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Trump speaks in laughing in the United States



UNITED NATIONS: US President Donald Trump has had a difficult situation in the United Nations. The members of the House laughed at him at the UN Conference. Trump’s sovereignty, some members were laughing at the time when he was talking about the country’s progress in his two years rule. Trump said that the development of his reign had never been in American history.

‘A year ago I was in this house for the first time. I talk about the challenges facing the world and the better future, “Trump said. However, Trump said that the world was laughing at America’s internal policies. Trump revealed that you are now in front of us to share with you the amazing progress that America has achieved. They said that their achievements in less than two years did not achieve any mechanism in American history. When the people of the House laughed at that time, the trump was smoothed on the interruption and then responded to it. He said he did not expect such a response but okay.

In his speech, Trump spoke of defense funding, rising taxes, rising record stocks in his tenure and defense funding. The unemployment in the United States has declined. Some foreign policy is also explained. North Korea has stated that the manufacture of nuclear weapons has been reduced. Trump revealed that the current controversial issue between America and other countries is commercial. He said he had told world leaders that trade inequalities were high. The Trump has recently been known to increase import tariffs on many countries including China and the UK.


Collapsing polishing unit: Three killed



Bulligurava: The granite polishing unit under construction at Ballykurava in Prakasam district collapsed. Three died in this incident. About 12 people were injured. The cattle veteran Venkateswara Rao has been identified along with two women. The car and five bicycles were destroyed after the shelling of the shed were hurled to the windstorm. Some are suspected to be under debris. Locals removing debris with the help of Poqlain. The injured have been shifted to a government hospital for treatment.


Pawan is listening to the Chintamaneni case list


Dandulau: The Janesena Emerald Youth Party .. This generation will rule tomorrow’s generation, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan said. Pawan participated in the public meeting of the Janesana Combat Yatra held in Dandulaur district of West Godavari district. Speaking on this occasion, he said that all castes and religions are equally visible. “When asked about his support during the 2014 elections, he asked Chandrababu to be a strong law and order in the state. I did not expect anything. I want to be responsible MLAs during partition. Do people support injustice? There is politics that creates conflicts among castes and religions, “he alleged. Constitutional forces and the forces of the united forces are going to fight against their anarchy. Local MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar has recorded 27 cases of various police stations and recorded the case list. The Chief Minister failed to control the MLAs, and the people were telling them to think.

In the morning after the Pawan Kalyan Sabha in Dendroloor, there was a thrill of police and people. The massive protest was set up as the MLA was keen to block the house.

Rental of Rs 10 to Rs 5 crore bhavanampadellaku

management difficult cetulettesina titide 
nominal rental of tourist organization bequeathed 
ontimitta accommodation to the wishes of the devotees break


The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams of the temple have constructed a beautiful building of Rs. The senior officials announced that they would soon be taken into use. Devotees felt that the breakout would be difficult. In the end, they were not able to handle the building. At the end of the ruling council, Only Rs ten per ten rupees a year to rent a house for Rs.40 crore per annum is the worst of all the decisions taken by the governing body of the Teddi administration. 

– Newsted, singingOttimita Kodandara Temple is taken on September 9, 2015 at Tirumala Tirupathi Temple. Then the state government decided to provide infrastructure with Rs 100 crore here. There are 33.25 acres in 103-A1 in the monolithic borough, 3.25 acres in 103-A3, and 0.12 acre in 1520-2000, and 20.09 acres of land in the 1520/2 seal. There is a total of 56.71 acre. This is where the Seetharamas colony was built. Two decades ago the decision was taken to construct a hostel accommodation complex near the site. Rs 4.60 crore was allocated for this purpose.

