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In business .. Raja Dadaraja!


Rajakrishnamurthy is the first Hindu person of Indian origin who has been elected to the House of Representatives from the states in the presidential election. He is also the first Tamil person to visit the Congress from the state of Illinois for the Democratic Party. Rajkrishnamurthy’s second time in the United States to win the victory in the second attempt without success in the first election.

Born on July 19, 1973, in Tamil Nadu, Krishnamurthy entered the United States at age. Princeton University received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Received a juris doctorate from Harvard Law School. Currently, ‘Sivanandanalabarate’ and ‘AP Solar’ are run by companies. His wife Priya is a doctor. He has two sons Vijay and Vikram. Daughter Sonia.

To win the election in the campaign, people should be impressed. We should feel the feeling of ‘our’ with wonderful speeches. We must assure you that all the time will be okay. Not in words … to practice them all in all. Raja Krishnamurthy will give good marks in this regard. Within the implementation of electoral strategies. Krishna Murthy was actively involved in campaigning during Obama’s two years of US legislation. He also served as the assistant in 2004. Election speeches were written. During the election of the Senate, he informed Obama about the country’s economy.

On the one hand, while maintaining its business responsibilities, on the other hand, was focused on the election. Four years ago, he lost from the 8th Congressional District of Illinois. In recent elections, Republican candidate Peter Digiani won. In the preliminary elections held in March earlier, 57 percent of the votes were cast. For some time, he served as Assistant Attorney General in Illinois. In addition, the Illinois Housing Development Authority headed the Audit Committee. Illinois served as deputy treasury for two years.

US President Obama also campaigned for Obama’s campaign to win Krishnamurti. His Indo-American friend asked the voters to vote for Krishnamurti and win. A 30 seconds long promotional video was created.

Krishna Murthy, who works in the business and politics of the service, is also grasping his generosity. A co-founder is a co-founder of the ‘Inspirory’ volunteer trainer for students in solar technology. Zika virus fought for the ‘Clean Anti Jika Funding Bill’ for the development of vaccines, to protect pregnant women and children.


‘Queen of the Electric …’ Padma Shri


internet desk: ‘Queen of the Electric Car Biz’ Padamshree Warrior as the famous Fortune Magazine. She is currently ranked as the CEO of Electric Vehicle Company America’s IEEE, ranked 71th in Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Women in 2014. In the past, she has held several key roles in leading companies such as Motorola and Cisco Systems. If she is going to be proud of her

From Vijayawada to New York.
Born in a Brahmin family in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, the Padma Shri Warrior School went to the Student’s Children’s Montessori School. The college was educated at Maurice Stella College. Renowned Dilli graduated from IIT in 1982 in Chemical Engineering. From Cornell University in New York, Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1984.

Starting at Motorola, he began his career as an employee of Motorola and
stepped up step by step. Growing up every single step she has seen her talents around the world. He served as a corporate vice president and chief technology officer. In 2003, she was appointed as the Motorola CEO and was promoted to executive vice president in 2005. Motorola had rare recognition during her work as her seat. The National Medal of Technology was awarded in 2004 by the hands of the President of the United States. This is the first priority in company history. The company did not take her ‘Seamless Mobility’ approach afterward. In December 2007 she left Motorola and joined Cisco Systems as a seat. The CEO is working in this company from 2015 onwards.

‘Young and Powerful’. In
2005, Fortune magazine named her as Rising Star. Heritage Paid, Young and Powerful, was ranked 10th on the list. The Economic Times also ranked 11th among the world’s most influential Indians.

She held herself as her board member in several key institutions. Between 2005 and 2008, he was the Board Director at the County Incorporated Company. Since 2013, Gap has been one of the board of directors in the company and the most popular Microsoft since 2015.

She has given you many inspirations…
Do not make another idea when you open an open door.

‘Learning ability is the main feature of the leader’

‘The last word of my name is remembered by most people. Because it is different, many people remember me at the conventions because I am a woman and my dress is different from the rest. Such topics give you opportunities. Everybody’s attention will make you fall on you. So use them to demonstrate your ability and intelligence

