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Beautiful flowers

‘Himalayas … ice holidays, glaciers, livestock, and sarovarulu … Nature’s beauty to a variety of species of colorful flowers, especially rare Brahmakalamas. That’s why we have to go back to the hills anytime somewhere. Such as the Puri Valley Uraff Valley of Flowers on the way from Joshimath to Badrinath, “says Karara Nagarakshmi of Pune.


Business To go to Lee of Flowers, go to Govindghat at Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Helicopter services are available. But it is better to travel from there to a walk or horses or toilets. Here, snowfall and rainfall are both. The helicopter services are often canceled. From Haridwar to Govindghat, it is 296 km away. There are buses run by the Uttarakhand government and private buses. The taxi will take longer than the bus.


Govindghatlo …
We first reached Srinagar in Uttarakhand. He stayed there for the night and went early in the morning to Joshimath. It had already gone to Govindghat. That’s where we stayed there for the day. It is about 20 km from Govindghat. Govindaghat is the only way to go from Badrinath to Joshimath. Departing early in the morning, we reached Ghat after a kilometer journey. There are hotels available for all categories. Near the side of the Alaknanda River is visible. On the shore is Gurudwara. There are free meals and parking facilities for the tourists. The trail starts from there. We stopped at Gurudwara and packed light bags for two days and then packed with other essential items and left the taxi on the left. There is a luggage in the gurdwara. The moisturizing cream and sunscreen needed for this expedition is a must-have shoe that can stop in cold cliffs. A headache, fever … etc. Torchlight is mandatory.

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The river is the confluence! 
You can not find a horseman or a half a kilometer. Those who walk on the walker can find the sannas. Hemkund Saheb is talking about horses by the Valley of Flowers. After about 12 km, we reached Ghangaria. From there we had to go to the Valley of Flowers. The distance is mud and mud. More distance is boulders. Where the height is high, the horses slowly climbed down. 
On the way, Alaknanda River has been greeting us with hips. After the twelve miles of the difficult journey, the green meadows and small cascades flashed. It took six hours to go to Ghangaria.
Ghangaria is in the lake. Ghangaria is the confluence of the rivers Bhindara Ganga and Pushpavati. The two rivers will flow along the Lakshmana Ganga and join Alanganad at Govindghat. In Ghangaria there are tents and mud house. They provide meals and accommodation facilities for the pilgrims. This is the Ghangaria pooilaki hamakund sahebki junction. This is the place where residence and lodging facilities are available after Govindghat. The hotels are closed for six months. You should end the meal soon. Take the bananas and leave the tea and snacks and leave the pool. They are not allowed into the valley three in the afternoon. Tickets start at the entrance. A ticket taken once can go to the Valley for three days.

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 In the beautiful pool …
It is a beautiful place with a height of about 3,660 meters in Chamoli district in the north. Nandadevi came to the National Park to walk on the hills. From that entrance to the valley. That’s the way. We can not imagine when it will be there. The hills come to the mountains. It’s hard to walk. We have noticed that our three-kilometer tracks are running. Nandadevi National Park has reached the gate for the sunset. Being overwhelmed by the fact that the dark night cannot go back. On the morning of five o’clock in the morning, The three kilometers walk to go to Nandadevi National Park, which is six km long and does not have the habit of hiking. Doliwals guides us.
It was possible for the great ones to describe the spectacular scenery that reflected on the Himalayas and the reflections in the backpack. Lonantha is like flowers. Each color of flowers everywhere … medium-sized and colorful pulleys are in the midst of a child crossing between them. One two kilometers beyond the colorful croutons … The flowers are in the middle of the flowers, the color of the leaves of the tree, as someone is put in the inflorescence. Actually, the arrangement is a fairytale film. From the distance, it looks like a colorful striped carpet. This Florida is changing annually. Because of the seeds of the windstorm sprout in different places.
How far can you see the color of the flowers in the eyes of … Zeranium, Snake Foil, Hooked Stick Seed, Himalayan Rose, Blue Papi, Kobralilli, Dog Flower … Vegetation has grown. It is not known how far away the pilgrims were traveling beyond the cascades. It does not seem to come back. There was a small tomb on the spot. It was written that she was John Margaret, who had come to study the rare floral species found here in 1939 and died accidentally. The Dolians said that in the latter time she had built a mausoleum for her younger sister’s memory. This area came to light.
Each of the flowers here is medicinal. Sanjeevani Mountain, which was brought by Hanuman in the Ramayana, is said to be in the pool. All the sicknesses are exacerbated by the wind blowing on the flowers. The Nandadevi Sanctuary is located east of the pool, spreading between the Himalayan mountain ranges of about 8 km and about 2 km wide. Trekkers go to Nandadevi Sanctuary and come back to the evening. There are snow tigers, black bears, red jackals, blue sheep, and musk animals. 
The monolithic birds with the colorful feathers have been spotted in the valley along with the eagle and the eagle. It is not possible to go to such a beautiful valley. We did not recall that we did not have breakfast or we did not have breakfast. Eat hot noodles and drink tea and go to Hemakund Saheb.

