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If my crime is proven, hang up my son!

Gujarat incident is the mother of the accused


Ahmedabad: The attack on locals in Gujarat is creating sensation locally. Attacks started on the 28th of November in the Sabarkantha district on the pretext of the rape of 14 months old lady. The accused has been accused of raping a man from Bihar. The accused was arrested by the police. That day, the violence erupted in several districts. The tension has occurred. However, the mother of the accused, Ramavati Devi, accused of the attacks on non-Gujarati individuals. She asked the Gujarat government to prove that her son was executed.

She said: ‘Punish him if he is wrong. Uritiyandi. And do not punish the rest of my bearers by my son. Stop the attack on them, “he said.

The accused’s father said … ‘I am a minor, his mental condition is not right. He studied up to fifth grade. He was the third of four children. Two years ago he left home with his friends without telling anyone. We learned that he was in Gujarat a few months ago, “he said.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has responded to the attacks on the locals. He urged the locals to come back to the state. He also ordered police to take security measures without causing tension in various areas. On the other hand, hundreds of workers migrated from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other parts of the country began to leave North Gujarat in the wake of the attacks. Officials said the state reserve police forces were deployed intense areas.



One day loss of Rs 66,000 crore!



London: The world’s top 500 wealthiest people have lost a lot of money on Wednesday? Literally Rs.7.3 lakh crore. Most of these were Amazon founder Jeffebos, who had lost more than Rs 66,000 crore. Bloomberg described it as the second big jump in the billionaire index this year. Bezos has reportedly lost most of these.

Europe’s billionaire Bernard Arnault had a net outflow of Rs 33,000 crore. He lost half a day in the value of this year. LVMH shares have collapsed after reports that China has banned checks in border areas. Berkshire Hathaway’s head, Warren Buffet, has also been reduced by about Rs 33,000 crore. Another 67 billionaires lost nearly Rs.2.3 lakh crore in their wealth.


‘Bharat will soon get to know’

– Trump offense comments


WASHINGTON: US President Trump Narmarkhawhas made the announcement of India’s green light for S-400 acquisitions without counting the Katsa Act. “India will soon know.” Now that the rumors are reverberating. The journalists questioned the Trump on the India S-400 agreement on Wednesday at the oval office in Washington. He said, “India will soon learn whether or not the restrictions come under. You will get the answer before it is expected. ‘”He said. While Trump’s comments, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also there. Trump-Pompeo’s meeting after the call-up of the callers.

Only the President of the United States has the power to give India the exemption under the Kansas Act. It applies to allies of America based on Russia for weapons. It is also very limited. This is already a representative of the National Security Council of the White House. On the other hand, the US ambassador to India said, “The Katsa law is only for the sake of tightening Russia. And not to hurt the military capabilities of the Allied Allies.


Nicky is going to make a lot of money: trump



Washington: Nicky Hayley, an Indo-American who resigned as US ambassador to the United Nations, is keen to see what’s next. This factor has become debatable because she did not reveal why she resigned. American President Donald Trump said that Nicky is a wonderful person and she is likely to join her private sector. Trump said that she is going to make money in the private sector that she wants to join. 46-year-old Nicky Haley was the first Indo-American to be ranked as the Cabinet rank of the American president. She resigned on Tuesday and Trump accepted it. Nicki had previously revealed that he had spent some time in public life for a decade.

“Nicky will remain in office till the end of this year. She is nominated by someone else and will be in office until the Senate approves them. Nicky is our girlfriend. Very great person. I’ll be among those who want to spend time with her before Nicky goes out. She gets a job. Hope you earn enough money. I think Nicky will come back again. She is a very good person, “Trump said in a White House press conference on Wednesday. Trump said he was investigating four persons for the post of the embassy. Among them were Dina Powell (45). She worked as a former deputy national security adviser to Trump.

‘Nicky talked to me about this topic six months ago. A year ago, there was a discussion about this. Here she wanted to stay for only two years. Last week, when he was speaking to the UN, he said he would like to leave. Perhaps some time to work in the private sector, “Trump said. Trump expressed confidence that Nicki would return to the government.

10 years old girls want to wear jeans!

Mali tribe rule in Madhya Pradesh


Alirajpur: Following the modern trends, the changes in the attire of the people. While wearing traditional dress, we have to look out for the rest of the day except when it is ripe. But the elders of the Mali tribe of Madhya Pradesh have made a crucial decision in this regard. Girls over 10 years have been wearing jeans. This rule will be brought into force from Devi Navaratri.

Part of the Navaratri celebrates the festival of the Mali tribe Garba. Hundreds of women and young girls dance to Garba during the ceremony. However, the participants in the ceremony were not allowed to wear jeans. The provision of this provision to ensure that nobody is obscene towards women, as a large number of devotees participate.

Manjula Mali, president of Mali women in Alirajpur, said: “Every year, we have decided to celebrate Garba this year. But this time we dressed up the dress code. The same clause will continue. Also, girls are not allowed to wear jeans at the warranty. They can not wear it anymore, “he said.

Another country to abolish the death penalty


Kuala Lumpur: The opposite of countries that have abolished the death penalty is now going to Malaysia. Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Dio said this decision was taken by Malaysian government ministers due to strong anti-domestic violence. He will soon act in this regard, he said. Human rights activists welcomed the decision taken by the government. En Surendran, advisor to the Layers for Liberty Rights Group, said the death penalty was a cruel and unfortunate act. If the hanging is in the country now, there will be a moral authority to prevent Malaysia from executing it in foreign countries, “he said.