What happened when 
the building on July 27, 2016 to undertake the tasks, then the president of the board of directors titide cadalavada Krishna, Buddha Sudhakar Yadav is a member of the public worship of the earth and the others managed to whip mallikarjunareddi meda. 
*The building was constructed on three floors of 28,310 sq ft. The first floor consists of five rooms, allocated for two celebrities. The hall is enough for 600 people to have a length of 32.10 × 24.10 meters and a width of 8,327 sq ft. There are seven rooms on the second floor. Another dormitory hall was constructed at 7,864 square feet. There are 100 bedding. At the third floor, the toilets were constructed with seven rooms. In the foreground, an extraordinary horticulture was established. Two lines of road were laid. Initially designed to build 21 rooms, it was restricted to 19. 
On April 1, 2017, the opening ceremony was put on hold with the appointment of CM Chandrababu. 
*On August 10, 2017, Eco Anil Kumar visited Singapore. He said he would soon be taken into use. That did not happen. 
* In February 2018, technical officers were handed over to the administration officials. 
It was announced on March 30 this year that they will be opened on the hands of the Chief Minister who will attend the Janaki Ganga Rebellion. The program was canceled by the windstorm that day. 
On April 14, 2018 Jayo Paula Bhaskar, then Collector Baburam Naidu, AP Township, Urban Development Authority held a meeting here with state officials. For the devotees. That was not fulfilled. 
On April 29, Tithide was appointed by the President of Puda Sudhakar Yadav Ramayana. He said that he would soon get into trouble without getting into trouble for the devotees. 
*On May 10, the Executive Director of Tourism Development Company, TV Gangadhar Kumar was examining the building. On 25th December, the President of Puda Sudhakar Yadav, Government Whip Madha Mallikarjuna Reddy, Jayo Pola Bhaskar were present. It is still superfluous. 
On December 28, the Tideid Governors Council meeting decided to hand over the facility to the tourist agency. The administration officials received orders from the technical experts to hand over the building to the APTC. It is enough to pay only Rs. They have been ordered to hold for a decade. That means paying 10 rupees for ten years. It is astonishing to see these copies. The tourism development agency says that they are forced to do so.

Why the 
tourism development company is doing business. Tidy is serving the common people. There are serious objections from the devotees who are not aware of the pressure from whom and the APPDC is handing over the building. There are over six thousand rooms in Tirumala. It is noteworthy that 19 rooms cannot be held in the backdrop of the ability to manage them all.

The ruling council has recently decided to give the pilgrims accommodation to the Tourism Development Corporation for the decision of 
the governing body. To this extent is the order. Rent a rupee per year. Public sector firms pay less for rent. The responsibility of executing the orders of the superior is on us.

– G.Jaganmohan Reddy, Executive Technical Officer, Tithide, Tirupati

A night in the tents of the Mongolian people!

“Adimamanavudu lived millions of years ago dominated the region, especially the nomadic Mongolian cenghijkhan jivananni cudalanukunevallaki the ground in the country like Mongolia,” said the Hyderabad-based communications ceppukostunnaru K. Sucaritareddi.


WereFor a long time, see Ghulkhan, Mongolia, to see the country. That’s why all of your friends come together to get along with Taiwan and South Korea. First, we reached Taipei capital Taipei. He went to the Presidental Office Square and went to the Change Shake Memorial, former president of the Republic of China. The statue of Changui is very big. There will be a marching hour. The guards change. As soon as the building comes out of the building, the small waterfalls can be refreshed in a gorgeous park in the middle of the pools. Three buildings surrounding the grandmother reflect the culture of the day. The bus departed to the town of Tinchung on Monday. The development of the country is still visible. The town is home to native tribes of Taiwan. Initially, the hunt was their livelihood. After a long time learned to grow crops. Near the town of Taichung, the Sunmun Lake, which is located in the middle of the mountains, As the excursion stays in the head, the clouds run like mountains. That scene … seems to be in another world. Traveling in a cable car can also enjoy the beauty of the lake. The evening went to the ancient Wen Woo Buddhist Temple. The temple is magnificent with golden sculptures made of golden paintings.

Cultural village! The village reached the village of Farmaja, near Kawshong by the Rope Way. In fact, it is an amusement park that reflects the local culture. The villagers were able to see the music with the traditional costume and the dance with the unseen dance. There we can visit the houses where they live. Locals can buy their own items. There are also various thrilling rides. All of them returned to the train again.

On the next day, there was a 101-story tower built. The tip of the tube is equipped with a spherical sphere to keep the tapest tower intact. The lift of it will reach only 50 seconds from the fifth floor to the 87th floor. From the tower above the tower, Taipei is seen throughout the city. Hundreds of shops were constructed. The tower in the park near the tower saw its shadow lying in the middle of the afternoon and the tower seemed to be there. Fengshui Fountain, which was built outside the 101-story building, seemed to be a film. From the Taipei Tower, the city is located in the valley in the middle of the mountains. Because no buildings have been built on the mountains. The city was developed between lush trees in the valley.

