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Tsunami blast: 384 dead


Many: The Sulawesi region in Indonesia has created a huge devastation in many cities. This is a huge loss to the nature of nature. The disaster agency revealed that 384 people have been killed so far. This number is likely to rise further. Initially, 48 people were killed and the death toll was rising within a few hours. Hundreds of people have been displaced by the tsunami. Sea tides have risen to about 6 meters, Indonesia Media sources said.


There are about 3.50 lakh people in the city that created the tsunami. During the time of the establishment of the beach festival in the city, Some sources say the bodies are floating in the city streets, according to official sources. A large number of people were injured in the tsunami. All of the hospitals are filled with casualties. The city has a terrifying atmosphere in the city with the worrying of their family members.



Cab ride canceled .. huge penalty!



Dilli: If you want to go anywhere quickly, we have a cab service. In cities like Dilli, Bangalore, and Mumbai, most of them are dependent on you. Over the past few years, companies such as Ola and Uber offer cab services to the public. After a cab booking to any area, we can cancel the ride that some drivers can not come to that place. Whether or not the passengers book a different cab After that, if any such driver is canceled, it will face a fine of Rs 25,000. Dilie’s government will soon come up with a proposal.
The Dilli Road Transport Department has created a new draft for regulating the growth of cab services prices and further tightening the rules for the safety of passengers traveling in them. The draft claimed that cab drivers should be prosecuted if they are sexually abused by passengers. If the case is not in the case, the driver would have to pay a fine of Rs one lakh. Dilie Paddy Minister Satyendra Jain will present the draft of the Cabinet soon. These new regulations will come into force for cab drivers. Government officials have expressed the view that some private taxi services will do well when it comes to charging higher amounts from passengers.

If the new provision comes into service, the app-based cab services will be licensed from the government to provide services in Dilli. The call center should be set up to ensure 24 hours of cab service to passenger safety. The GPS system is constantly monitored by the Department of Transportation. The Comptroller and Auditor General will soon bring legislation to the Ministries of Minimum and High Availability from Passengers. If they do not care for government decisions, they are planning a massive penalty. Also, in the proposal to set a panic button in cabs.


Facebook launches the programme to improve coding skills of students

Facebook has launched in the US free online education programme CodeFWDTo to increase the numbers of underrepresented and female students interested in pursuing computer programming.
“We’re working on a number of initiatives like CodeFWD to widen the pipeline of diverse talent studying computer science so the next generation of tech innovators reflects and incorporates diverse perspectives, building a future that benefits us all,” Lauryn Ogbechie, Education Partnerships Director at Facebook, said in a statement on 25th September 2018.
Created in partnership with connected toys maker Sphero, CodeFWD by Facebook, has been designed for both English and Spanish speakers.

It is a three-step programme where educators and organizations introduce computer programming to 4th to 8th-grade students.

With the first module “I do”, CodeFWD prepares educators to introduce the basics of computer programming to their students, even as they may be discovering the concepts themselves.

The “We do” module lets educators and students learn together. And the “You do” is designed to help students practice their new skills.

“After completing these three steps, educators who want to continue developing their students’ coding skills using a tangible, hands-on product can apply to earn a free classroom set of programmable robots from our partners at Sphero,” Ogbechie said.

Source: IANS


For ‘Taj Mansingh’ per month Rs. 7.3 crores !!


The witness, New Delhi: lutens Delhi Hotel Taj Mansingh lease rights to the prestigious Tata Group’s Indian Hotels Company Ltd resume. The New Delhi Municipal Council official said that Tata Group has once again acquired the hotel lease rights in the auction on Friday. “Taj Mahal Hotel has been in the hands of Tata Group for 33 years. However, in 2011, the lease rights were completed. But today Tata Group agreed to pay Taj Mansingh with paying Rs 7.3 crore per month (including GST). It’s more than twice the previous fee. Previously they paid Rs 3.94 crore, “he said.

In 1978, the Tata Group entered into the Taj Mansingh Hotel for the lease of 33 years. But even though this deadline was canceled in 2011, the lease is not interested in restoring rights. The NDMC has sought to give some time to restore the lease after announcing that it will go legally. NDMC has held a bid for the lease rights of the lease. The Tata Group was once again paying a huge amount of money to Taj Mah Singh.


Supreme Court verdict: Reliance Jio shock


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today ruled that a private court and a telecom service provider would not be able to collect Aadhaar data and it is not mandatory to link Aadhar to their respective companies. The Supreme Court dismissed sections 33 (2), sections 57 and 47 of the Supreme Court. The verdict has shifted to Reliance Geo, which is in the telecom market. When Geo entered the market, Geo Sims offered customers a simpler Audar-based Authentication with moments. This makes Geo SIM cards more readily available to customers. As a result, the number of users has also increased to Geo. So that’s why Geo sensation, still continues on the market. Geo has always been at the forefront of adding new customers.

But with the Supreme Court cutting off the Aadhaar-based Authentication, Geo will drop heavily on new customers. Foreign Brokerage Analyst said that the introduction of geo customers in the coming months would be decline. If you want to buy a SIM card, customers will have to spend more time on the verification process, which will increase the cost of consumers. Analysts say customers will lose interest in selecting Geo. The expansion of the Geo is also critical to the company. Not only Geo, other companies like the PATM and Mobichek digital service providers and other third-party companies, but the Supreme Court has also said. Analysts claim that the Supreme Court will completely reverse the Aadhaar-based authentication and may also be negative for the companies.