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Hemkund Saheb!
A 12 km journey from Govindghat to Pulaiyaa is about five kilometers from Ghangaria to Hemkund. The calculation of these kilometers is not always the same. The precipitation is often closed due to frequent rains. You will have to go from the middle of the hills.
Getting to Hemkund reach 4329 meters. The hills are steep. Those with respiratory problems are good for keeping oxygen cylinders along. The shaking started to shiver. Traveling to Bhagavannam memorial After more than two millimeters in the hills, the brahmakalam plants seemed to bury our happiness. We went to September and we were able to see the Brahmakalasam. The Uttarakhand government has declared it as a protective snack. Take photos of the flowers. The journey of the rest of the journey was difficult but traveled by the Brahmagams. All five kilometers have reached us within two and a half hours. 
The horses got down and walked to the gurdwara. Hot Tea, Kitchi and Roti Stay in the lagoon outside Gurudwara.
Sarasse Hemkund next to Gurudwara. It was built in the year 1960 by Gurudwara. From now on, there are free meals for pilgrims. Every morning in the morning you can walk five kilometers and do not forget the attention of the cuisine. The locals believe that no one can stay in Hemkund at night and that the gods would come to bathe in the lake and people who saw them were alive. Then come back in the afternoon. Scientists claim that the oxygen at night does not die because it does not exist there. Seven hills surrounding the lake (Sutta Samprampa) are found in the Sikh religious rituals. These are called Nisan Saheb. Laxman is a place where a small town near there is a place where he is a penance. It was surprising that the Sikhs were bathing in the bay. Visit the Holy Gant in

the Hall,

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In the hail of the hail ..

‘How many times have you gone into any of the things that the man does not get to the most dazzling sculptures are the Himalayan slopes. The highest peaks in the middle of the snowy mountains, many of them in the river valleys of the flooding on the way himanadalu tirthan prayanincalanukuni bayaluderam nadipravahalu … So today, “said the news from the doctor keensitaratna ceppukostunnaru Secunderabad.


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From High Damabad to Chandigarh, from where we traveled to the tunnel along the Manti in Himachal Pradesh to reach the Tunnar river crossing on the Vyas (Beas) River at Largi. From there we reached Sairopa village beyond Gushai. Our stay in the home of a nearby tirthan stream Spirit. To get there, cross the river. We reached the shore through the trolley connected to the iron cables. Tirthan is the main tributary of the Vais River. It is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The Great Himalayan National Park originates from the glacier of Hanskund and flows through the Tirthan. Its stream flows in the forests of the glaciers, cedar, and coniferous forests. The area is home to biodiversity.

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Within hours … The 
Tirthan Valley and the adjacent Sainghain Valley are also part of the Great Himalayan National Park. Its northern and southern sides have high altitudes. In this sanctuary, there are 200 species of birds, such as snow flower, Kasturi beast, black bears, red foxes, palm civet …, monal, western trafapan, and red build blue mag …

The name of the area is named for adventure sports. The number of tourists here is low. It’s more overseas. That’s why the natural nature of the landscape is not damaging. River cruising, rappelling, trekking, riverside camping, village hopping (walking on the villages), trekking, and trout fishing are some of the weekly trips in Tirthanalli. One hundred rupees a day for fishing. There are strong ropes across the river and at the same time, 15 people are poured over river banks and river crossing. The natural beauty of the Himalayan landscape surrounding the rays of the rhythm of the rhythm of the rhythm of the rhythm of the rays of the Himalayas melt in the bells for hours. In this valley, there are many villages like Sairoppa, Nagini, Mungla, Ropa, Gushaini, Banjar … We eat breakfast and wearing the camera,

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The legs are tightened to the wheels! 
There are no hotels and restaurants in Tirthanalli. Rarely are tea shops. Tours are based on homestays and resorts. One day, go to the Great Himalayan Park. It should take the forest department in Sairopa village. There are Ayurvedic medicines, oils, and bamboo bags and dolls. To go to the park, walk from the Gushain to the village of Rappa with the help of the guide. From there the park starts. The village in the dense forest does not include all 30 houses. Villagers have to work in the weavers or baskets to do all the crops. Khroli Pohi region from Jalori Pass is the Monolithic Bird Sanctuary. Unless permission is granted.

One day leave the taxi to Bagi village. There is a shrine of Rishi temple. Here the carvings of the god are made of sculptures. The name comes from the name of the Rishi, which is the birth of a horned deer. He is the favorite of all villagers in Tirthanlai. Three km from there There was a hall. It has 18 goddesses. They are the gods of the 384 smaller gods in Tirthanlia.

In the village of Chehnakotti, we saw a palace of 1500 years ago. The building is made of wood and stone pillars. It is the highest in the western Himalayas. It’s about 50 km from Roopa We went to the village of Shankar. It’s green to nature. It is known that the Pandavas went here to heaven.

Come from there and rest for three days. This time we traveled for three hours in Innova, crossing the wheat and barley folks on foot, climbing and climbing to the highest point. The purple orchid flowers are beautiful on the way. Conifer and cedar trees resemble Kashmir as a high wall. Women who are feeding on the road are beautiful. The elderly women sat down under the tree and watched the wool.


It was 9.03 feet above Jalori Pass on the day of Gushai. Passing over this passage there is a village called Shoja. This is a picnic area. There are some waterfalls nearby. All this is a natural beauty. Snow covered at 3 meters above the cold in the Jalori pass. From Jaloripas to another six. Sirolarsar Lake is located at a distance. On the other side, there is a Nagadeva temple called Buddi Nagini. This goddess is 60 goddess of goddesses. She is still believed to be located in Sirolarsar Lake. The moks are circling around the lake around the lake. The lake does not come to see the goddess. Next to the river Tirthan. Raloo climbing hills and climbing. That’s five and a half kilometers. There are so many sweeping shots. The thunderstorm started with the severe thunderstorm and the atmosphere became devastating. In the size of the golikai, the hail has fallen. As soon as we reached a tree, the thunderbolt hit the ears of the nearby ears. We got out of the tree trembling fearfully. Hail is not tolerant. The plastic covers wearing nothing for the sake of anyway, as well as the hail of the hail for 45 minutes, At the height of the hail, the hail has grown up. The area where the green area was white became white. Slowly reduced hail The temple does not come except the other half of the temple. But it’s difficult to run on those snowflakes. Jaripadipotunnam. Unknown condition In the meantime, In the sight of the white hail, nothing is visible. A 40-minute walk was a hut. It is down into the valley. They slowly hit the door and hit the door. In the small narrow room, there are 20 battlers and rural chilies. We looked at our situation and gave us space. Meanwhile, the house gave us hot tea. Amrita seemed to be. She gave her tea once again. It was a little relaxed. Then she went to her house in the village and asked her to go all the way. There is another hut if you run some distance and say that there will be a night to sleep. Bommingo, another villager accompanied me walked in the depth of the knee and reached another home. There was scorching. Giving the cups to cover. On the morning of the morning, she gave her tea to eat breakfast and headed for the guide set up by Avida Makai and looked at Sarasu and the temple. We’re two miles off. By the way, our home stayed searching for a boy. We have no signals to make his phone. He was afraid of being afraid of it. He looked like a hollow hill. 4km along with them Walk to Jaloripas. Tea biscuits were there, and we sat down and returned to our residence in Sairopa village. Suddenly, two days passed without moving and going back.