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Mongolians are Buddhists!
The next day we reached the capital of Mongolia, Woolla. We thought it would not have grown so remote country. But after seeing the capital, it was surprising that in 1990, Russia was relieved of how much it has achieved. The first was to Gondantegchenlen Monastery. With the permission of the Buddha to be admitted while being in control of Russia, there were a lot of Buddhist monasteries. Buddhism in Mongolia has been in existence since ancient times. Buddhism spread across Nepal. Mongolian and Tibetan Buddhist monks, after the Mongol Empire expanded to Tibetan country, to study Buddhist texts at Nalanda University in Hindustan. The Buddhist tradition, the Gelag, a Buddhist theoretical foundation of Nalanda University, spread throughout Mongolia. Gandon Buddhism is considered the cornerstone of that tradition. The 26.5-meter idol of Avalokeshwara, with the gold in the monastery, tears the eyes. It is appealing with colorful gem jewelry. This statue was destroyed during the political crisis of the 1930s. It was later reconstructed in 1996. Moreover, the Mongols regard this statue as a symbol of their freedom. Nearly 150 Buddhist pilgrims offer their services here. Normally these photographs do not take photos. If you are willing to pay a certain fee. That evening we went to Genghis Khan Square. The idol that he was sitting there attracts visitors. Government buildings such as Parliament, Opera House, City Hall … have been built over the city. That night we went to the musical dance of Mongolians. They dance in traditional dress and dance their eyes. Various rings are presented with various musical instruments. Throat singing with a pitch is a specialty of Mongols. Once the sheep were able to feed the voices of those who were far away from the sheep. This is derived from this thread singing.

download (16)

The day before departure to the Tech National Park. The statue seated on the way by the hands of the Sainissthis was seen shining white. As it is at a high altitude, the valley is surrounding it. On the opposite side, he also built his mother’s statue. We saw a turtle-shaped stone at a distance. Sample homes that lived in the 13th century Mongols were built in five places. We have looked closely at the designs of the houses built between the hills and the hills. At the same time, they also showed the way to enhance cow’s milk and the way to preserve the milk and cheese making. Saman is their religion. It is believed that the priest would call the spirits of the ancestors. The guide was very surprised to say that.


Stayed in the Tents!
That night, we also rested in Ger Camps. These gars are the tents that the Mongols lived before. In the middle of the tent, the fire is put on fire through the pipes. At about ten o’clock at night In the early morning of four hours, more bogs are laid. Pre-cooked cuisines are also cooked. The bathroom is built in a modern way apart and there is no inconvenience to us. In the monastery, there is a feeling of quietness between the rocky mountains that are greenery. Once again the Woolenbatter came to the treadmill’s tents. That’s still the most popular life. Where the water goes to the animals there. There is no settlement. Upon arriving in the capital, we saw the summer residence of the noble kings. There’s a lot of things made with tailoo Kashmiri wool.

download (19).jpg

All the shops in the city!
If you see Seoul City, it is commercially understood as the most developed country. In the Han River, there is an unforgettable experience. The South Korean civilization is spread across the river. This river route is key to business with China. The President Palace, Bluehouse, can be seen from a distance. There is a hill behind the building. The North Korean border is about 60 km from there. There are various things in Seoul. The city is very popular for those interested in shopping. We do not know how long in the Lansdown Bazaar. There are also royal palaces and royal palaces apart from our royal system. When visiting them and seeing the comedy Nanta that night came out, there were varieties of Korean cuisine sold on the carts. Their famous dish Kimchi. In the Korean folk village, we reached Busan on the Bullet train on the morning. The city is located on the shore and there is a harbor there. The Busan Buddhist Temple is situated in the middle of a beautiful park. Busan is also a big shopping center. With the advent of capital cities in the three major cities, visiting the second major town has been closely observed by the people’s development and lifestyle. We have not seen a large number of traffic police. Traffic is a great way to go by. Finally, we come across Bangkok and come to Hyderabad with the golden Buddha Jade Buddha.

Tasmat cautious immigration.. Pareshn!

