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Platelets to grow …!

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V Saporito viral fevers such as dengue, particularly due to the falling number of platelets most people, death anculavaraku’re listening to. For some reasons, immunity is low when they are low in number. Nutrients are suggested for some types of food ingredients to keep them from falling.
* Popeye works wonderfully for people with low platelets. Experts from the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia have claimed that the number of fermented leaf bite and drinking water twice a day increases.
* The number of platelets increased due to chlorophyll-rich wheat. For this purpose, four or five drops of lemon juice combine in a single cup of wheat flour.

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* The antioxidants in herbicides are not the growth of platelets. As a result, the immune system increases. Similarly, pumpkin juice also has the effect of vitamin-A high concentration capsules. It is good to have all the vitamins C and other vegetables and vegetables and leafy vegetables.
* Vitamin-B12 is also rich in milk and boiled eggs, increasing the number of platelets. Vitamins K-Brasel sprouts are also good for platelets growth.


Tea is cancer!


In yaku, antioxidants are so high that green tea is good for health. Researchers from London’s Swansea University claim that 80% of the cells that cause leaf lung cancer can be avoided due to the presence of polyphenols, amino acids, and vitamins. For that purpose, they collected the leaf drugs in the form of nanoparticles and demonstrated on cancer cells, almost all of them died. It has also been shown that no other side effects from tea have been caused by other cancer drugs. Compared to other chemicals, this is less expensive. So soon researchers try to create tea as a cancer drug.

I have the strength of tannikulu ..!

Madukar Gangadi is not only the way to go, but to move on until it ends. After achieving a goal, it is said that we are only able to go to another destination that stimulates us. That stimulus keeps us as a triumphant successor. He is the founder of ‘Medplus’ pharmacy stores in our cities. The two newest companies, customfantinatcom and batchtagdatcom, have been set up to retain it as the largest drug stores in the south. In the different businesses, he had a glimpse of his run.
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CI’m very fond of reading since then. The stories, the novels, the magazines, the same as the textbooks are not. Perhaps, it seems to me that it was through me that the nucleus of me was a businessman. My paternal grandmother was in Tirumalgiri, Nalgonda district, and I was born in Hyderabad. Danny was made the RTC Depot Manager. Home and international newspapers and books. In the interviews of the great businessman who read the shortest of them, the story of the undisputed winners in the novel can be in my own business. But I also forgot that hope was in me. I have dreamed for a while. I think engineering is going to be done. My older brother is already studying civil engineering, so my doctor is good. I also joined MBBS at Inter Pasi Kurnool Medical College with BIPP. I was not sure that I was fit for that year alone!

The effect of those two books…
I felt I could not stay in the medicine that would serve only two patients who were looking for me. I am going to have hundreds of people and that’s enough for them to be able to give me something. It’s always challenging me to want me to be always running. That’s the business. I read that the ‘Fountain Head’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’ novels that I had read a lot. ‘The world is nothing better than you, you feel good. For the sake of your superiorities, not for the four. They changed my perspective. I have already decided not to practice as a doctor. Did not go as ‘house surgeon’. At home, my mother was very angry. Not a reader of Aryan. They do not care!

The first run 
was the new wood in the new timber came into the market. It’s like a grandfather for the MDF type we see now. I went to Dilli and talked with the company to be a dealer to Hyderabad. They agreed. I asked for a dose of Rs. As a matter of fact, I am strongly convinced that he was not angry with the business that he did not complete the MBBS. I do not mind. In the end, what would be the cost of a thousand dollars! With that money, my business started to dominate. From Wei Wood to Plywood, other timber business. There were some new machines in the woods in London. I went to the city to bring them to India. That was the first time I got the ‘IT industry’.

The second is 
1997. The company is looking forward to grabbing staff on new business software that has brought Oracle in London. Software development is already growing in our country. The idea is to choose the youngsters here and send them to companies in London. Immediately I signed a contract with a London firm. I came to Hyderabad and checked with timber business. I sent one and two batches. We are also responsible for giving visas to them. But the staff that promised to go to London later would be better off than us! The biggest challenge I faced was that. Thinking of the constant thinking of the great innovations in the field of software has been criticized by American youth. I went to trade with the companies there. I sent batches from India. There
I joined ‘INSINK’ IT company. Six years have passed. I wanted to grow up as a worker. That growth needs to be invested. If you want me to trust me, then you should show me what the students are doing. That’s why I attended MBA in Wharton, a leading business school in America. Fifteen years later she became a student!

That is the third turn …
A thesis had to write for the third semester in the MBA. Other than one of the largest hospital institutions in India, 85 percent of private nursing homes are under 30 beds. I have written a business plan to make a new type of business under the name Group Purchasing Organization to provide quality bed and other surgical products and medicines. While collecting information for that thesis, a World Health Organization report found that 30 percent of the world’s counterfeit drugs were made in our country. I do not have the question of what kind of counterfeiters would be in the domestic market as they were exporters abroad. To prevent it, the quality of the drugs I wanted to do for the people at lower prices. That’s the plan I wrote for. I became the fourth semester of my MBA course. Everyone was impressed by the fact that it came to India in 2005 and made it commercial. I and my friends started with an investment of Rs 1.25 crores. Originally named ‘The Drug’. Within six months it was changed to medplus!

We have started giving subsidies for ten percent of our drugs. No one has ever done this experiment in our country. Here’s the thing. Most of the money we spend on medicines for consumers goes to retailers and sell retailers. We bring that distribution job and retail shopping into our hands. If we offer discounted subsidized customers Before we started our shop in Narayanguda in Hyderabad along with our warehouse. Spread across all regions. Having reached the hundredth hundred in Hyderabad, we went to other states in the south. Not only in those states .. Traders who are already with our ten-percent subsidy in the Telugu language are strongly opposed. We raised concerns to pressure our governments to ban our company. I trusted that my business was of no benefit to my people. The same won. We are not .. We have started giving cheesy drug stores here before the companies have started offering subsidies. Customers like me as much as I expect. Our company started with a one and a half cotton worth Rs 2,000 crore!

Fourth .. Five!
Medplus .. Number One is a retail medicine brand in the south. This is our second place in the country. We have 1400 shops across the country. There are two thousand shops in front of us. Not to overtake it but we are going to set up 10,000 shops across the country as part of our expansion. On the other hand, I concentrated on the furniture sector while doing these things. Someone did not design what we designed .. We designed ourselves online and wanted to open a new trend for our hobby. That’s why I started the ‘CustomFinitdotCom’. This type of organization in the country is the only one .. people are well appreciated. The ads show that the factory is sold at factory prices. They are limited to any of the products. But I recently started batchtagdotcom with the idea of ​​selling a huge amount of money from the sandals to the dress. The company has gained popularity for the assessment. ‘Three businesses are getting what you want to do next? Many are asking. In fact, a ‘batch tag’ is a business dealer. If you win, you feel that you have won a lot.