Meals in Burma … sleep in India!

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‘This is an incredible ceremony. A rare celebration of the name of a bird The same Nagaland Hornbill Festival. Contemporary traditions, rituals, and sculptures that can be seen in a variety of tribes are the most spectacular platforms that can be viewed simultaneously, ‘said Koilada Ramadhan Rao of Anakapalli.

some tourist places in and around Thoothukudi But if you want to know about the culture and civilizations of the people, there should go to the celebration. This time, we were allocated time to the Nagaland Hornbill Festival in our tour. After touring Guwahati, Meghalaya, and Manipur, it will leave Coimbatore, Nagaland, Imphal. Indians must take permission to enter Nagaland. It is called the Inner Line Permit. Kohima is very crowded. Even though greening is done. First, the high jaffu went to the peak. From there you can see all the city. Then we visited the Kohima War Cemetery, Naga Bazaar, Zoo, and State Museum. Christianity is more in northeastern states. The new year celebrations will start two months there. In the meantime, the NGOs are advocating the culture, arts, and education of generations. Love for nature is greater. Nadalani is very fond of the mountains and valleys. They do not cause disruption. That’s why their towns are solely Pallas and they are good hunters. Warriors. Good farmers too.

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Hill state! 
This state specializes in the stretching of the hills. The highest peak in the state is 3826 meters. From the plane or the helicopters, the rivers Dhansiri, Doyang, Dikka, Milk, Tiju and Junky are very beautiful. The climate here does not exceed 34 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is below 4 degrees. So you can visit all the seasons.

Dimapur is a historic predecessor. This is the only city in the state with the availability of flight. There are also fragments of broken fortresses where there is a direct evidence of the devastation of Ahom in the 13th century. In Dhefe village, arranged for handicrafts, the goods in the shops are tied to the eyes. The Rangapahar Forest Reserve of Sivamandirani went to the famous Mokokchung town in the state. The name given to the tribe of Evo is here. Due to their traditions, the place is known as the main tourist spot in Nagaland. The rhododendrons are visible on the hills of Longchamp. The celebrations for the Nagas are high. That’s why some villages have been organized for the celebration. Something like that.

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Sixty wives! 
Later on to the Konyak Nanga, the tailor-made tattoos went to the hometown of Mon. There is a lot of cruelty in them. Their teeth are black. The kingdom is still in this tribe. There is a boundary village near Longwa where the king (Ang) lives near the border. That is why he is eating in Burma and sleeping in India. The ruler of the past had 60 wives. All these villagers are citizens in both countries. That’s why they go to Burma for jobs. Where the houses were decorated with skulls bulls. The folks who are faced with hysteria, the heads of the enemies of the past also decorate the house. From there the carvings and the ‘Veda’ peak of the well-known Shankanigu village went to the village.

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The Wokha district, which is known for the Orchid Farms. The dam has been built on the Donyan River in Rifiyam village in the district of Lotha tribe. From there the village called the Khonoma Green Village went to the village of Kisama, where the Hornbill ceremony took place.

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Hornbill beautiful ravine. Ahead hat with a greenish combination of pusuponnarange, a large long sloping tip, black feathers, and a white tail. Very smart. That is why it is the favorite of the Nagas. The old generations chased it and killed and were eaten and it was almost exhausted and reminiscent of the latter. They gave it a special place in cultural activities.

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There are sixteen tribes in Nagaland. The state government has made a mark on the date of December 2, 2000, to reflect the unity of diversity. The festival of Nagaland has increased due to the festival of tourism. It can be said that all the features of the lifestyle and customs of the tribes come to the same stage and tell the whole world. There are millions of tourists from all over the world. Videsiyulekkuva.


12 km to Kohima A heritage village was built on a small hill at Kisama village, Prime Minister and President are invited to be the main guests. The main attraction of the festival is the sixteen camps. Each tribe is assigned a camp and sets up a show that reflects the lifestyle of the camp. They can find their households, methods, and equipment used for cooking and farming. They are very excited about the details. They all speak good English. There are candies that offer flavors to each camp nearby. When the guests came up, they woke up with a mouthpiece like a horn broom. The governor, who was the chief guest of the day, was decorated by some of the Adivasis with their costume and the governor started a celebration by hitting a wooden hammer on a hanging metal plate.

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The stage is decorated with beautiful flowers. The visual representation of the ancient history of the Naga tribes has impressed everyone. The self-confrontation between the tribes of the past and the coat of arms was shown as a heartbeat. Many of those clashes saw the death of the local shores. At the end of the show, the end of the show is that when some people move together and consolidate all the tribes to establish harmony between the tribes. The second is a hornbill. A young man appeared in Hornbill dress and a few other hunters. If the hunters ruthlessly hunt over them, the bird watched the bird for self-defense. Later, the various tribal dance performances were performed.