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‘Ha in! We Are Calling From Immigration .. ‘The phone is heard from the other side. That’s what they want. That’s the way to get the cash. Verbal with words. Kangaroo will tell you one of your details. Do you believe those words? Lakhs are put in a lump. Cybercrime is growing in all sectors. Personal information is stolen online. Travelers pockets are empty.
Would you like to go to country tours and travel abroad .. Tickets are now online! It’s the cybercriminals that are going to be the target of tourists going abroad. Personal information is hacked by hacking. Private Tour operators, travel agencies, have received commissions mail id, mobile number and commits crimes. 
Harm assured…
Cybercriminals follow a new trend to beat people. The immigration office is calling from phone .. ‘You’re going to a country! They are threatened to submit false certificates with the application. That traveler is disturbed. Warning that the actions of false information are wrong, they will go to jail. Asking anyone to get out of the problem in those situations is natural. Those weaknesses are cyber cheaters. If you deposit this amount in your account, you are guaranteed to take any harm. Those words are believed to be deceased and paid after being asked to pay. In recent times, such cases have been reported by the Cyber ​​Cell Officers of the Central Crime Research Institute. Authorities examined by the documents in the immigration office are approved if everything is correct. If it does not, the request is rejected. Officials also say that the phones are not threatening to put up the cases. Fraudsters are not getting into a trap.

Like the trap…

download (12) Immigration officers are telephoned. 
Bad certification documents have been submitted and threatening to go to the issue. 
The truth is this… 
* When stamping seems to be false certification documents, they are not permitted to go abroad. 
Immigration officers personally phone and never talk about cases.

Jobs in Indian Navy for graduates; Salary is Rs 2 lakh/month


New Delhi, Sept 22: The Indian Navy has issued a notification through which unmarried male / female candidates will be appointed in the executive branch (logistics and law cadre). In this recruitment, candidates will be hired for the position of short service commission (SSC) officer. Online applications for this recruitment have been received from the courses starting from Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala in Kerala from July 2019 next year. Candidates who wish to apply can apply before October 5.

Vacancy: The total number of posts are 35

Names of posts
SSC (Logistics) (Female and Male) – 20
SSC X (IT) (Men) – 15
SSC (Law) – (Female-Male) – 2


SSC (Logistics) – The candidate has obtained the degree of Architecture from SSC BE / BTech, MBA, BSC / BCom / BSc (IT), MCA, B.E. from any recognized institution with 60 percent.

SSC X (IT) (male) – Candidates with BE / BTech / Computer Engineering, M.Sc, B.Sc, M.Tech, BCA / MCA from any recognized institution with 60% degree.

SSC (Law) – The candidate has obtained a degree of law with 55 percent of any recognized institution.

Selection Procedure: Shortlisted candidates will be called for Stage 1 interview. After this, they will be called for Stage 2 after 4 days. Before giving SSB interview, candidates will have to take part in the Intelligence Test, Picture Story, Group Discussion.


Sub Lieutenant (S Lieutenant): Level 10 – Rs 56,100 to Rs 1, 10,700
Lt. (Lieutenant): Level 10 B – Rs 61,300 to Rs 1,20,900
Lieutenant CDR (Lieutenant CDR): Level 11- Rs 69,400 to Rs 1,36,9 00
Commander (CDR): Level 12 – Rs 1, 21,200 to Rs 2, 12,400

How to apply: Interested candidates can apply by visiting official website

Job location: All over India

There is a temple in Atagatunga … the church in that church ..!



‘There are a lot of falls in the falls of the waterfalls. The rocky hillside culmination of the cranny is taken into the depths of centuries of history. The fireworks of the sculptors exhibit the walls of the walls with their eyes dazzled. Aihole, Pattadakal, and Badami are the places where the beauty and beauty of the Chalukyas are the venues … says Vishakavasi Dr. Madadhabulthala Thirumala Rao.
VFrom Amritsar Express to Pathapatnam, departing from the airport in Karnataka and then passing to Badasseri from Badrinar. The only railway station in the area is Badami. The train did not stop there, and the passenger trains did not come to the center of the area for a minute. But the film industry is well aware of the location of Badami, Pattadakal, and Aihole in Malaprabha river in Bhagalakote district of Karnataka. That’s why the movie shoot is more than a visitor’s hit. Telugu films also shot with Tamil and Kannada films. Vikramaditya, Thamiram, Allegro, Rowdy Rathod, Shakti, Tripura … etc are all films.

download (1)