For youth!

LeatherThere are many new companies in the body. Thousands of staff are needed. On the other hand, the number of unemployed young people is high. It is blindly believed that our companies will only get quality staff from only some academic institutions. Within a few days, such a choice is not correct and companies do not have time to examine each student. Besides, there is a test to be able to select better staff from colleges … This exam is conducted with the same quality of students in all educational institutions regardless of the good name of the college … It is my idea that they would be better if the answer letters were given to the companies. We want to conduct such tests to reveal the skills of students as part of our organization’s social services (CSR). We start with the software field first. I speak to the governments for this!

Everything is power for me!

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kkare nadapagalugutunnaru to these organizations, call ..! No organization cannot trust each one. My college friends Dr. Bhaskarreddi and Dr. Surendra are some of the co-founders in Medspez’s success. Fifty thousand crews are working hard. These achievements are just as good as a good team in every business. I will work for twelve companies every day for my companies. I only want every moment to be advantageous. Exercise for health, books for mental power, my family for calm .. These are the tanniks that power my run!

Vasgari Abbainan .. How much respect!

KS Vyas IPS … Telugu State Police is the name that arises with pride! The common people also want to be ‘the police’! There is a lot of humorous music, music, and compassion that the world does not know in that tale. The sensitivity of the world that is not known to him is the Vallabhai Kota SRIURUR. He is Joint Collector of Hyderabad With great responsibility, there are classical music concerts for temples and orphans. In that frame of mind, which is typical of a young officer …download (26)
nine years old. Even fourth grade. Mother from the evening school went to Wankin while she saluted me. As I walked on my way, I was fresher and talked with my father. That’s why the mom’s moments are not gone over the time. Then he looked up and said, ‘Boo! Today is very late!’ Thought. Meanwhile, former DGP Jeevi Ramudu Uncle Vallalawita came and said, ‘I was hit by my head … was taken to the hospital.’ I thought it would hurt if walking. The next hour was not known. TVs also come out. The next day is the state, national
All the magazines are basically written about the killing of my father … that he was going to walk to the gun with the gun … he was the first IPS officer to fight against ‘extremism’! Clearly, with the eyes of my eyes, I saw my father’s physical appearance today. But now that the body is not the only one … I know that after the footsteps me. His teachings, discipline, musical heritage, his world of comedy and sensitivity to the world … I remember all these memories!download (27)
Listen to the cover!
My father is in Medak district. Grandfather headmaster. Daddy and PG in the subjects were interested in dad farming. Gold Medal in Ph.D. Then I became an IPS to serve the country. Everywhere he went, he printed his own. “If Vijayawada was the first Urban SP, there was a solution to the issue of law and order of establishing the Greyhounds … if he built the first traffic police system in Hyderabad … all the new history” – I heard about my father when he died. Still, I’m not surprised by the seniors and colleagues about who he is … How much honor do you get when you know Vygagari’s son?
No matter how much tension atmosphere it is, the effect is that I do not fall into the house. Playing and playing with us. Comedy films are very much enjoyable, even if nothing is empty. Morning, evening music listeners. Yes! Father’s grandfather has a strong musical style. Our ancestors are in the music and dance industry. My mother Aruna was born in Chennai. Classical music learns. Father wanted to give me that legacy. Reverend Rathnaswamy, a prominent Karnataka artist from Chittappad. Wherever we go, music training is essential to us. Emmus Subba Lakshmi, from MLM Vasanthakumari to Nedumooni, Nookala Chanasanthanarayana with all the music. Stage Fear is more for me as a child is easy to cook. No teacher except the teacher I want to hear my song. But if I look at him, I would stop singing, and the curtain would not listen to me. That’s a lot of luck. It’s a wonderful reminder of my dad.

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I fell in school …! 
After my father’s death, our common family became like a nesting bird. The first thing to do is to sell it to anyone. I read me and drowned in music. As Inter’s ending, he is known as the best vocalist in the Hyderabad Public School. I graduated from Life Sciences with a degree in Osmania. Peek in biochemistry. On the other hand, I won all-state music competitions there. After studying for the postgraduate medical researcher (medical research) I went for research on ‘Aids and Cancer’ at Louisiana State University, USA. Shortly after I went to the scholarship. While researching my life in the US, the discontent began to harass me that my family was away from cultural traditions. It’s not home. Looking up to me and feeling in me is something in me … gave me Bharat. In the first semester, I waited in India. I’ve lost my life. Then I chose one of the group exams and selected. I went to Chittor ArdiO before. Then came to Telangana … I worked in the Vikarabad and Ranga Reddy districts. I am a deputy collector. He was also the magistrate of the Arti of Hyderabad. Last March, I took additional charge as Joint Collector of Hyderabad. He was also the magistrate of the Arti of Hyderabad. Last March, I took additional charge as Joint Collector of Hyderabad. He was also the magistrate of the Arti of Hyderabad. Last March, I took additional charge as Joint Collector of Hyderabad.