For some crimes in Malaysia, there is a mandate for the death penalty. The death penalty is imposed in Malaysia for murder, kidnapping, possession of weapons and drug trafficking.


Great job for IT workers!

New technologies have been unsuccessful
Already out of 200 people in the cognizant
Today is the trade department



Areas of interest to recent times

Social media, mobility, analytics, cloud  

The fields that the future is supposed to be good

Digital, Artificial, Internet of Things, Black Chain Technology, Automation


IT professionals should be constantly learning new technologies. Every 4-5 years demanding technologies vary. If you work in the same way for years, you have to prepare for fire. Fresh opportunities are available to those who have the skills to meet current demand. Hence the existing seniors must be careful. The information is already in the IT categories that the US company has already removed 200 senior cognizant and director’s positions this year.

thatRthikasystem, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, service sector companies… The design of the software, IT companies are responsible for the management of their respective services. Now more companies are going to digitize. In addition to banking, revenue and health care are the conditions for the development of Blackjack technology. IT companies are recruiting those who have the skills needed for these new types of tasks. Most of the sales are mobile phones. Many transactions are conducted through mobile phones in daily life. They are made with the artificial material (AAI). The AAI’s role in the cameras is undeniable. Institutions think that they will be able to advance and retain those new skills. Many of the traditional functions are moving towards automation, so far those who carry those tasks are entrapped. Companies are moving towards reducing employees in traditional areas and abolishing some posts. Institutions that do not like to drop veterans are trained and trained in new skills. However, some of these are just getting new skills and a new work ethic. The institutions do not hesitate in avoiding those who continue to do so in traditional ways. This is mainly due to high wage and lack of appropriate income in the traditional sectors. In this year, the director and the board of directors reported that Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) acted to take over 200 companies. They say 3-4 months remuneration is a compensation. The new Cognizant says that the cognizant has acted in harmony with digital technology.

Retirement age is decreasing

While living standards are improving, the average lifetime is going up, and some IT companies are cutting the ‘retirement age’. Industry sources have claimed that these measures are undertaken in order to reduce the high wages of seniors. Tech Mahindra’s decision to reduce the retirement age of small-scale employees from 58 to 55 years is an English newspaper.

The original problem of limited dying

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) said that the country’s IT sector will drop to double and double-digit growth. In 2018-199, 7-9 percent is expected to be grown. With the reduction in IT exports, growth in new hiring has also decreased. There are a limited number of campus options.

Google to pay Apple Rs 65,000 crore


Dilie: Apple’s leading electronic product company Apple is going to pay a huge amount of Google’s popular search engine. Google has announced that Google will pay Apple $ 9 billion (about Rs 65,000 crore) to put Google as the default search engine in the Safari web browser on the iPhone. In 2013 and 2014, Google paid $ 20 billion in 2017. In the Business Insider’s report, analysts say that it is likely to be more than double that of $ 9 billion this year.

Google said Apple would pay $ 12 billion (Rs 87,000 crore) in 2019 for default search engine. The report reveals that most users from Apple are using Google search engine. Google claims Google believes that Apple is important in important sources of consumer traffic to Google. Apple uses Google as a default search engine in Safari on IOS devices including iPhones and iPods.


‘Hall’ is the highest turnover between suspicions



Bangalore: The Rashtrapati Rampal Agreement has come up with the name Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Hall). For the past few years, the Congress-led opposition has accused the government of halting the public sector firm HAL and handing over a contract to the government of an inexperienced Reliance Defense. On the other hand, the comments made by former French President François Hollande were further fueled by the controversy. Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the ‘Hall’ lack of capacity was not given the contract. Hence, the company has been able to raise the record for the highest turnover in the ‘Hall’ record.

“Hall” for the financial year 2017-18 18,200 crore turnover In the last financial year, 17,600 crore turnover. In the first half of this year, the Hall released the statistics. They once again revealed at the 55th Annual General Meeting of the company’s shareholders on Friday. These statistics have become the latest in the face of Raphael controversy.

In the 2017-18 financial year, the company made 40 aircraft and helicopters. These include the Su-30MKI, LCAA Tejas and Darniel. 105 new engines, 550 engine for the space program and 146 new aerostructures.

Recent Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on the Rafael controversy said, “The lack of capacity for the Hall is not a reason for the Rafael Agreement in the UPA regime. Former French President Hollande has recently commented that Modi’s surgeon has named Reliance Defense’s name for the Rafael Agreement. This led to a political controversy.

What are the Indians who are illegally entering the US?



Washington: The US Customs and Border Protection (ZBP) spokesperson Zamora said in an interview that the number of illegal Indians entering the US has tripled this year. Most of them are coming into the US from the US-Mexico border. However, the Indian embassy officials in Washington and San Francisco have not yet responded.

By the end of the 2018 financial year, the number of Indians entering the United States could reach 9,000, according to Zamora. Last year, the number of Indians illegally entering the US was 3,162. But this year the number is likely to be three-fold, he said. Of these, nearly 4,000 people have been deported from the Mexican border to the US. Most of the people are coming from this barrier to enter the US. Most of them are coming to the US for employment, but the documents they show are not correct. Mexicans also enter the US illegally. The following list includes Guatemala, Honduras, Ei Salvador, and most of the victims in the US.