Basasankaridevi …
First, we went to Basava Shakti Devi temple. The temple is 4 km south of Badami. The Chalukya goddess is the resident. She is a caste goddess in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Historically, there is a temple of Basaskankari before the Badami Chalukyas. The walls surrounding the walls have a face and a half. The Basakasariya sits on the lion and darshan in an avatar with eight hands. According to a statue in the temple, the Chalukya King Jagadkamaludu seems to have been modified to the ancient temple. Later in the 9th century, the Rashtrakutas rebuilt the temple and the present temple was built by the Vijayanagara kings. Then he went to the shrine. It is about 11 km away from Badami. There are two halls here. A shrine houses the tombs of Hanagal Kumaraswamiji and Hanagal Sadashiva Swamiji. It is said that these Swamiji are supernatural. From there we went to Mahakutta, a large number of temples. It was once South-South Kashi. The largest of these is the Mahabaleshwara Temple. The first Pulakesi of Chalukya Raja was built by the Shivas.


A complex of temples … Aihole ..!
25 km away from Mahakupta Away is Aihole. It is also a group of many temples. All three are within a kilometer area. The most important of these are Durguddhi, Ladakhan Temple, Suryanarayana, Hutchimalli Temple, Jyotirlinga Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple. There is a museum here. The statues and statues of the Chalukyas are a testimony to the architecture of the Chalukyas. There are more than 120 Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples in this area. That is why the map of the museum is also convenient for visitors. There is a stone in the shape of the ax on the river Malaprabha. It is said that this is the place where the Parasurama walks through the area and the karadiyan is killing the ax of the area so that the water in the area is redding. The stone footprints on the banks of the river are considered by the locals as Bhargava Rama.

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The architecture of the sculpture
13 km from Aihole Paddle is at a distance. Paddy is a symbol of Chalukya sculpture. The earliest known north and south Indian temple architecture can be found here historians. The temples are from the second Vikramaditya period. One of the two places in Karnataka, which is recognized as the UNESCO Heritage property, is the second one in Hampi. There are ten temples here. While eight temples are in the same place, the Papanatha Temple is located 0.5 km south of the complex. At about 1.5 km west of Jaina Narayana Temple Are far away. The Kadasiddhaswara and Jambalinga temples are dating back to the seventh century. Galaganatha, Sangameshwara, Kashi Vishweshwar, Mallikarjuna and Virupaksha temples are from the 8th century. The most important of these are the Virupaksha Temple and Mallikarjuna temples. Nandi is beautiful with sculpture on the east side of Virupaksha temple. Vikramaditya constructed the temple to mark the victory over Kanchipuram. The temple was built in the Dravidian style with 18 high pillars eastwards. The Mallikarjuna Temple is in the same manner. It is not enough to look at the pompous temples of the Pattadakal temples, but the minds of the sculptors who have gone into history are not mesmerizing.

Badami in the Rockies ..!

download (3)
Then it went to look bad. Badami was the second capital of Chalukya between 500 and 757 AD. Badami is the name of the Chalukyas. These are the venues for the sculptures of Pattadami, Paddadal and Aihole regions. Chalukyas were very encouraging to them. This is the reason why all the hundreds of temples are visible there. The Badami Temple, Bhagatnath Temple, Agastyaththiram and stone caves. The Bhutanatha Temple has a big facade of the temple, the sanctum sanctorum, and the interior. The large hornbill that lies between the hills. Agastya Maharishi is a legendary story that has stolen a monster named Vatapi here.
The stone caves in Badami look. The first of these four temples, built by the big hill, is called the first cave. Nataraja Murthy is the one. The figure that is dancing on the lotus with 18 hands is really awesome. There are also idols of Mahishasura Mardi, Ardhanarisvara and Harihara. The other is the Vaishnava Cave. The fifth of the decades, the Vavana Vatavatram can be found here. There are sculptures of Bali, Emperor Vindhyavati and Vishnu Murthy. There is also a Buddhist cave next to the second cave. There is a Buddha statue in it. The third cave is the Mahavishnu. Raja Keerthivarma marks the cave at the age of twelve and his younger brother Mangalesh According to the law, There is a statue of Lord Vishnu. The fourth cave is a Jain temple. The statue of Parshwanath, the 23rd Tirthankara, is inscribed in the Jains. You can also see the Kannada script of the sixth century on the hills. The Badami Fortress stands as a testimony to the Chalukyas of the Dalits. There is a town where you feel so calm and quiet. It is said that the Chalukyas’ capital is good for those who want to enjoy the silent nature of the entire waterfall and the entire hill of Gillagali Gilligindhil.
35 km from Aihole There is a confluence of Krishna, Ghataprabha and Malaprabha rivers. Sangameshwara Temple is the testimony to the Chalukya architecture of that day. Basaveshwara, the famous saint who has worked in the 12th century, has been born here. That is why the Basaveshwara grave is in a suburb. Finally, ten kilometers from the crossroads The biggest dam in the distance is near to the dam. There are many parks around it. Among them are the lavish gardens and the musical fountain parked behind.