Verukani sectors … 
Hyderabad is dhulpetalo mangalhat the area. Normally, it is a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on. There is a chemical lab with all of them. In such a lab there is a lot of intimacy. There are some families in that profession for many generations.
Telangana Sarkar, I am responsible for rehabilitating the work of the Hyderabad administration for their administration. I have already been able to bring some hundreds of families into honorable artisans. This is how … some families do not stop making the gudumba. ‘Bind over’ from such people. That means we will be guaranteed to do the gudumba for a year. I can be jailed for three years as a Special Executive Magistrate. Omar, I was caught by Sarada again after a bind over me. I ordered her to be arrested and put in jail. She was in jail for three days and the next day, she said, ‘Oh my son is not healthy. Just watch! ‘ Started to cry. If it’s true, it’s not a normal illness, but a serious heartburn. No matter how criminal or maternal … so I do not think anymore… For three years I have been sentenced to jail for jail time! My opinion is that the government’s mechanism should focus on that forgiveness. That kind of sympathy for the people without ever having to adhere to the rules and regulations … the government mechanism needs to be aimed. The same difference between my dad and my work. If I were a branch of the people who would be a beating teacher … it is our responsibility to show sympathy for a friend as a friend. If he chooses it for my father’s sake, I feel like I’m in the middle of it. That kind of sympathy for the people without ever having to adhere to the rules and regulations … the government mechanism needs to be aimed. The same difference between my dad and my work. If I were a branch of the people who would be a beating teacher … it is our responsibility to show sympathy for a friend as a friend. If he chooses it for my father’s sake, I feel like I’m in the middle of it. That kind of sympathy for the people without ever having to adhere to the rules and regulations … the government mechanism needs to be aimed. The same difference between my dad and my work. If I were a branch of the people who would be a beating teacher … it is our responsibility to show sympathy for a friend as a friend. If he chooses it for my father’s sake, I feel like I’m in the middle of it.
Singing for children …
When my baby is away from my childhood, my infant is sleeping in the mind of the infant. I also forgot to be an officer … and playing with them. I am going to school for at least two months per month because JC is looking for school responsibilities. I am making musical concerts free of charge for the orphanage donations because of that masculinity on the child. My mother was a disciple of Pallale Sri Ramachandraudhary of Sanskrit scholars. I asked him to do the concert for the first time when he was sixty-five years honored. I see that some orphanages do programs for donations … I’m glad to accept it. I have been singing for various charities in Hyderabad for ten years from now. While I have a salary that I do not have … I do not think I should use my art for money. In my eyes… My father put me on his shoulders and made me like a candy potato in the shit. That’s not the price for that honey!

– J Raju
Selling the perfect personality …!

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CrewI wanted to stay in Hyderabad as ONE officer! That’s not the reason that Amma is alone, but if she is close to me, I’m determined to be alone. We sell lots of hard minds, absolute personalities, and self-worth. When I was thinking, Amma never saw me as good as when my father died. He tried to overcome that distress by reading. Starting with ‘Basic’ in Sanskrit … went to Ph.D. and gained gold. When Amma was studying at the University, Amma would come to the campus with me everybody would get tired! Aravis wrote over fifty books. Vishwanatha Satyanarayana, Wakati Pandunangara Rao’s translation was translated into English. It is still written in Hyderabad police ‘monthly’ monthly. Nanna is not the same as I do not want to be away from music.

Identify the sale of the sell ..

download (21)Dhadak is the heroine of the film. The hero is also new to the industry. Even though the film is a super hit, Most of that victory can be said to be from John Vivekur. Superstar Sridevi’s daughter is following her. If Janevi comes into the movies she has celebrated Celebrity. There is no day in the news after the shooting of the first film. In the middle of the death of the mother’s death, the pain was done in the heart of the heart and completed the film. Karan Johar is now in the historical film ‘Takht’ which is going to be directed by Karan Johar.

All the children want to have children and do not let them suffer. Amma’s opinion is that I am not working hard. That’s why, when you come to films, you’re trying hard to find that you can do anything with fashion designing courses. But my idea is the same … Sridevi is the daughter of Bonnikapur and I see how great I am now and how to make them proud as well. My reason for acting is the reason for it to come in cinemas. In fact, after studying abroad, you may want to learn courses in fashion design, arts and acting. So first join the course of action in Los Angeles. It’s learned …
My destination is the same. Then Amma did not interrupt. I know that it is easy for the rest of the family to get this level of recognition. How hard it is to survive this. On the first day of the shooting of Dhadak, I was not afraid to act with the new ones but when Amma came in the tension came. Because my confidence is that you do not want to be with me. “Acting is not from your brain, but from the heart. That’s natural then. Nothing is hard enough. How much better can you do … ‘This is what Amma told me before going to the shooting for the first time. I do not think he is always with me. ‘Dhadak’ rashes said that the film would be good for the second part of the film and not to make makeup.

Memorable memories
Amma, my sister, and sister. When I wake up, I have to call Mom and look at her eyes open. As soon as I got up, ‘Amma Kavali’ means ‘I need a coca’ … and she smiled at me. Coco is his puppy. I am too close to my mother. Chelli will be closer to my father. Hence, Chelli Nannah would have played and played with me. Every morning in the morning everybody is sitting in the hall. Amma is a habit of drinking in the morning. A number of juveniles were always ready. My dad is also my father. He was called Sasimira. It would have been a small assault. Not mummel, but my father is like a little kid. All three of them are strangers. Feeding if not eaten. To be fit always, I was supposed to exercise daily. It is not a matter of negligence. It was very good for health.

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Father and we are very fond of seafood. Hence, the seller would go to the market and bring fresh fish. Seeing it all, I said, ‘You will be more pleased with small things.’ In fact, going to the outer market is a bit of a bump for other celebrities. Yet whatever you do for us is a pleasure. Add salt and add oil to the house. Three times the oil was taken to the hair and made us very comfortable. We’re excited to go out of the dress and remove matching accessories. If I had to sleep on my own, I would have to be jammed from my side. The night before he goes to Dubai, ‘sleep in your sleep. He asked. She climbed up the clothes and got it to my room sometime later. By that time I was half asleep. Still, he has to keep up with Natala. Then you do not know Amma hand touch again. Those memories can never be forgotten.

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I never thought of myself as long as Mom did. Everything was going to be with me. Suddenly, Amma is unable to bear that deficit. Everything is identifiable. The mind still does not agree that he will never last forever. Trying to overcome the pain. ‘Anyone who is the good man can become good artists. Humanity and gratitude can make us grow in life ‘. Never forget that. I want to get a good name as an actress.

Additional …

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If a painting is a hobby, I like to write poetry. 
Chelli Khushi and I do not have much time to spend together. That’s a bit harder. You have to pay the name but give advice. Amma is still alive and she is also my mother. I do not stop doing so. No matter what you have to do. 
* If my attendance at school was 30 percent, it would have been great. Because my parents did not want to go wherever I went. Hence, passwords are available in history except in English and English. 
*Mamma loves to shop. One of my clothes and one for each of my clothes. Three people would like to get better. So, if we go shopping, my father called ‘Three Women on a Mission’. And if we were to go to parties, I would be the first photographer. Photos were shown to us. 
Amma movies I’m just as good as it is. Because he is suffering in the movie, if someone does not hurt him, I can not see it as if it is acting. Even when watching ‘English Winglish’ I was unable to see that the girl who made her mommy was joking with her. I like the movie ‘Sadma’ because I am seeing Kamalhassan but Amma is not suffering. When Mum went to the shooting, she saw her acting in the sets.