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Chilli chili! 
The main competition was the King Chilli Eating Competition. It was surprising that the competitors were eating such hot peppers. The Greyzed Bombing Climbing Contest is something like that. Around 25 feet high bamboo sticks are sown in the soil. They are well laid out with grease. Naga teenagers dressed in the niche, compete to reach the end of the bamboo stick. As the slippery climbs all the area with the grocery grooves they fall. The Head Hunters Show also praised. Ten days are so festivals. Naga Rockband, Flower Show, Sheff Competition, Motor Race are notable among them.

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Mys are selfishly carnivals. Efforts were made to keep the predator’s meat inadequate. That’s where the smoked meat is born. The meat is hung in the kitchen and arranges a fire for two to three feet. The fire is placed from one day to two weeks depending on the need. Thus, the meat that is stored for a year can be prepared. There are many types of dishes. Bamboo sprouts are mostly eaten. Bamboo is often used for eating and drinking. The combination of fermented rice with a mixture of ragi (ricebird). This is a unique taste of bamboo. That’s why I spent three days in the ceremony and the night bazaars returned, and I was so happy that Nagaland looked closer to the people.

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Sample Rocket Launch!

Honeywell, a company providing manufacturing and software services in rackets, aircraft, heavy industries, etc. The Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy (HLCA) operates in the United States for its employees’ children. Rohit Tirumalaseetti, the Hyderabadi boy who went to this event this year, shared his experiences with us


Ha Neville has developed and research disciplines in different countries around the world. India is one. HLCA is administered by 16 to 18 years in their employees to promote stem (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects. It is the United States Space and Rocket Center (USSRC) platform in the state of Alabama in the United States. It is a subsidiary of NASA. There is a rocket science research unit, a rocket launch pad, and a museum. I am one of 162 chosen for this year’s HCLA. Of all the 23 selected from India, I have been from Hyderabad. ‘How is this program useful to you?’ The answers to questions such as the habits, other attachments, goals, etc. are selected for this.

That’s my goal … 
my father is a former employee of the Air Force. He listens to most of the planes and racquets. As a result, the interest in them grew. Honeywell every year will have a recognition day. The family members will be able to see the activities of their employees directly. So, once again, I am aiming to be a scientist in the aerospace department. At present, I am doing a Diploma in Automobile (Second year-SGM Polytechnic College). I thought it would be better to study and study in aeronautical or aerospace division.

HLCA will mainly have their tasks using science, mathematics, coding and engineering skills. Our program was held on March 2-8. On February 28, we left the US. In New Jersey, my uncle had two weeks of radios at home and moved to the USSRC on the second date of March. The afternoon of all the students arrived in the afternoon. After lunch, the whole campus was shown. In the evening there was a football player on the field. We have got to know each other on that field. The next day, all of us divided into 10 groups. Everybody has a jumpsuit. The program is all that dressed up. Then we gave it to us. The original training started after lunch on the second day. What is rocket science, first who launches rockets, what are the benefits of this?

download (1).jpg

The rocket was made … the 
the third day began to give challenges. On the flight simulators were taken. These are cockpits that are really in flight. The aircraft said things like take off, drive and landing for three hours. The first challenge is to give you the bombs on a virtual basis while driving a simulator. Three of them have formed a team and have completed the challenge. Which
If we operate on a simulator, we will have a plane running on SmartTra. The task to coordinate with the other two. Then it really seemed to be on the fighter plane. On the fourth-day Shuttle Launch told about the model rocket to be prepared and launched. In addition to the material needed, the book of Physics was given to us. We have taken the measurements of various devices and cut the objects and made the model racket. We also launched it. It is well known. That’s why we learned about the rocket performance. Taught the necessary chips for the rocket launch. The film is on the back of the rockets.

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Got floating …
The fifth day went to the big room called Gee (Gravitational Force). There you can experience the gravity on different planets. We were shown on the moon. With the help of the belt of a sponge, we found ourselves in the room and after that, the body was not in our control. The hands and feet are not moving. Only the strength of the force can move. ‘I’ve been so easy, I’ve got to know what’s going on,’ then it’s learned science. The next evening, ‘Space Next’ shows … how much of the story is and what the imagination is. We have learned about the sixth day of the International Space Station. There was a dried spinach that showed astronomers where food was taken. If it is in the steam, it becomes hot. To eat it. Earth is the only planet to survive on Earth after planet Earth. So NASA focuses mainly on the development of rockets capable of moving there. Saying, ‘You are not the first people on Mars.’ Last night we all talked fun together. Evening dinner and graduation took place. We stayed there for the night and came out early in the morning.


Life lessons …
We have seven – one room for seven. If you go from room 7 to 7 in the morning every day back to the room eight. Specialists in different fields were speaking at the time of day and evening. Oroju Gibson, aerospace scientist arrived. He has also participated in 35 missions, including the Apollo missions. Another day NASA spokesman arrived. Another day, the University of Alabama professor came and told about the flight and space in the space. During each challenge, they were trained to a level. That’s why it’s got to do something on your own. Only the planes will fly in the gallows and the racquets only know that they can go into space. This program is well known about the science behind them. When racquets are flying in space, the force becomes thousands of degrees. We learned how to make any capsules to cope with that heat. We saw the capsule used in the Apollo Mission in the museum.