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Akbar chess played there

Akbar is here. Chess played just right there. This is the place where Jodabai Krishna worshiped. Shahjahan Aurangzeb was detained in this building. This is the place where Tansen has heard of his musical composition and is trying to take it back to history. Hyderabad is a resident of Venugopala Rao.


high from Darababad to Dilli, from there to Agra in the car. It was early morning to visit Fatehpur Sikri Fort, about 37 km from Agra. Sheikh Salim Chisti was in Sikri village that was then here. Akbar, who returns with his victory over Gujarat and stays in the village, gets Baba blessings. That is why the son of the son of Jodabai is named Salim. Jahangir himself. Akbar built the city of Fatehabad (the city of Vijayawada) with the sense that the area was lucky. That is Fatehpur Sikri. The city is magnificent with an artificial lake on a three-facing side, with a width of about three kilometers and a width of about 50 km. There are seven major dams to enter the city. When Agra was entering the gate, the music was heard from the Nawabat Khana building on the grounds of the emperor. It has a sunspot east.

download (1).jpg

At Fatehpur Sikri …
Buland Darwaza is the gateway to Fatehpur Sikri Palace. It was built to celebrate South India’s achievements. The 176 feet high is known as one of the largest dams in the world. As it goes from below, the marble mausoleum of the Sufi saint Salim Chisti appears. Akbar then went to the mansion of the democracy. There was a very high platform for the emperor to sit there. Akbar’s belief in astrology is greater. Contacting both Hindu and Muslim astrologers. That is why he built a small dome for them. There is a place where Akbar Chess played in the spacious area of ​​the dome. Instead of the pieces in the rocks, people are standing. The buildings behind Diwan-e-Aam are called Khas Mahal. All these were specially arranged for Raju and Queen. In the middle of the bedroom built in the middle of Akbar, Manchu was built at a height of 4 to 5 feet. There are stairs upstairs. There is a long way to set up long dyes. It is a combination of spices. There are separate buildings and kitchen baths for the queens here. Jodabai building decoration reflects the Hindu architecture.


Mughals specialize in water lakes in the middle of the building complex to withstand the warmth during the summer. There is also a water lake named Char Chaman in the area of ​​Kasmahal. There are routes from across the lake to reach the center of the lake. There is a platform in the center. Tansen has been roped in to the royal family who are sitting on the stage. Then he went to Hiraminar. Akbar built a memorial tower in the name of Hiraminar, where he was buried after the death of the elephant Hera, who served him faithfully. It has stairs to go up. The elephant in the center of the minar is equipped with elephants. Abul Fazal, a close relative of Akbar, near the Buland Darwaza. The Fatehpur Sikri Fort is now listed in UNESCO recognized structures. When he saw it, he reached Agra and saw the Taj Mahal and went to Agra Fort.
In Agra Fort 
it was also built by Akbare. The Agra Fort has a fort of the fort of the Rajputs. It was built on a site of 94 acres on its ruins. There are two bases around the fort. At that time there were two trenches. In them the crocodiles grow turtles. At present there is only the inner trench. Built the outer trench and built the road in its place. Though the fort was built by Akbar, the latter changed their interests. According to the historian abluzhal, there are 500 buildings in Agra. There are currently only few.