Just like …

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‘Our little girl Khushi can do her work. Any decision can be made on its own. But I’m always with a big girl and Jackie. Maybe he’s got my features. Even when I was a child, I would have to go back to everything else. That’s what it says. Omar told me that my mother was sitting on the wall. In the meantime, I found something on the stove and went on to say, ‘Come right now’. After two hours and I forgot to work, I was sitting on that wall. ‘Oh yeah, why did not you call’? ‘You’re sitting here.’ Khushi is also a Buddhist but not the only one sitting on the wall. But Jane … my type … ‘These are the words that Sridevi told her about the big daughter Janevi.

It’s twenty years old dream ..!

The architect who constructed a nice building guided our hand in the building … how would it be if the construction of each part of the building was hammering the things that had influenced him? It looks like the director of the ‘beauty’ hero Rahul Ravindran ‘s’ chila sa’ In this movie, Rahul says that the film is a selfie from Selena. Selphiki redact the words …

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C. Earlier, Lulu Song was screened for the screening of Chennai from Chennai. Seeing the film, Amma is very proud of me in my hand. There is no sexually explicit subject. Wow! Said. Hiding there but … I did not cry that day! I am proud to say that ‘Chila Saw’ is a picture of women. We belong to a single woman as a daughter, a wife, and a wife and a mother who is the only child we see. In such a place … I dedicate my image to all those women who can achieve a reputation and respect for themselves. My mother, my little boy (Chinmay) and my friends are like this. 
Darsakudinayya ..!
I’ll be three years old. We were in Kolkata for some time. There is a large assembly on behalf of the Tamil literary association there. Contest for the young children. At about 350 people, I was on the platform and said that Ramayana was a little tale … I got the first prize. This is ‘because’ Naka’s scenes are lilac. Selling me repeatedly said things to you, ‘You have a good storyteller here!’ Antundedi. Mamma read the books by me. Ramayana and Maha India are the same characters that Amma has to appreciate! Her writings started writing stories from friends. 
In the eighth class …
Madin is the area of ​​Alwarpet in Chennai. Then there was the house of Mani Ratnam and the other Kamalhasan’s house. The two heroes of the movie ‘Leader’ have made films in all of us living in the area. I decided to become a director in the eighth class. But if you do not want to bother my dad ‘s daughter, So after graduation, I joined MBA at the mica company in Ahmedabad. Soon after, I did another PG course in marketing. Three-four years have done a good job somewhere … I thought my money was to try movies for a year with money. She has been appointed as chief marketing head on an FM in Mumbai. I started doing it. Then there was an unexpected opportunity. 
I am in the adverts …
One day in a restaurant in Mumbai I am in a lunch meeting with our client. Then come one and say ‘sar! We’re doing an ad. We want to have a corporate look like you. Can come to auditors! ‘ Said. I have no idea how to direct it … so … Okay. Director of the famous Hindi film ‘Khoslaka Gosla’ is the director of the corporate dubakar Banerjee! The ad was later made a Telugu ad for a maskito repellant company. After doing so many additions … I had the money I had hoped for. Immediately I resigned from the job and came to Mumbai from Chennai. I started to slip to Mani Ratnam and Gautam Menon’s office to give me the chance to be the helpers. They did not care. Tired of trying to get out of the way … Thinking of what’s going to happen, the director got a phone from Ravivarman’s office.
When you go to the 
director’s office, dialogue sheet in the hands of the good expressions said. He said … Are Assistant Directors here to have auditions! ‘ That. “Who said the assistant director? You are the heroine! Said. Eyes watched me. ‘How?’ If you ask me … I have seen the ad which I’ve seen before and selects the hero. That’s a way to become a director. The movie ‘Moskovil Kaveri’ has brought the film ‘Vimmengal’ to Hollywood. This is the character of my cerebral palsy! Well done. Hanuman Raghavapudi called it ‘Beauty’ The Telugu industry has made me own this film. I have taken home in Hyderabad. 
That was fulfilled…
Supporting role as ‘Shrimanutu’ and ‘Tiger’, I am doing the same thing as ‘how it works’. This experience is going to be like … as a director in my dreams. I already had two and three stories. I do not want to do anything! “I’m going to make myself a hero, but none of the producers do not take seriously … I think I’m daring to boost my career”. I told two stories to Sushant who met in a function. Vote for the love story. By him, the producers of Cirini Cine Corporation came forward. I completed the film in 32 days of shooting! I have done my dream to be a director for nearly 20 years. If Amma does not have a storyteller when she is a child, today is not the film ‘’! The rest of the movie is inspiring for this movie …
That girl … 
is the key to the bipolar mental problem in ‘ChilSau’! When I was doing MBA in Ahmedabad, I had to go to a telephone booth for a week. One time, it was seen on the phone in Tamil. “Boo! Our sweetheart! ‘ Feeling interesting, to begin with. One day, the lady talked to me in a big way … walking on the road with a running walk. He understood that his mood was not good. As soon as he saw them, they were forced into the house by their relatives. In the faces of their faces … the neighbors were watching me smiling and laughing at me. The girl had a bipolar problem. Neno decided to tell me about this issue if I made the film. 
This is the ‘our’ story …
As in the film, my friend was forced to marry at 27 years old. Voodoo was five years old and he was going to get married. In all, a marriage relationship is guaranteed. Before that, he saw another relationship … The wedding gestures were a little moderation. The story originated with the idea that if the marriage was successful, then how would it be? The hero is 27 years old … a boy who has not seen much of the world. Even if the heroine was a baby girl … she wanted to be 35 years old. With the rest of my mother alone, I made up the family burden for thirteen. I did not expect to be my spouse for the next few years of writing this story! 
Little girl …
When I came into films, Chinmayi is a big star of singing! Mani Ratnam ‘Amrutha’ is the fifteen. From then on she was a singer, dubbing artist. In the girl, there was a very mature, self-respecting and elegance. Our ancestor Padmachi was lonely. Dabbing to Lavavarka in ‘Beauty’ The film came to the screening. Our mother is the madman to be honored. On that day we saw Chinmayi and said, ‘How well do you sing …?’ Introduced as a work in the work. It has become the pioneer of our wedding! 
Sam … my girlfriend!
My debut film is ‘Moskovil Kaveri’? Since then I have been a good friend. ‘Chila Saw’ is finished with the movie No matter the difference, the director is not the director but the hero. Show me that movie … ‘ See ‘superb!’ Not only is it to say that the film is about ‘Chai’ (Nagachaitanya) key. He told them their father. Nagarjuna is the Annapurna institution, we are committed to being presenters by enterprises! It is also said that the film will be directed to another film before the release of the film. So … Thank you, Samantha !!