Technical Swapnidi .. Sundar Pichai


Internet desk: The popular search engine giant Google is making the technology more efficient for the use of the Internet to stimulate new holes. Sunder Pichai, a CEO of this prestigious organization, was selected by an Indian to be happy with Indians. Kharagpur, who was the highest paid CEO in the world, graduated from the IIT Engineering Engineering Degree. Subsequently, the MS from the famous Stanford University. He joined Google in 2004 and became the CEO of the company. He is the inspiration for many people … he is

from Sunderraj .. Sundar Pichai

Sundar was born in Chennai in Tamil Brahmin family in 1972. Sunder’s father Raghunatha Pichai was an electrical engineer and mother stenographer. The middle-class family did not have a TV or a house for a long time. Going on a scooter to go anywhere. Read in the Vanavani Matriculation School till Class X. Intermediate at Jawahar College in Chandni. Later, Beetek was in the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. MS was at Sunder Stanford University in the US in 1993. The MBA from Wharton School also did. In 2004, Google joined the Vice President of Product Management. Chrome chose led the team that created the operating system. He also played a key role in designing a toolbar in Searching. Before joining Google, McKinsey worked with companies such as Applied Materials. While Google is doing the micro-blogging site on Twitter, it’s not possible. In fact, Sunder’s original name was P Sundarajan, after moving to the United States, he changed the name to Sunder Pichai. Sunder is currently earning Rs.310 crores annually in Google.

Just a little shy…

Sundar Sigiri as a Self. Co-workers in Google are described as the soul of everyone. IIT Gurus said that he was an active student but not a scholar.

To be a cricketer…

Sunder was once cricket mad, like the average Indian youngsters who are kicking cricket. He also said that Sachin wanted to be a cricketer. “Test cricket is the best in my eyes. In 1986 I saw a test machine in Chainnay. Tests and ODIs will also see time. But I do not like the T20s, “he said. And in football, he says he is a fan of Barcelona. Lionel Messi said in the context that he would like to watch the game.

Sunder’s wife Anjali They have one son and one daughter. Sunder and Anjali had been introduced since school days. It has led to a love marriage.


The Defense Department is responsible for the war. Sajjan Sultan from Punjab to Canada


The people of that country did not know much until he took up the job. One of the most important ministerial posts was Defense Minister of the country. Many of them started searching for him on the net and began to know about his achievements when he was a soldier. He is the Indian origin of Harjit Singh Sajjan. Currently, Canada is in charge of the Defense Minister. He has worked in the army and has achieved many achievements and has been the highest level of guidance for the country’s defense sector. There is no doubt that warships become a familiar minister and strengthen the defense ministry.

Aside from the tradition

Canada’s newly elected prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has been turned down. The most crucial defense department was given to Sajjan of the Sikh community by surprise. More than a million military capable Canadian Defense Department was handed over to former soldier Sajjan. Massive responsibilities to the Sajjan, which has not been a big political novelist ever since has shown the Prime Minister how much he feels about Sajjan.

The population of the Canadian population is 1% of the Sikh population. The Canadians also welcomed Sajjan’s key defense portfolio from the Sikh community.

From Punjab…

Harjit Singh Sajjan was born on September 6, 1970, in a village hamlet in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab state, India. Father Kundan Sajjan worked as a policeman. Sajjan migrated to Canada for survival with his mother and sister at the age of five. His father had already gone to work in a sawmill in British Columbia.

Sajjan grew up in South Vancouver. In 1996, Kulik Kaur was married to a doctor. They have two children.

In 1989, Sajjan joined the British Columbia Regiment and joined Lieutenant Colonel. The Northern Atlantic Organization worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997 as part of the Peace Keeping Treaty. Two years later, Vancouver joined the Police Department. He worked as a police detective. Sajjan was sent to Afghanistan in 2006 as part of Operation Medusa. He left for the police duty and went there. Sajjan Singh, who speaks Urdu with Punjabi, works there and understands their language and joins them. 2009 and 2010 also served in Sajjan Afghan. While there, the youth took steps to avoid being attracted to the Taliban terrorist organization. Recognizing such persons and putting them in Afghan work.

Sajjan was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal in 2012 for reducing Taliban dominance in Kandahar. With this, the Canadian Peace Keeping Service Medal, awarded the Order of Military Medal, with his services. In 2011 he was appointed the commander of the Canadian Army Reserve Regiment. He was the first Sikh man to perform those responsibilities.

Own gas mask…

There were some difficulties for Sikhs working in the army with large beards and headgear. These beards blocked the use of military gas masks. The spike was made by the new gas mask worn on the ground for Sajjan Sikhs. In 1996, the patent was also taken.

Political life

Justin Trudeau urged the 2015 federal election to contest from the southern Vancouver area on behalf of the Canadian Liberal Party. Sajjan was not interested in politics until that time and he was elected to Parliament of that country. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau took Sajjan to his cabinet and handed out crucial defense portfolio responsibilities. On November 4, 2015, he became Defense Minister.

The American ambassador to the United Nicky


Nicky Haley, the newly appointed US ambassador to the United Nations, was the first non-white woman to decorate her post. She is the governor of the Republican Party of South Carolina. Nicky’s new president, Donald Trump, was appointed as US ambassador to the United Nations. She is the most widely spoken attitude on many issues. This is a passion that gave her the opportunity to be appointed as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Governor of South Carolina

Her parents from Punjab, India, settled in America. Nicky was born on January 20, 1972. Father Ajit Singh Randhava, mother Rajkaur. The real name is humility. But the little girl in childhood is called nicknamed ‘Nicky’. She is internationally known by that name. Her family settled in Bamberg, South Carolina. Nicky entered politics and joined the Republican Party. In 2010 he was elected governor of South Carolina. In 2014 he was elected as governor. Between 2005-2011 he held a delegation from Lexington County in the House of Representatives.