The fort first saw Amarsin Gate in the fort and went to the Jahangir fort. It is a reddish double building. The inside walls of the building built by Akbar for his son, Rajput style decoration on the roof. On the opposite side is a bathtub made of granite. There is also a staircase out there. It is not fixed at all. Where does Jahangir go and take it? Akbar arranged a grapevine for the women of Qarasahal in front of Queen. The mud is brought from Kashmir. The Diwan-i-Khas Building, which was built on the banks of Shah Jahan, is very beautiful. Here he sat on his peacock throne and made confidential interactions with ministers. At present the throne is in Iran. From there she went to Sheshmahal. People use it as a dressing room. Walls of small glasses on the walls. Shah Jahan built it north of Khasmahal for family members in the form of Turkish baths. There are two tanks for hot and cold water. Water flows from the fountains set up here. If Jahangir built Jasmine Tower for Queen Nur Jahan, Shah Jahan rebuilt it with a new design for Mumtaz. The marble fringe is marvelous. In the last days, the son of the Aurangzeb Shah Jahan was housed in the internal battle for the royal power. From here, Shah Jahan looked at Taj Mahal. Meenamassi and Moti Masidis also visit temples in Mathura and Brindavanas and leave for Gwalior. If Jahangir built Jasmine Tower for Queen Nur Jahan, Shah Jahan rebuilt it with a new design for Mumtaz. The marble fringe is marvelous. In the last days, the son of the Aurangzeb Shah Jahan was housed in the internal battle for the royal power. From here, Shah Jahan looked at Taj Mahal. Meenamassi and Moti Masidis also visit temples in Mathura and Brindavanas and leave for Gwalior. If Jahangir built Jasmine Tower for Queen Nur Jahan, Shah Jahan rebuilt it with a new design for Mumtaz. The marble fringe is marvelous. In the last days, the son of the Aurangzeb Shah Jahan was housed in the internal battle for the royal power. From here, Shah Jahan looked at Taj Mahal. Meenamassi and Moti Masidis also visit temples in Mathura and Brindavanas and leave for Gwalior.


In Gwalior Fort …

Initially, the Ji Vilas Palace went to the palace of the city. It was constructed in 1874 at the cost of Rs. Its value is now estimated to be around Rs 10,000 crore. The main dining table is the largest dining table. It’s a small silver train ride that offers guests such as brandy, whiskey, drinks, cigarettes and cigars. They will get someone who comes to the box with the ones they want. The second is the Darbar Hall. There are two shandaiers with 250 bulbs. They are the largest crystal shandy in the world. The carpet in the Darbar Hall is known to be the largest in Asia. Nearly two quintals of gold are used for wall covering of pallets. The palace also has a museum with items of royal living in the palace. From there, Gwalior went to the fort.


It is not known how it was built, but by the end of the sixth century it has historical evidence. The sandstone in the Vindhya Mountains is made of sandstone. Babur commented that this fort was seen as ‘Manipuzha in the head of the Hindustan Forts’. Built with five floors, this fort has three terrestrial and two groundwater. The museum was constructed to spy on the ground floor. At that time, the Intercom system was created for mutual communication between floors. To communicate through the tubes that are not visible in the walls. Since the 11th century, it has suffered a lot of aggression. In 1568 Akbar took over the fort and converted it into a place where political enemies were executed. Later the fort was the Marathas of the Guhaddhas and the Britishers’ hands finally got to the Sindh. The Man Mandir architectural style is very good. Coming to the castle comes first musical mahal. On the other hand, there is the dance. There were glasses on the walls. In the light of the lights, mirrors of the mirrors of the mirror on the mirror of the mirror reflected the lamp of the temple and filled with light. There is a library next to it. There is a water column for water bodies in the underground


Jhansikotalo ..! 
Jhansi Lakshmibai fought against the British army and saw Jhansiakotani in the place where he died, seeing the Ramaraja Temple in Orchha, Radha Krishna Temple and Lakshminarayana temples.


At that time … defeat in the game!

Mayans … who are … who does not read history? But those who are familiar with history with Cos will have some knowledge of the Mayans about the Maya civilization. Agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, calendars, and architecture of these talents. Some of the features about Mexico’s country, one of such civilization, are dated to Hyderabad . Gayatridevi words …


MayWe is going to hear about the magic of magic about Kosi and come out to see them all. Mexico is the name for the beautiful beach beaches of the Caribbean Sea. But we went to see the ruins of the Maya civilization. That’s why we went to the first concoction from America. Cancun is located on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan Peninsula. In their language, the concoon means snake. That evening we rested for a while in the hotel.

download (1).jpg

In the first Cancun we went to the Spanish Museum named Museo Maya de Cancun. Some of those showrooms are outdoors. There are some ruins. Some part is inside the building. There are some ancient rocks and sculptures. Near the museum, we went to the beach called Pia Delfhenes. Paya is the beach in Spanish. The white sandy beach of Nandivaradhana as the crystalline blue shirt is broken in its head … the mind is enjoyed by it. The beach is full of tours, but there is no trace of trash. That is why they know that they prefer pure hygiene. That evening, we went to the downtown marketplace and bought Mexico souvenirs. The Mexicans of the day were worshiped by the serpentine and the serpentine. So there are temples with their names. 

