of cricket. He told about the bookies he contacted. On one occasion, Pakistani veteran Salim Malik has revealed that he has encouraged him to spot spot fixing.

Warne said Salim Malik had proposed to make $ 2 million in the IPL match. “I have mentioned in my personal life, family and cricket life in full honest book. I have explained thoroughly about each topic. Specifically about the IPL 2008 edition. Salim Malik offered me $ 2 million in the tournament. Malik said that if I pulled the ball out of the match, it would be 2 lakhs in my room in half an hour. Mark Waugh’s friend was also out of money in Sri Lanka. In the casino casino, I lost $ 5000. Then the friend of Marqua came to me and said, ‘Here is 5000 dollars.’ I did not hear it. No trouble, no one knows who he is, and his plans, “Warne explained. There are too many charges against Warne’s behavior outside the field. Many stories are heard about his unmarried relationships. Warne said he had no connection with anyone except his wife Simon Colan and Elizabeth Harley.


The cyber ​​attack on sister sisters

Filming as a prostitute for not getting married

Avenge the other for the police


An attacker attacked a cyber attacker with the aim of making easy money, blackmail, and dishonesty. One time he went to jail. Yet the mindset did not change. More and more parasites behaved. Cybercrime inspector Chandrabhosa was arrested on Wednesday by the accused, Ramzan Rameez Ansari, Additional DPP (Cyber ​​Crime) Raghuveer revealed details

 fraudulent website.

Riyaz Ansari (32), a resident of Nagpur. She started a fake website five years ago with the idea that she would get money if she was married to a widow, and then six o’clock went into hiding. His wife was dead and placed the personal details on the fake website to have only the son. The widow of West Godavari district Ansari learned the details and spoke to him on the phone. After talking to the dancers, she decided to get married in the second week of June. A couple of days before the wedding, Ansari’s wife called the bride and told her that she was alive. So they canceled the wedding. Ansari has put her phone number to Calgary, putting the widow’s photos on the website of the obscene website. With the advent of the phones, she did not bear phone number. She said that she was staying in Hyderabad. Two months ago, a cyber crime complaint was filed.

Scheme for filing…

According to Inspector Chandabasha’s instruction, the widow called Ansari in the first week of August. He wanted to get married and informed him to come to Hyderabad. Ansari arrived in Hyderabad two days later. When Essunagar arrived at the bus stop, he found the police in the mafia. She immediately telephoned her and suggested that she was here and told him to come to Secunderabad Railway Station. Inspector Chand Bawasha said that Ansari was trying to escape. Sesi Narendra Reddy, constables call Sekhar and Sridharachari and stay at Nampally Railway Station. As Ansari came to Nampally Railway Station, police traced him and brought him to the Cyber ​​Crime Station. Arakkalelles who arrived there were arrested and charged with further complaints against him and sent to Chanchalguda jail.

Naked pictures of vengeance …

Ansari, who was released from jail on bail, went straight to Nagpur. The widow has played a key role in sending her to jail. She collected photos and opened a fake Facebook account with her name. She has videos and photos that she’s morphing and nude. She sent her friends and relatives by sending them to their phones via Whatsapp. The victim’s complaint was filed by Cyber ​​Crime Police on August 14, when the victim was unable to post a number of nude pictures in her Facebook account and send them to her phone. Police found that Ansari was doing this. He was brought to Ansari Haneebabad on Tuesday night.