Did not talk for six months …

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With the following Li introduction, some Twitter conversations have been conducted between us. I’d like to update you after three months. Do not want to be ‘dating’, meet you friendly! ‘ Said. I do not want to stay in your friend’s zone ..! You say. Agreed. I think I have moved to Hyderabad. That distance increased the gap between us. There is not a single word for six months or more. On the Twitter page, Hyderabad is coming for a film dubbing. It is very sad to see it and say, ‘Come on at least in Hyderabad and say to me! So far away … anymore! ‘ I sent a message. ‘If it responds correctly … otherwise, it’s the same’. My good luck gave me a replay. Why do not you talk to me? ‘You did not speak … So you seem to have a different idea. So why do not you mean disturbing! ‘ Said. There is no hint of it … except for the truth. The thing that I liked in my mind is that it is about herself rather than herself. From that day onwards our bond has been hardened. If you want to get married, you have to go home. That’s all you know!

Join Watchmen for the movie ..!

Pandiraj … is the unknown director of our Telugu audience. Apart from ‘We’, ‘Kathakali’ and ‘Chinnababu’, he did not dub into the movies. But there are a lot of people to hear from his life as average human beings. As the director of life as a watchman and rising to the national award level, the director will be able to find out the personality development skills that we need to unlock. That journey was in his words …

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Goal … I do not know the meaning of this word. To be honest, I do not even know what it means to be very young in my goal. What is the goal …
Any kind of film should come into the world. A small hamlet is in Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu. Daddy farmer I did not want to see movies in my house. Rented and rented videos in Ur. A bhakti movie, then the MGR film, then Shivaji Ganesan … was the order of the shoot. Father did not let me go there. If you change too much, he will come with me and sit down and watch the devotional image. When it comes to ‘Ray .. sleeping is coming!’ Barabara luckily. The MPs and Shivaji Ganesan’s films were not bothered, and anger was in me as well. In the next day, my friend told me that if all the stories were telling the story, Probably … I have a lot of fascination with movies as it is good for me. When I came to class 10, the householder did not get to know movies. The magazines started reading. I wanted to be a director and I’m just dreaming. Short stories and poems started writing. Once the inter is finished, the financial situation of the house was worked out in a medical shop. I was reluctant to work there … but in the meantime, the comers came and waited. After recovery, I went to the medical shop. ‘You have done it!’ If you ask me, ‘Go to the movies.’

Destination … far away!
Do you hear my words? Are you the cakila or the movie? Daddy is great. I did not understand if I said he would be a director. Finally, our brother convinced me. That’s why Chennai Bassekka. There’s a plan to try to stay in a friend’s room. I was late by the bus. It’s raining. I did not come to visit my friend. He was wet in the rain and lost his address. That night all night. Tellari chai drinking … I recalled my friend’s address. In a room with four people in Vadod Laudzi. I do not want to be with me. He said he would not have paid money first. I’m not with my friend or my friend. ‘Get at least a job … pay salaries!’ Said. It’s OK to work right away. Straight to the AVM studio … I do not know how to tamukuliyamanni! Did not go in. My situation with Watchman told me that he said, ‘I do not want any job.’ He is a little disturbing the mind … as a watchman. Watchman’s work in the AVM studio was fantastic. ‘How many stars can you see every day!’ Wanted.

“Dandalusar .. ‘
In the studio, I was given a mosquito. That’s not the kind of sorrow. All of this is going to be the way of traveling to the director. When the studio came to know Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Bharti Raja, and Bhagyaraja, he was very excited to say ‘Dandas Sar …’. But there are rules in the studio that no employees should ask for opportunities at actors. But how long will it be? Once I got a warrior, I went and asked him to get the car door … ‘I will make you as office bail ..’ I do not want a week to work. He was then running ‘Bhagya’ magazine. That’s my job. In the second month after joining the office, he would give the editor a lot of articles and articles. One day they looked like Bhagyaraja. ‘You do not have to be an office-boy … be a sub-editor!’ Said. It was the first recognition of my talent!

Come to come …
Gradually, Bhagyaraja was very close to me. Wherever you go. He wanted a movie for me a day. ‘Good … but now I do not have the cinema. I want to recommend the rest of the directors, but you always say that you are always with me. So … try it yourself. ‘ That’s true to me. ‘Cinematography’ of ‘Autograph’ (the source of my autograph of sweet autobiographies in Telugu) reached Cheran. But the film that I worked on has stopped halting. I had already come from town and had two years. That’s why I told my parents that I am here as a watchman and office-boy! My father was angry and angry. ‘Did it come ..’ says the next. But Cheran has given me a chance to do another film. That’s the thing. .. ‘Look at my name in this movie title card!’ You say. Yes, it was.

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But …
Simbu Devan (Vishalraju 23th Pulikesi director) joined me as an assistant for that movie. Even though the shooting started, ‘You have got helpers … cut it down!’ Producers said. So he cared for me. Usurumanipincindi.

For a year, I was still a journalist. Cheran will be called again and made as an assistant director for the film ‘Pandava Earth’. ‘This time I know what my perception is about …’ The film was completed. My friends, my parents, especially my parents come to the title card to get to the theater. But in the film, the names of all the supporting directors were placed on the ending card at the end of the movie. In the rural areas, the curtains will be closed without showing ending cards. Everything I say is laughing. ‘Watchmans are directors!’ It was mocked. With that sadness, I went back and started to work more and more. After working for six movies for three years, I had the courage to be able to direct.

My life is …
It’s a story that I have encountered with my experiences in school. As I imagined, no producers came forward. Subramaniamapuram (in Telugu) Anushapuram was dubbed in search of director Sasikumar. As soon as the story is heard, he will be the producer! That’s the director. Cinema Release is commercially hit. I have not been the best screenwriter and dialogue, writer … The film has two national awards. That year, I was honored as the best director at the International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad. Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s grandson Arulindhi told him to do the second film. It’s hitter. In the meantime, I got married. Our eldest is now eight years old. He was very tired. ‘You have a problem with hyperactivity in your eyes ..’ said doctors. And that’s it as a kid. But I did not tell anybody to go to the doctors … I did not see it as a big problem … But why are you suffering from such impressions on why? With this question, we wrote the story ‘We’. I know about my story and the actor will be producing and starring Surya. It’s also big hits. Many of the Telugu directors call and applaud it. Eight films have been made so far. I did not take any of the sexes and the sex of the producers to make a profit. It is my habit to create stories from my village life. ‘Chinababu’ is something like that! Seven sisters’ kisses, the brilliance of the young people, their self-esteem … I see in our town! I did not take any of the sexes and the sex of the producers to make a profit. It is my habit to create stories from my village life. ‘Chinababu’ is something like that! Seven sisters’ kisses, the brilliance of young people, their self-esteem … I see in our town! I did not take any of the sexes and the sex of the producers to make a profit. It is my habit to create stories from my village life. ‘Chinababu’ is something like that! Seven sisters’ kisses, the brilliance of young people, their self-esteem … I see in our town!