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All around the world are friends
This time the program has come to 35 countries. Most of them are Americans. The next point is ours. Our group includes the Smriti Iyer of Bengal, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, and the Americans. One of them is more than one person in terms of talent. Learn from one another and work together. Learn how easy it can be, without any complicated challenge. Speaking to the group members, they learned the culture of their respective countries. I have not worked anywhere till now. But 80% of those who were there were some of them working at the school. Georgia girl has a jewellery website. He has his college fees. Some are doing part-time jobs. Some say tuitions. It was astonishing to see how parents were doing good jobs. China, Thailand and other Asian countries, too, depend on our parents.

download (5)

The American girl is playing football. Even if the passes are taken correctly. I know how long they saw in the games. Brasilo Bruno in our group was a good friend to me. The boy plays football well. I read in Hyderabad Public School. There he was playing football. Brazil’s football player, Neyyar, became aware that I liked it and our friendship became stronger. We’re in touch now. That’s why they came from all over 35 countries. There were so many days of cooking and cooking. I like doing a new food tire. He loved everything.

The tour went to New York and saw the Statue of Liberty, Times Square. I have been tested since mid-March. That’s why the program came to completion. But some of us come from India with an extra 10-15 days. That’s just a bit disappointing. The tour is reminiscent of all the rest of the tour.

Buddha’s footsteps ..!

“Buddhism in the country can lose the glory … but the place where it was born and grew is in our country. The same Buddhist order for all Buddhists in the world. That is why the Buddhist monks look there. The Bodhgaya of Bihar is also known as the Matsuraja Horagopol of Hyderabad.


The area where the hill station was situated was called Vihar at that time. That same day has changed to Bihar. That is why there are traces of Buddha walking at every step. The most important of these is the Buddha Ganga, which he attained to the enlightened Mahabodhi tree. The Mahabodhi Mandir there is a Buddhist center. Bodhgaya’s name is Uruvela. Siddhartha searched for mourning in several areas and reached the spot called Uruvela. There he sat down in the bedroom and went to the meditation. A few days have been enlightened. Thus, Buddha is known as Buddha as the Banyan Tree of the Brahmins and popularly known as the Uduwala region Bodhgaya.

download (1).jpg

The temple is dedicated to thousands of years and is known as ‘The Living Temple’. In 2013, there were security measures arranged by terrorist attacks. In fact, it was capped for some time in the middle. It was lost in the 13th century by the Turks’ invasion. It was closed down with mud and sand, after which the Buddhism in the country was bred. It reappeared in the excavations of 1880-84.

download (2).jpg

When the Buddha enters the shrine, the words that are spoken by the voice of the Buddha are taken into the world of the apocalyptic world. Listening to them to the main shrine. Buddha Bhagavat, sitting in meditation with Bhikshatrapra, touches the ground in the Garbhagala and enchants the visitors. Come back to the interior and see Buddha for a long time. There is nothing to sit there for long. The children are praying around the temple while praying. The calmness of their faces makes it a point to visit the visitors.

download (3).jpg

There are several stupas and charities in the temple which has four gateways. It is believed that Ashoka built this shrine and dedicated it to Lord Buddha at interiors. However, the present shrine ca. Historians say that the sixth century. However, the stupas on the temple premises have been built in the 2500s and the stairs in the 2nd century BC. However, as part of Buddhism, Ashoka Chakravarti is believed to have built many stupas, treasures, and chimes in the region. Not only devotees, but historians are also the most ancient of these temples that are dotted with praise.


Mahabodhi ..! 
Then we went to the Mahabodhi tree. This tree is said to be fifth to the original tree. It is said that Buddha sat in the Vajrasath and went to meditation, and he was enlightened by Vaisakhi Purnima. Visitors can meditate here with Buddhists. The courtyard surrounding the main hall is surrounded by greenery. There is no time for it, and there is no time for meditation.

After that, he went to the place where he was standing beside him. From here, Buddha has expressed his gratitude towards the bhajan tree without lapping the eyebrows for a week.

It is the place where the third week after the enlightenment is ‘swallow’. It is said that there are eczemas everywhere in his footsteps.

Then went to a place called Ratnegragam. After enlightenment, Buddha spent the fourth week in his body and revealed five colors in his body. It is called a symbol of kama, Kotha, lobha, Madhu, and masjhas.

Kirtiyajapala is the place where Buddha realizes and teaches that man through the karma is not born through birth. We all looked at the lake. This is the place where he realized that he spent the sixth week in the lake and concentrated on the tension of human intelligence and the mood of human intelligence. From there we went to a place called Rajyattinam. Here Buddha says that he gave the hair to spread Buddhism in Burma 

Then came the 80-foot Buddha statue that is next to it. There is a ten statue of his disciples on both sides of the statue in meditation. Then it went to the Thai shrine. It is the golden image that is dedicated to it. The Karma Temple, which is designed to mirror Tibetan culture, attracts visitors.

Nalanda in the morning … 
the morning of Rajagraha, Nalanda and Pawapuri. 80 km to gauge In the distance, Rajagraha went to the place. It is here that Buddha taught Buddhism for many years. It is said that Bimbisar is here to accept Buddhism and the first Buddhist compound here.


The ropeway went to see the Shanti Stupa built on the Ratnagiri hills. The stupa is very appealing. The statue of the Buddha is observed for a very long time. It was built by Japanese Buddhists. After 15 km to Rajagahi Nalanda left in the distance. BC The fifth-century University of Nalanda was located here. Gautam has visited it several times Until 5-12 
centuries the region is said to be the center of Buddhist religious doctrine. This is the first residential university in the world. There is historical evidence that 2000 professors and over 10,000 students were present here. AD History tells us that in the seventh century, Chinese traveler Huian Tsang visited this place.

download (6).jpg

Today, we are enchanting with the amazing artifacts of excavations carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India in 14 hectares. Some of the chapters are still present in the holidays and churches that are made of red bricks. One of the main disciples of the Buddha was the Sariputra. Aryadeva, Vasappa, Dharmapala, Suvishu, Assange, Shaibhadra, Dharmakurti … they were professors. Kumara Gupta, The university was founded in the fifth century and is said to have been developed by Harshavardhana and Pallava Rajas. In 1200 AD, Bhaktiyar Khilji demolished it. 
In the 1970s, the excavations of the Archaeological Survey of India have revealed the inscriptions of Buddhist Hinduism and Jain idols. All of them are present here. We’ve enjoyed the history of history through the guide.