Rising star at the Republican Party

Nikki is the RisingStar in the Republican Party. Political scholars believe that they will be eligible to compete for the presidency of the future. Party sources said her name was considered by the US Vice President in 2012. In 2016, her candidacy was proposed by the party’s key leaders. However, Nicki did not show interest. She did not support until Trump was officially announced as a candidate for the Republican Party during the election. After being nominated as an official candidate participated in the Trump campaign.

Governor to win the mind of the people

Nicky special stamp in the administration. Her second time in the Governor’s election in 2014 was a huge victory. A record of her votes in the governor’s election is a record. Nicky Majority’s mind winning people’s mind may be mirrored by her administrative imputation, even though it is the minority.

Inspired by Hillary, Thatcher’s …

Hilary Clinton is the ideal candidate for Nicky, who is in charge of the Republican Party. She says that in 2003 she was entering politics with inspiration from Hillary. Former Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is his ideal in the administration.

Marry with Hayley

She was married to American military employee Michael Hayley. Two children, Rena and Nulin. The University of South Carolina honored with a doctorate in 2013 to be special in public.


For the immigrants … the praises


The first woman to be elected as the representative of the ‘Washington Seventh Congressional District’ for the American Congress was Prima Jayaipal. Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, she went to America to read and settled there. A special article about women’s rights, racial discrimination and widespread public battles for economic equality and the elected president of the Washington Legislative Assembly.

For the rights of immigrants …

Promises were born in Chennai, Indonesia, and Singapore. In 1982, we went to college for the college education. She took the English Major to study economics. He worked as a financial analyst with MBA at Northwestern University.

Controversial and courageous things are chosen by the actress. The ‘Hate free zone’ company started to fight for their rights after attacks on immigrants after the 2001 attacks on World Trade Center. Immigration Reforms, for the protection of Arab, Middle East, and South Asian countries She was always on the first line in fighting for women’s rights. 4,000 Somali refugees across the country prevented them from leaving the country. Later, the ‘Hate free zone’ company was transformed into ‘One America’ in 2008. In 2013 she was awarded the ‘Champion of Change’ Award for White House.

People support everywhere …

The struggles for immigrants prompted the prompts to reach politics. She is a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for a minimum wage of $ 15 in Seattle. Meyer was then the Vice Chairman of the Policy Search Committee. The state senator Adam Kline has been in the race to step down after he announced his retirement in 2014. Seattle’s mayor Ed Murray was supported by her. Winning 51% of votes in the contest between six candidates. In July 2015, the Pre-Apprentice Shoes Program was introduced for women and other groups after being elected to the Senate. Her services have a rating of 98%.

To the assembly …

In January 2016, a member of the Washington Seventh Congressional District represented the race as Congress member Jim McDermott announced his retirement. Bernie Sanders, who fought for the Democrat presidential candidate, has supported her candidacy. The Stranger magazine also strengthened her. On August 2, 2016, he was ranked first in the top-2 primary. In the November elections, 56% of the votes were elected to the assembly. Although she feels that she supports Hillary in the American presidential election as a woman, Bernie is backed up with the policy-based opposition.

Jaiapal had two years of American membership. She wrote ‘Pilgrimage: One Woman Return to a Changing India’ book. Steve, son of Seattle, near Columbia City, lives with his son. Her mother tongue can speak Hindi better than Malayalam. Even if the father does not like the English Major he chooses to be able to connect with people.

Knighthood for the British-Indian professor


London: A British professor of Indian origin has a rare honor. DNA experts working as a professor of medical chemistry at Cambridge University received Shankar Balasubramanian Britain’s highest award, ‘knighthood’. Queen Elizabeth II also honored Olympic stars Andy Murray and the MV Farahs.

Balasubramanian is a professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Cambridge University. This honor was selected for his research on DNA.

Tennis star Andamümre was second only to Wimbledon and Olympic titles. Recognizing the achievements he gave to the country in terms of sports, he was selected for this award. Officer of the Order of the Order of the British umpire was honored when he won the first Olympic title in 2012.

MV Farah achieved the title in this year’s 5000, 10, 000-meter race in the Rio Olympics.

Microsoft’s captain … Satya Nadela…


Competition world … running society … the name is gradually diminishing … winning is the distance … this is the status of Microsoft. The question is who is the leader who leads the company in such circumstances. Hundreds of Resumes… Thousands of observations have been received by a Telugu person. He is the truth. The firm was put in the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on February 4, 2014, in the belief that he would face any difficult challenge.