Daddy for daddy …

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MyMy triumphs died without seeing him. I have suffered from painlessness. When I was in Sankranthi, I could say ‘films are for us to do … Sir!’ That’s me. Go to my friends and say, ‘Did you tell me something?’ That is. When I released the film ‘Pandavar Bhoomi’, I was killed by Amma’s illness. The rest of the dad alone was insane. I do not even recognize me ‘You do not know me!’ Called. One day was lost. When brother-in-law telephoned, I went to find out and started searching in the towns around. In the end … appeared at a tip. He was going to talk to him, and he was afraid of someone else’s tea. Let us remember if we go on the opposite side. He looked at him and cried there. From then on I began to look at my dad. Daddy was suffering from my early days of shooting. When interval scenes were taking place … he shouted that he was gone. Our movie unit and actors came to know about the subject. But when our homeowners came in cars, our villagers … I did not believe that I was the director. That kind of daddy is dead for me! Danny does not love agriculture … even mad. I had the dream of being a farmer. That’s why I have a big place in our house and I’m doing some agriculture. The camera is plucked with the hands that are rotated. My hope is that my father’s spirit is my soul! That kind of daddy is dead for me! Danny does not love agriculture … even mad. I had the dream of being a farmer. That’s why I have a big place in our house and I’m doing some agriculture. The camera is plucked with the hands that are rotated. My hope is that my father’s spirit is my soul! That kind of daddy is dead for me! Danny does not love agriculture … even mad. I had the dream of being a farmer. That’s why I have a big place in our house and I’m doing some agriculture. The camera is plucked with the hands that are rotated. My hope is that my father’s spirit is my soul!

– Thalari Udayakumar, Newest, Chennai

For twelve years

All artists are a slander … they can not be more aggressive than others, neither angry nor sad. Does not apply to Rohini. In the life of his life, it seems to be full of sadness. Perhaps … the pain that is to endure the life of the autumn of the art of his art! That is why the dubbing artist has been lamented as a national actress. Rohini life to her undulating …

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when shooting out to shoot outdoors, I’m shooting at the set and everyone asks me ‘How is the boy!’ A. This is not the only Hyderabad, but Kerala and Chennai wherever this question comes from. The spirit of that pluralism is how to ‘raise a fatherless child as a single mother!’ Will be anxiety. It seems to me that … what we have achieved as long as we get so much affection! Even if I gave you the love of all the love for me! In fact, at the age of not knowing, I was very reluctant at first.
‘Do not send me to live’
Maadi Anakapalli. The surname is molded. Father Rao Naidu Panchayat Officer. There was also a lorry business. In the meantime, he had a desire to become an actor. So he was coming to Chennai for opportunities. We are four at home. After three and three … I’m a brother after me.
Amma Saraswathi died shortly after his birth. I’m not five years old now! For some of my mother’s death, I was invited to my father in the Telugu film Yashoda Krishna. My father took me along! When the director saw me, he said, ‘I have seen Krishna for my film.’ For the first time, I played for the film. Then I made a lot of movies. Dad also got me with me. But I did not like these shoots anymore. Had to be hired. ‘I’m studying …!’ That is, ‘I have a chance to get them all right! You can read privately. But they do not have their talent! ‘ Called. Thinking now is true.

Let’s get letters for twelve years!
Twelve years have passed. That’s the age of childhood … it’s not as big as that. It has reduced opportunities. That’s it. Let’s start reading the letters directly into the fifth grade. Seven classes of lessons could be avoided without a year. So three years later, a Malayalee called the movie … as the heroine! Raghuvaranangari was first seen in ‘Kakku’ (meaning Gavva) in the film. It was busy in Malayalam when it hit. Interpadappa worked in Telugu and Tamil films. Jandhyalagari is the ‘four pillar’. Pani who is associated with the film … Maniratnam worked for ‘Geetanjali’ in Telugu. As he asked, the heroine of the heroine was the first stroke of the throat. ‘Get up and go!’ My Dialogue is the name given to Bale. Even if you do not want to dub for others.


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Verma Know …
Verma, who had seen ‘Geetanjali’, asked me to scream to the role of Amala in his debut film ‘Shiva’. I do not like Melodrama, which appears in Tamil and Telugu films in contrast to the Malayalam films I work with. That’s why I said ‘No’ before that movie. Verma helpers are too much to ask, ‘How the new director made a film? Let the film show me! ‘ I said. Also shown. The movie was initially understood that it was not a Sadasiddha Telugu movie. Interval just told you … I’m dumbing to Amala! After that, I saw my acting improved as dubbing. I used all the good opportunities to be a dubbing artist. I worked on six films with Mani Ratnam! In Geetanjali, though, something could speak like Kurmamayila … but in Bombay, Manishokoyarala had to work hard to change the throat. Especially in the Mumbai riots, she lost two children and showed her pain in the voice … challenging. When Vikram was dying in the ‘Ravan’ Climax when Aishwarya was scared to loud … I had to meet the doctor to fix my throat!
National recognition …
Dabbing in Telugu and Tamil, I am doing the role of heroine in Malayalam. Malayalam director Sethu Madhavan has made the film ‘Woman’ in Telugu. The actress was awarded the Nandi Award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Then I made a film titled ‘Titta Chinu Ganga’ in Tamil. That’s Raghuvaran! Until then, we started talking to you spiritually. It is love and we are married with the consent of the families. He stopped at the movies. Babu was born in this time. In the midst of us, the demagogues began. We wanted to break into friends rather than to fight. Divorce. Babu stayed with me. I started using my world to get around!
It’s turning …
In the twelve years, the letters have been asked to say … movies and dubs do not give up reading. Privately MA English is complete. You have read all the great works of Tamil and Telugu! The reading has raised social consciousness from me since childhood. Twenty years of age adopted two children growing in an NGO! Shooting gaps were talked about different social issues. Tamil star Vijay Channel walks who have learned all these things … gave me a chance. At the time, NDTV is doing a program on’ve got The People’, which is conducted by Barkhadat. Burkha … named journalist. I’m a man of the movie. I felt like it was possible. Still in the field. It is a program that speaks to people with social issues that are not so many magazines. Reading all day about the problems, Talking to different people … Well done homework and go to shooting! The program ‘Kallivigal Aayiram’ (Thousands of Questions) was the biggest hit with the first two episodes.
The staff …
The ‘Kallivigal Aayiram’ program showed me a new dimension. The cinematography is the only actress who has started to speak on various platforms with human rights groups. I started working with ‘Banyan’ who worked for the mentally disabled people left by families. Short Films for Aids patients That’s why I founded a construction company. A 45-minute documentary titled ‘Cynthut Hughes’ on childbearing difficulties in the film industry … it went to the Los Angeles Film Festival! In the meantime, I have become a scriptwriter and songwriter in Tamil. In a movie, all the things I have written is a single card. Sangeetham Srinivasa Rao was made a few days after the film ‘Welkam Obama’ made in Telugu. I recently directed ‘Appavin Messi’ (Father’s Measam). Nithimanan is the heroine.
Nandini was
one of the first films I made after a lengthy break with love, marriage, and divorce. Director Nandini Reddy’s appearance in the role of the mother seemed to be close to my mind. That’s the role that I have with my wrist. That’s why. Then I made the ‘after that …’. I do not agree with movies that are generally unheard of the story, but I have signed up to the story of Rajamouli with the confidence of the story. I do not specifically say that my belief is not shy. Later, ‘Ranga Salaam’ and ‘CHLSao’ came in line. My role is in the mother of bipolar disorder in CHS. I have seen so many people who worked with Banyan. With that experience, the mother’s role has grown well. Chiranjeevi is currently in the role of ‘Sira’.