After 18 km there. Departure to Pawpuri at a distance. The Mahavira, the last of the Jain Tirthankaras, built a shrine in the place where his body was abandoned. That’s pretty awesome. There is a lake around it. On the one hand, all the white camels and red lashes on the other side make us very impressed. There are footprints of Mahavira in this marble structure. Gandhiji is said to be influenced by the ‘silence of the nonviolence, the calm of life, the love of the other, the love of every living thing in nature’. From there we got to Gay in the revolt.


Bodhgaya-gaya is like the pair. Buddhism is something like Buddhism, Hindus are like that. These include Phalguni River, Vishnu Mandir, Vatashiraksham, Gaya, Gaya. The Hindu doctrines say that in these three spheres the ancestors would get access to the ancestors. Vishnu Mandiram is located on the Phalguni river. There is a veil in the temple premises. These three places are pinned. There are also Telugu scholars here. A mythological story is that Lord Sri Vishnu occupied his left hand in the heart of Gayaasurthi in the heart of the place so that there is only one foot in this shrine. But it is the Buddha’s faith in the Gautam Buddha. Devotees can touch that foot. The temple is located close to the 15th century, Mangala Gauri Temple. It is said to be one of the Ashtanga Shakti Peethas. The sanctum in the temple is small. The Akhand Jyoti is always visible.


There are two thousand islands!

“Twenty millions of people lost their lives in the battle for nearly two decades, and thirty million injured, and one of the poorest countries in the financially and socially losers is rapidly growing in trades and attracting the attention of the world ahead of us in per capita income. That’s why we went there to see that country, “said Dr. Koonuri Jayakumar of Guntur.


May Mu Bangkok is located at the largest city of Vietnam’s Hochimin International Airport. Precisely to clean up there. The surroundings are very beautiful. The second is the courtesy of the people there. Third, the main partnership in all activities is women.

download (1).jpg

The old name of Hochimin is Saigon. If it is in southern Vietnam, the capital city is closer to the territory of China towards the north of Hanoi. Vietnam currency is called Dong. Our rupee comes with about 320 dangers. Laosky has regular buses from Hoshimin from Cambodia to Hanoi. Indo-China, along with Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. 
There are beautiful parks and fountains in the city. First went to Independence Palace. It is known as the united Vietnam Palace prior to Vietnam CivilWorld and Independence Palace. The palace is located amidst grasslands and majestic forests. Then came the war museum. Vietnam is the only country to defeat the US. The War Memorial was built after the war. The artillery, guns, and bombs used in the war are all demonstrated.

download (2).jpg

Pearl farming 
Two days from Hochimin on the day of the flight, we reached Hanoi. Early Bussike had gone to Hollongby early by the Tour Operator booked. On both sides of the road, the green fields were pleasant to the eyes. When we arrived, we stopped at three places and showed the idols of marble statues. They are so wonderful. Later he went to the pearl manufacturing center near Hollong Bay. We have seen the live pearl of the pearl and their upbringing live there. The pearl of each pearl was taken from the pearl to remove the pearl and insert the small pieces into it, making the pearl of the pearls look great. The area is full of pearl industries.
Upon reaching the bus stand in Hollong, the tour operators loaded us into their boat boats. There are more than a hundred such boats there. About thirty to forty people fall in each of them. The boat is like a mini restaurant. The afternoon was supplied with meals and drinks as part of the tour package. Fish, prawns, and cuisine. Gradually our boat reached the sea from the shore.

download (3).jpg

Looking around, there are lush green hills. But they did not know that they were all Bully Islands. There are about 2,000 islands there. All of them are lunar islands. Some of them are like caves. They can go in. The nature of nature, which was formed nearly two billion years ago, has included one of the modern seven wonders of UNESCO. Our boat stopped near a small island in the middle of the sea. This is the place where the boats are. From there it will go kayaking. We also left for a boat. It was a pleasure to go to the sea from the caves and get into another cave.

download (4)

The heavenly entrance!
Then the nature of the sculpture went into the cave called Sunda Hong Do Go. To get there, you have to climb a hundred stairs. The cave is located inside a hill island. The cave that has a wide cave has a ten feet hole. In their language, it is called heaven. The salts of water tumors from the top are collected over the years and have been found to be solid and hanging from the top. It is a legendary myth that all of the Vietnamese people are the only parents of 54 children and they have come to this cave thousands of years ago and have left them in different regions so that 54 pairs of Vietnamese originated in Vietnam. Despite that story, it helps to promote their unity and patriotism.

download (5)

The names of the islands are based on their shape. For example, if you take oye blessing the elephant. That island is an elephant in shape. There are over a thousand oceans in the waters. There are more than a thousand families living on their hunt. These people live together in the boats. They are called floating villages where these boats are located. There is a mythological story about this area. Earlier the goddess said that the dragons were sent to the area to save the Vietnamese, but the gemstones they wear were made into the sea and that the dragons were protected by the outsiders. The locals believe that dragons have been resting in the water without having to go back to heaven. Archeologists found that the existence of man in the area was five million years ago, even though they were theirs. On the last day of the day went to the Red River, which flows through the city of Hanoyi. There are a lot of silk production centers. There is the Silk Museum and Markets. These are sold by a variety of decorative items with traditional Vietnamese dresses.

download (6)

The city of Hanoi! 
Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is very extensive and quiet. Hochiminh, who was an uninterrupted Vietnam to Vietnam, started his activities from here. He was the supreme leader who defeated the country in the war against the United States, reorganizing North and South Vietnam and led Vietnam into development. After his death, he embedded the body and placed it in a beautiful building. There is a national assembly in Vietnam opposite the tomb. Next to it is the Hochiminh Museum and he has a bronze statue and his used items and photographs. Leaders such as Marx, Lenin … have been there too, because there is a communist country.