Google Pixel 2 excel at the high discounted price


NEW DELHI: Google’s Pixel 2 is going to be available with a huge discount on the XL. This smartphone comes with a 40% discount on customers. 64 GB storage variant priced at Rs. 45,499 are now officially available. Its actual price is Rs. The smartphone was launched in November last year. However, the high-end variant of the 128 GB Storage model has not changed anymore. Rs. It will be 82,000. On the other hand, the Pixel 2X will be launched as soon as the Pixel is launched on October 9th.

Mumbai-based electronics retailer Mahesh Telecom Pixel 2 has announced a reduction in the price of smartphones in the Indian mobile market. However, market sources believe the company will officially announce the price reduction. The announcement is likely to come before Pixel 3 launching on October 9.


removes women from Sabarimala

Supreme Court verdictban on


Dilie: The Supreme Court has given a sensational verdict to allow women to enter the Sabarimala temple. It is clear that women of all ages can enter Sabarimala temple. The court has lifted a ban on women aged ten to fifty years. The temple rules that restrict the entry of woman into the temple are violated Article 14 and 25 of the Constitution. The bench headed by Justice Deepak Mishra said it is not necessary to impose restrictions on women’s age to enter the Sabarimala temple as an essential religious policy.

Deepak Mishra said in the judgment that there was no gender discrimination in the temples and that women were less likely to be weak. In this country, women are being worshiped in the form of deities, and on the other hand, the gender discrimination is restricted. Women are less likely to be less than men. The prohibition on women is a violation of Hinduism. The religion is part of the basic way of life. There is no constitutional change based on biological (biological) features of women.

Four of the five members accepted the verdict, while only single judge Justice Indu Malhotra said a different opinion. She said that the decision to decide on the removal of religious practices other than social disorders, such as the marginalization, is not related to the court. It has been suggested not to change the religious traditions that are strongly rooted in securing a secular environment in the country. Women who have been in the age of 10 years (10 to 50 years) have come to the Sabarimala temple for a number of years.


Hotel room for 4 hours

MakeMicTrip new access


Today, Hyderabad: The online travel aggregator Memmittrip is short-lived lodging facility for booking hotel rooms online. This will help people who want to take a hotel room for 4 hours and 6 hours. The company is already experimentally examining Tirupati, said Chief Business Officer, Inspector Shakshit Choudhury. Speaking to reporters in Hyderabad on Thursday, he said, “This facility will soon be available across the country. It would cost 25 percent of the daily rent. He also signed a contract with Budget Hotels across the country and gave them a confirmation. Apart from 250 hotels in Hyderabad, 600 small hotels in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have already been identified. They can be booked by the memmittrip and Gibibo. We have brought 9,000 hotels across the country. They have a daily rental of between Rs.1,000 to Rs 1,200 and they will be assured of quality.

ICICI with: ICICI BankICICI Bank and Memmatrips have jointly issued a co-branded credit card. Depending on the cost of users through this card, the reward points will be earned. In a statement, a reputation point could be converted into a rupee in a micromptive ‘micash’. In addition to the remedies, it is possible to use this amount everywhere connected to it.

New iPhone sales from today

Bookings still lower level!

Compared to abroad, higher prices are due

Today is the trade department


IPhone New Models iPhone XR, XS and XX Max Sales From Today Earlier bookings started on 21st of this month, but the lowest number was reported by market representatives. Hungama who is staying in the market does not appear this time when new iPhone models are being released. The reason for the price is that the prices are too high. Apple has also released new models, similar to last year’s iPhone tone. New phones are already being sold in areas like Dubai and Hong Kong. Since the dollar’s value is above Rs 72, the price seems domestically expensive. Besides, customs and other surcharge burdens have been priced at Rs. 20,000-30,000 as against the total overseas, according to chain sales technician Steve Signed. In the past, the release of the iPhone was much higher, but this time it was a different situation. As many as one of the few families in the Telugu states have settled in abroad, the majority of the people think they are coming and are already coming. Biggie CMD Balachandran said that the lack of big changes except for the dualism in the new models compared to the iPhone Ten, the higher the Dharomo and the bookings are low. Happy Mobiles CED Pawan said that the price of the iPhone is to be considered a symbol of status, not thinking about price, but the high price is too high from overseas. Dubai and Hong Kong are the most expensive for tours, compared to the domestic market, and there are new models that are available when they come in, “says Selby Y. Guru, SELECT Mobiles. All these phones are being brought with an international warranty, and it is good to know that you can get access to domestic services

The plane into the pond is passing safely


Wellington: New passenger plane crash in New Zealand When landed, the plane flew from the runway into the pond next to the plane. But the tank was not deep and the passengers were safe. The incident took place on Friday morning in the island of Micronesian. Well…

36 passengers, 11 crew members of aircraft may be coming to the air nyugini plane landed aduputappindi local no Airport. Suddenly from the runway to the nearby pond. Though the pond was low, the aircraft was not fully immersed. This led to a huge loss. The locals immediately flew with boats and protected passengers and crew. Some travelers came to the shore to swim.

The airport crew said no one was injured in the incident. However, passengers and crew have been taken to a local hospital for regular medical examinations. There is no clarity on the reasons for the accident. The airplane of the accident left the plane from Papua New Guinea. The Papua New Guinea government ordered an inquiry into the incident.