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To sell …
I’m not very aggressive. I do not show it out. But mom was worried that it would be nice to be in most cases. When I was aged, when I was married, and when I became a mother, there was no one or me alone, as the man was growing up … After my sister, Danny married the second. I do not have a problem with the little boy Anything that has happened in my life is not going to happen … today it is not mentally emotional to me!

Raghu has to see all this!

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In the natanani, All meccukuntaro him so much is not understood. ‘That’s Mannavararu too much!’ Antundevadu. Now that you see any social media, he is writing greatly about acting. ‘What’s wrong in the scene!’ Said. He would not have to die in such a short time without seeing everything. One thing unknown to the world is that Raghu is actually a good musician and singer. The focus is on ‘I can not do multitasking! I can not concentrate on acting and acting on others! ‘ Called. But a few days before dying, he shot a few videos. I have collected them and made them a recent video album. Rajinikanth unveiled it. For the sake of the program, our first time came to media
! He is studying for the third year in pre-mediate degree in America.


‘Arya’ has changed my life! 


Geeta Govindam … Rs100 crores movie. This project is a dream of two people. One of them was director Parishuram, the second man is Bunny Vasu. Udaya Srinivas is the real name of the Bunny Vasu. Produced by 100 Percent Love, Billa nuvvuleni life, actually magadivoy actually, my name, the sun, such as the fairy tales govindam notch Telugu vasuni presented to the audience asked about his story like I said …


theJust joined in ‘Masters in Information Technology’ in Delhi. The atmosphere has been blocked from one day to the house. Shortly afterward, I went to the next door. That’s our own. Dad used to trade coconuts. He has earned a well-inherited property. We have seen no deficit from the small pit. She was then married to Anniyya and worked at IIP in Dehradun. She is married to that. BSc electronics in Vizag I wanted to settle down. In such a situation, the business has been badly damaged. I asked some lenders to give some time. I know where my daddy is. I went home and told him everything would be okay. Understand that I can no longer read in those situations. Vamsi was in my schoolmate, Hyderabad. It’s here to get up and get in the room. I learned 3d animation when reading the degree. It had a good skill. Vamsi and I have put animation work ‘Opt Solutions’. In the meantime, my father was poisoned. He was taken to the hospital by the time. Most of the loans, plantations, homes, and lenders that are not profitable, The lesson I learned in 20 years of my life was learned in 2001 alone.
‘Allu’ to the family …
We have an animation work for movies. Director is already a good name as an animator. He was later introduced to him. We worked with Prabhas ‘Eeswar’. Allu Aravind got acquainted with Mambai Bobby while working for ‘Johnny’. We know that ours are still closed. Bunny also has good skill in animation. Bunny was also introduced by Maruti. One day Bobby called … ‘Bunny started the career as hero. We need a person who wants to see our brother’s work. Are you going? ‘ That seemed to be a big responsibility. I’m thinking of everything. Exactly Bunny had gone to London to work on something. Arvindgaror called and told me to stay with him until the bunny came. That’s the next thing. I’ve been around for almost two months. I made a lot of mistakes at that time. Especially for the time to come to an office. He completes his assignments at the earliest. Then he learned about our family. When the bunny comes, he is not a perfect man. But if you are wise, you know life. We will be with you now and look at your deeds, “he said. From that point onwards, Srinivasu has been a bunny in the movie industry.
Starting as the distributor …
After completing ‘Arya’, the producer Dilraju Annenniyan asked the film to take the film. He said he had a very high rate. If you say that, “West Bengal Distribution will not cost you Rs 42 lakh.” I think that’s OK. By then I put my fifty rupees in the hands of Raja in advance. Laughing. On the same day Surekha came to Prasad Labs to watch ‘Arya’ songs. Then there was a donation of Rs. 9 rupt in the hands. Later, Maruti and my friends got together Rs 15 lakh. The total amount of the theater advances combined with Rs. 38 lakhs in the hands of Rajanna and the rest of the week. ‘Take as much as you give me. The other one, I’ll take care of, “Rajan told me later that Bunny told him. That movie is a big hit. If it is the hero of Bunny, I have suffered my financial hardship. With the money, I danced my dad completely. That is why I like Arya Cinema. After Arya, I have distributed the films till Arundhati, Pokkiri, Magadheera … together with Uyvi Creations Vamsi. I was financially sustainable.