download (2).jpg

Can God be in the high places?
Then booked for the Tulum and Coba sites of Maya civilization. The bus departed from our hotel for seven o’clock in the morning. Besides the Spanish Guy, he also has an English guide. Our bus has travelers from America, England, France, Japan, China, and Chile. After a two-hour journey, the bus went to the ruins of the Tulum. The guide explained their beliefs about civilization. The people of the place explained that the Goddess is in the sky and the elevation of the high structures can be easily reached by the Lord and the construction of the pyramids. These monuments were built on the high walls of the period between 13-15 centuries. This can be the reason for the construction of high places in the mountains.

download (3).jpg

The pyramid is there
We had lunch at the restaurant from Tulum to Cuba. As a vegetarian, we do not have a problem with raw rice, rajma curry, and rice. Another hour after the journey, we reached Cobain. The busiest pyramid IX Mohawk can be reached if the bus leaves for about two kilometers. There are bicycles and rickshaw rentals if you can not walk away. There is no access to motor vehicles. This is the only pyramid allowed to climb to the top. There are steps to climb the pyramid, which is 42 meters high, but they are very slim straight and slippery. Getting hard is harder and harder. Sitting on the stairs will have to stand out. This pyramid is very much dwindling. Yet everybody is getting there.
On the other side of the campus, we saw a few small blocks and went to the beach called Paya del Kamen on our bus. Where all the vines are covered with blue crystals in pure crystals. We planned to travel to all kinds of vehicles in Mexico. Recently, the world’s seventh-minded Chichén Itzák, with no tour operators, was able to leave the cancello in advance to advance the advance at the Adio bus. Adho Buses are our Volvo buses. But there are toilets in them. The three-hour journey went smoothly. We have checked the roads on the road. The furrows are very small. Houses are plain. There is no worse than any house front or road. Mexico is behind us in terms of growth. Yet it seemed to be a priority in hygiene.

download (4).jpg

That’s a fantastic place!
After three hours we reached Chichen Itzah. It was one of the most ancient Maya civilizations, and later the Toltec civilization. Its entry fee is 285 pesos. That means around Rs. 1100. All tiers were built for tickets. If it goes in, it is about five square kilometers. The mid-seventh wonder pyramid. They are known as Kukulkan and Yelketsi. Mayans do it Built between 600-900. Its height is 98 feet. At the bottom of the plinth is 181 feet. There are 92 Meters on the 91-meter and 92-meter line upstairs. The total year is 365 days. The Mayans of the day think it is a temple. Conventional festivals are organized here. The top is used for suicide. But now it is not allowed to climb. There is another small pyramid in it.

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Losing the ballot …
The premises are very ancient structures. The main thing about the ball court is here. It was a surprise that people with the courtyard of the 545 feet 512 feet wide 225 feet wedge to make the ball of the ball. The two communities or parties in the towns to solve the political and social differences have solved the problem through the game. Two teams are selected for the competition. The winning team leader, who has been beaten by a team of lost team. Voters in the game seem to have a chance to reach the Lord directly. The rubber ball used in the game is about 9 kilograms. The campus has seen two more underground reservoirs, an observatory, and a los monhas. There are a thousand pillars built in memory of the dead soldiers. There are a few hundred small shops inside the campus – to sell souvenirs. Most of these memoirs were made in China. So many countries that I have ever seen have been made in China. That means the Chinese market has expanded all over the world. Chichen Itza looked at 3.30. We have already seen in advance that the Google Weather Index is likely to come down to 3.30. Absolutely three and a half years old. We have reached the Cancun again.

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This is the island of women!
Isla Muhuris (meaning the island of women). But it’s unclear why that name has come. A taxi from the hotel went to the boat. Taxi prices are fixed. So the bargain asks suffering. The ocean journey seemed very cozy on the boat. When the sun’s rays are reflected in blue water, the vast surfaces of the vast surfaces are enjoyed by the eyes of the wind and enjoy the heart of the island. This is the Q. Small island. This is the basis of the tourism. At the end of the island, there are ancient ruins and a sanctuary that has turtles of various species. The beach is also very pleasant. The golfcards and motorcars are rented on this island. Taxis are available. It was there until the evening that the boat traveled back to Cancun, enjoying the sea journey back to the morning and back to San Francisco.