Valentine’s Polytar Paradise … Seychelles

“The 105th Island Complex of the Indian Ocean … is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year … The Republic of Seychelles’ … Mannam Krishnamurthy.

download (10).jpg

together with South Africa visiting South Africa to see the beauty of Seychelles. Seychelles revenue resources are the seafood industry, agriculture, oil extraction, and manufacturing industries. The population of the country is less than a lakh. But … the honeymoon location for the elderly, the honeymoon location for the young people … The whole earth is the heavenly paradise of seashells. We flew to Mahe Island for five hours on Aircel Airlines flight from Johannesburg. Most of the islands are people. In some, it is not. 160 The area of ​​Mahe Island is the largest of all. The island’s largest airport is the International Airport, the largest port in the island. The second largest island is Praslin. Spacing 40 The airport also has a port.

download (11).jpg

Sea ocean!
On the second day, we had breakfast soon and reached Praslin for 20 minutes from Mahe in flight. From there we talked to the car and traveled along the shores of Devtaara, Col de Oro and reached Lazio. We have forgotten ourselves for a while looking at the beach that has a white sand, silver-glazed granite rocks and lush green trees on the shore of the sea. The sagas are the rulers of the Puranas.

From there we traveled five minutes into the island of Currie Island. Just a square kilometer The island is the most beautiful tourist spot in Seychelles. In order to enter, 200 Seychelles (Rs.1,000) will be paid. The island, known as the Earth’s Paradise, is famous for the Black Sea, the largest turtle, and the Coco de Mer trees as Seychelles ornaments.

download (12).jpg

Aldabra turtles, which are about a thousand feet tall, are found here. They are very friendly but very friendly. Usually, turtles are selected for hatching and hatching. But Aldabra giant turtles put eggs in daylight and preserve them. Hundreds of thousands of turtles are walking away from the shore and ocean in the ocean to the sight of the viewers. Then there were parrots with black feathers in the park. This black parrot is the national bird of Seychelles. This bird is most visible on the island of Curia.

download (13).jpg

‘Love’ seed!
Coca-timer is the largest in Seychelles. This is called the sea coconut. These trees are extensive on this island. The coconut powder is roughly brown, with a weight of about 10 feet per kilo. This is the largest of all the seeds or seeds of the earth. These nuts are drowned in the water from the trees. After a few minutes, the peach gets crushed and the inner nut floats on the shore but does not sprout. The presence of these trees in the woods can also be similar to that of women and male masks. The seeds of females look at the heart to see. That is why they are called love nuts. These nuts are occasionally floating on the sea and reach the Maldives. If they get there, take them and give it to the king. Whether it is hiding or hiding it, the death penalty is wrong. They believe that they have many powers. There are a lot of stories surrounding these trees. On the night of storms, males will come to the waist, but they say that they are inappropriate or unhappy with their eyesight or die. These stories are widely known because they still do not fully understand how the fertility of these trees can be. UNESCO is recognized as the World Heritage Site by the Curious Island as it looks here.

download (14).jpg

Rum with sugarcane
On the third day, we had breakfast and traveled to the east of Mae Island, where the car was talking. Our driver did not have trouble coming into English. After seeing the Seychelles beach club Seychelles Golf Club, we came to the village of Deval, an artisan village. There are also Victoria’s artworks, wooden boats, small children’s toys, decorative equipment, and fruit shops. They looked all over and looked at the distillery. There the sugar cane is fermented and made of rum. Then it went to the University of Seychelles. This is the only university in the country. There is free education from basic education to college. Upon visiting the University, Mahe reached Anne Intendance on the south coast. Now there is white sand. There are hills in the middle of the beach. There were green trees and trees on the trees.

download (15).jpg


download (16).jpg

National Park
Mahe traveled long on the west coast and made an afternoon lunch at Maria Rock Cafeteria. Then we reached the Grand Anse village. We had a little rest in the resort and got to Marne, a national park. It is 20 percent of the Mahe Island area. There are many varieties of trees. And there are all the lights there. The high giant, the lowland from below, the valley to the bottom of the valley … the area is very pleasant. There is a tea garden here.

On the day of the morrow went to the north of Mae Island. First, we reached a small mountain called pliers. Victoria Harbor is visible from here. Nearby is the Victoria Park. Environmental friendly tourism is described in the sphere of conservation of plants and landscaping cultivation. The Seychelles Environment Ministry is developing this garden with special care. The entrance fee is 10 Seychelles for foreigners to enter this line. After watching it, I went to an ancient library called Kenwyn House. There have been preserved centuries of books. From there, we reached the historic site of Tour de Harlag, a clock tower, a Pontee Jubilee Diamond Mound, and a Hindu temple called Vidyasagar.

download (17).jpg

Artificial island
Then Beu Waallo reached the beach for a while and went to the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. This is the most populous place in the country. The residence of the king of the country is here. It’s very common. Before that, there were only two security guards. Then we looked at Jardines Enpont in Victoria and reached the Zigzag Ward area from Akkan. Eden, an artificial island in the sea, was built in the style of Dubai Palm Juvera. It is connected to Mae Island with the bridge.

download (18).jpg

Another feature of Seychelles is Preston Island. It is the heaven of the world’s wealth. A resident of the resort is worth over Rs 3 lakh a day. The hotel will come from the Mahe airport and take him to the helicopter. Without trying to get there, Mahe Island is back to the island.