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Made the producer …
Bunny came out with Josh on the claps of one day in 2010. ‘That sweet news amo tell me,’ said Seema. Very nice. I can not make a hero in this movie. But you’re a producer! ‘ That story says. ‘Suku Amantado’ said. I immediately told Sukku and said, ‘I want to make a filmmaker with this movie.’ That’s ‘100 Percent Love’. Sukku, Nenu friends. We have played the movie. If I did not say first anywhere in the story, I would have made clear my opinion. The film is a good hit. Then, ‘Pilla Needless Life’ made with Saidhiram Teja. Sreerivar died during the shooting and only one fight remained. He’s a very long role in the film. We have already spent Rs.11-12 crores. If we talk to Aravind, we will shoot again. Dilraju is another producer. Jagapathi Babugariki piradamannaru the role of Srihari. We have completed shooting within 20 days. So much money has earned us about 50 lakhs. Then my friend Marilithi director Bhale Bale Magadhiyi was made. That’s a good hit. Then, with the friends, I made a short film ‘Next to You’. If it did not play well, I took lightly. I saw that movie. ‘What was this movie like? Negligence looks in your work ‘. Aravind also said, ‘You have a feeling that the victory is easy. Czech Chesson said. Those words brought me into thinking. By then ‘My name is Surya …’ is shooting. I do not have a mimic quest except I am doing mechanical work. That’s why I took a few days to break.

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Arjun Reddy has done well
Director Buzzi (Parashuram) is a good friend to me. We had a story before we heard it. That is ‘Geeta Govindam’. Both of us love that story. It was realized and immediately called Buszie … ‘I was gone. We need to make a good film, ‘said Anna. Bujji has also come to the industry for many years. Looking forward to a big hit. When he tells the story of Vijay, he is in the confusion that can not be heard. ‘You are good stories of youthful. In the middle of the middle, you can get all the fans’ fans. That’s OK. Arjun Reddy Release is a blockbuster for the week’s opening cinema. The fear is that the viewer can not expect to meet expectations. He repeatedly told Buzz. “Arjun Reddy is not a fiction story. It’s the love story, we are the sweetest of ours. We searched for six months for the heroine. Anybody asked me ‘No’. When Arjun Reddy was released, he said, ‘I will do what I will do’. “The rhetoric was very excited when hearing the story. Ama Correct, “Buzzze said. If Arjun Reddy does not come, the heroine is going to have time to get there! There is a curiosity when any story is heard for the first time. I think it’s my main responsibility as a producer to make it appear on the screen.
Geeta Arts banner said when I told Arvind to tell me that I am going to produce the GA 2 
movie. But it’s the most prestigious banner. I do not have the courage to do that. The new banner started with ‘Geeta Arts 2’. Aravind Garu and I will also be part of any banner in the film. Occasionally we will work with other production companies to make more movies. Vasu … there are no shikarloo and love, except for the Banaavasana Marakka films. I have seen a relationship at home. His name is Kiranmai. We are a girl, a girl. I have a habit. I’m going to go out of the way to see if I feel very happy or sad. If you go there, I will forget you all and start traveling from Zero again. Yesterday I went to the couch.

Banny is very much watching!

download (11).jpg

SlideshowNothing is almost the same age. That’s why we are friends. Bunny is very fun. At the same time, there will be seriousness to grow. Before Arya’s shooting, Banny performed tonsill surgery in Chennai. Morning surgery was done, go to Bangalore and pick up costumes in the evening. One thing at home is that we do not want to go away. So curious, the quest is in him. Every movie career is a new beginning. After seeing the bunny, my thinking has changed a lot. Many of our views are different. The character of the jump. I will try and laugh. I do not like what she likes. He tells you what he wants. I ask why I do not like it. So we both decide to take a decision. Not knowing in our journeys of the year, when some mistakes were made by Aravind, If he owns his own son, he will be like that. But the bunny does not always give me a mantra. 


That’s why!

Teacher: Some of the storks will come up every year from Siberia. No one knows why

Sainu: Not so long that they can not walk!

The real problem

Hari: My wife is having a problem with the problem.

Chandu: Yes! Your wife will drink…
Hari: Abbey .. I’m drinking. But the problem is ours!

Sleep in the munch

Doctor: I am writing a wonderful pill for you to sleep well.

Patient: Thaqque Doctor! When should this drug be taken?
Doctor: every two o’clock


Mother: What am I Learned from Today’s School

Little: Mommy learned how to light up the fire.
Mother: Wow! What do you want to learn in tomorrow school?
Small: school … and now school!

In the new wedding …

Wife: You have changed well!

Husband: Why darling?
Wife: What else? We were able to dine together in a new marriage. You have been eating everything with me for a short time. Now I’m eating without seeing what I have.
Husband: os is not it! You’re just cooking something new. And now you are doing well!

Let’s do that!

‘Doctor go to Spain or Singapore to take me home … where will I go?’

‘Another doctor …’


Spare is …

Two terrorists are talking about bombing
 ‘Anna … how did the bomb explode when exploiting the bomb?’
‘What’s the worry about my brother? I have another bomb.’ 


Kudaradante …

Ravanasura was brought to court.
‘Make a promise on the line …’
‘This case is going on to do it on Sita. Now Stripe? I am not afraid of you, “he ran away.

“I saw midnight thief and said, ‘donna … donga …’ no one came out of it … ‘

” What did you do? ”
“Tamanna … Tamanna … cried. Everybody has run out of the doors. Then throw the thief!’


Is not the …

‘Good news from Amanda. We’re going to be three at home soon … ‘

‘Oh … very happy. When did you know … ‘
‘Now … our brother is calling me calling me ..’

Jumbo Pumba

Upon arriving from Honeymoon, the husband noticed a photo of a young man in his wife’s pouch. For the first time, it is not overlooked. Her husband’s mental anguish began in the same month. Finally, he dared his wife.

‘He is your ex-husband?’ He asked me badly.
Her husband, Gaga, said, ‘No’.
‘But your former boyfriend?’
The husband is kissing in the ear, slowly ‘no’.
‘But you’re your brother? Father? ‘
The hand is slowly ‘not … no’.
‘Who is he?’ He rebuffed.
Smiling gently … shy …
‘That’s me !! Before surgery.


To recognize!

‘Silent Letters Are Only In English, Maestro … Translated to Georgian

‘Do not. Also in Telugu. For example, before sending the daughter to the attorney, she says, ‘Beware caution’ with allus. In the middle of the ‘you’ two letters Silence ..!


In the gaze!

“” Where are they, Lord God? If the fetus does not come, it can not be understood. ”

Do that!

‘Tomorrow we are going to hang you. Tell me your last wish! ‘

‘What sar … I took the nurse at the neck. Hanging up the stomach


‘Smart’ healing

‘I’m sleeping too much with the doctor … do not even get out of bed …’

‘Which phone is being used …’
‘Nokia 1100’
‘O … is that a problem. You will write a smartphone. Buy it and install apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram … and more if you get sleepy … ‘


All the gods!

The god of the manna is called ‘god’. The poisoned person is called ‘Mahadeva’. The poison is also drunk … the amrita is playing the pleasure of being drunk and is called ‘paddevudu’.