How to go
Direct flights to Mae Island are available for five days from Terminal 2 from Mumbai International Airport. Locals speak English. EUR or USD can be changed anywhere. But the price of food items is above fourfold. Hotel reservation, return tickets, six-month passport, an annual free visa will be available if you can show $ 150 per day. You can visit the country for 30 days.

Bajja Ganapathy is rice laddoo!

The Ganapati devotees are reported to daily prayers in Ganesh Navaratri and present to all worshipers. These delicious delicacies ..

Rice laddoo

download (6)

dosebiyyam or mudibiyyam: 2 cups, putnalapappu: black, pallium: arakappu, kobbariturumu: black, jaggery, add: 2 cups water, black, yalakulapodi: aratispunu 
make the procedure 
rice wash. Then you need to put it on the bottom of the fabric. 
Pulses should also be fried. 
*Then add the rice in a pan and rinse it until it turns into a wheat. Now fried rice, Puttapalapu, chopped pulses to mix in a mix of soft mash. The coconut grate is also mixed in it. This whole mixture should be put in a wide basin. In a cup of jaggery, boil it and boil it until it dries. Boil until the thin vineyard is cooked and mix it with the chakras and mix it well in flour mixture and mix well. Now let’s ghee gaddi laddu.

Get a smile

download (7)
bombayiravva: black, moong, pavukappu, sugar or jaggery, add: black, yellow food color: pinch, Coconut milk, 2 cups, butter, 2 tablespoon, pistachios, enough, saffron, enough to 
make the procedure 
Pan Spanlu ghee rava fry. Separate the pan. Then add a cup of water and cook it rather than mash. 
Separate sugar in a bowl and add enough water to boil until sugar is melted. 
*Add the coconut milk to the pan and add them to the fried powder and cook it slowly. Add the boiled pulp and food mix and mix well. Now add the caramel and cook sim on for 2-3 minutes. 
Add the remaining ghee and mix it with soaked saffron in the milk. Finally prepare the pistachio to get rid of the pieces.

Gongura Pulihora

download (8)

rice, Pau, pullagongura build, four, pallium: 4 tablespoons, senagapappu: tebulspunu, mustard, Sanlu, chili, four, green, four, cilantro, add: 4 tablespoons, yellow, half Sanlu, asafoetida, a little bit, Curry: 2 pods, Oil: 2 tablespoons of the 
Rice cooked in a little powder and put it on the side. 
Add a teaspoon of 2 teaspoons of oil in the pan. Put them well together and put them together.
Put the remaining oil in a pan and mix it with mustard, pulses, peanut, minipapu, onion, turmeric, curry leaves, and curry leaves. Then add the fried gonggura and mix it together. 
Mix the whole mixture into the rice and mix well. Finally, add the coriander and mix well.

Carat pudding

download (9)

carrots, Pau, milk, aralitaru, sugar or jaggery, taste enough, cashew nuts: 100 g., Raisins, 50 g., Almonds, 50 g., Paccikobbari slices (thinner tariginavi): 2 tablespoons, yalakulapodi: Spanlu 
make the procedure 
carrots, peel Cut and cut into pieces. Add the cashew nuts and cook them both cooked in cooker. In a cool mixer mix and rubber. 
*In a pan, add the ghee and raisins into thin slices. Then add the coconuts and make a minute. Now add the boiled milk and add sugar or jaggery and mix until it is dry. Now add the carrot and cashew nuts and cook until cooked. Finally, add the chakras and mix it together.

The sun does not go down!

download (5).jpg

The sun rises in the evening and the sun rises to the evening. If the sun does not last for four months If the sun does not appear in the sky for four more months ..! To get to see the area of wonder that’s awesome to hear, let’s go to Norway. The ‘Longyearben’ o’clock, from May to August, is no different for the four-day daytime. The sun is lit up in the sky by twenty-fourths. If the hand does not have a clock, it is difficult to see the sky and find the time. On the other hand, from November to February, the sun does not appear in the same area. Four months of moth will creep. This is the area where people live in the north of the earth.
You are the bank


download (4).jpg


Balu kheds pedutuntayi irritation of many of the tribe. They also come on the nose, pulp, back, and shoulders. These are due to the increased production of oil from sweat rates and bacteria on the body. Many of them are grieving. This will increase the problem further. Besides, they can be avoided with some tips at home. That’s why … egg whites can remove this problem. Take two egg whites and mix two teaspoons lemon juice and mix well. Put the mixture on them. Repeat. Apply a third time again and again. If you put that layer in the same way, you will get fourfold blackheads. 
*Add bananas in the lemon juice with bamboo powder and put it together with warm water. If you do this four times a week, Bacteria 
that cause blockheads are lost due to the antibacterial properties of honey. Moreover, both these compounds serve as an asterisk. 
Teaspoon salt in a teaspoon of white toothpaste and mix well and put it on top. Wash the fingers so as not to dry and wash the paste. This will be done twice a week. It contains acrylic properties that open the skin and prevent bacteria. Furthermore, steam reduces the problem too.

In brief …

– Vitamin is known to cause certain types of cancers to help muscle and muscle tone be stronger. It’s great for heart tissue experts from Australia. Once a heart attack people have been diagnosed with di-vitamin, it has been suggested that the number of cardiovascular deaths may be reduced. 
University of Texas researchers has warned that liver diseases can also become diabetic when the childhood obesity occurs.