Everlasting search…

‘If there is no newness then we will stay in the past. In 1992, Trisha started working in Microsoft as a Program Manager. In 1999, Microsoft Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions was vice president of Microsoft Bessentral, becoming a senior vice president of online services in 2007 and rose to become a good leader. In the quest to learn, there is still some online course.

Someone is the same …

After starting a work, the truth is set on a hundred and a half to make it the best. Think of 360-degree angle. His concentration at that time was unusual. When the person is busy, the amount of time that the person will come and move, the moment is not sideways. The CEO of the company once said, ‘Speak to you, come quickly’ means ‘is not empty now’ Satya replied. Because of the nature of the adventure … it’s the reason why someone else does not do the job well. He is red-carpet because he knows all this in his company. The CEO of the company came to him.


Satya … friendship is very much appreciated. Even though old ones come to Hyderabad, the names of the old friends are mentioned together. The same relationship with his colleagues will continue. That’s why there is no hoard in the Microsoft company.

Heir to history…

Microsoft’s first CEO Bill Gates, the second CEO Steve Balmer. The truth is that when the owner of the company is looking for a successor to whom he is the owner of the company, the personality of the person is understood. His father was Yugandar IAS officer. Taking the name at the national level, Satya has grown internationally and has increased the family reputation.the common

When a position of the common satyanadella now a chief executive officer of the common people .. !! It’s still plain and simple. How much footballer Gleason has accepted the challenge of the ice buck challenge and has given him a sports spirit.


Believers are true

If you want to do something, love it. That’s why we are going to have success in that work. IT sector is dynamic. The rank and wages are the ones who want to change their salaries. In the field of truth, there is only one month of salary that goes on in Microsoft. Acting in love and responsibility … the company’s rules and roles were pegged at the end of the evaluation. Here is the true commitment, to look forward to the foreknowledge! At the same time, fearing investors should refer to the lack of culture bill gates that change the CEO. Wahn Anali is a talent but not for a race or a region.


Satyagraha started in Begumpet. He was born on 19 August 1967 in a Brahmin family in the Begumpet area of ​​Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. His father, Bukkupuram Yugandar Nades IAS officer Mother Prabhavati. B. Tech has been completed from Mangalore University in Karnataka. America went to America to Semmes. In 1992, while working as an employee at Sun Microsystems, Oracle joined the company as a Program Manager at Microsoft. In the same year, his father was a daughter of Venugopal, a batchmate in IAS, and married Anupama Priyadarshini, a younger sister. They have three children Divya, Tara, Jain.


Interests: poetry, cricket, hockey, fitness, running

Fans: Billi gets, Seahawks (footballer) inspiration: cricket

Strength: family

Looks intuitive: smile

During free time: reading…

Directed by Odisha Meera Camera rolling..3..2..1..clap Yaksan


InternetDesk Special: A Circus of Circumcision around 10 Years Pillow (Krishna) in which the worker (hero). Something dares, stupid. In each case, there is no one fear. He is a victim of drug addiction, a victim of a fraudster, trying to save a fellow worker carrying herself as herself. But the end of the attempt will not, but the story is not euphoric. Because it’s a struggle for life. Cut ‘Salaam Bombay’ movie. Mira Nair is the first attempt to be a producer and director. The theme of the innocent lives in Mumbai’s slums. The film was the first milestone in Meera’s life, setting records as the best foreign film. From the film to the ‘Queen of Catwalk’, Mira’s triumphant journey is unmoved.

Mirah Pahara wins

Yes, it is true that her every effort is a miracle. Every turn of success is proof of her superiority. The face is called minded. That’s the same movie that shows her mind before me .. Meera Movie .. !! If you are in Rome, then you are the Roman poet. But she is doing continental. Cooperates with different cultures. But the roots do not forget. Does not change the style. In the country of foreign countries, the traditions, rituals, and social conditions are shown in the form of cinema. The art and the limits of the art, the desire to fight as a result of the success of many attempts.


The viewpoint of Mira is very delicate. I can tell you the details of what I want to say without any confusion. Warner Bros., a prominent producer in the film, asked her to come home and direct the movie to the Harry Potter film. Documentaries and feature films in the films she has taken to keep moving away from the place of sitting. A romantic comedy is also the creator of ‘Kamasutra Tale of Love’. Salamumbai, Mississippi Masala, Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake, directed by Meera, won more than 20 national awards. In 2012, she won the Padma Bhushan award, the country’s highest civilian award, by the then President Pratibha Patil. Haifa International was honored guest in July 2013. She also donated awards to the Jury Awards, Golden Lion, Golden Globe and many more.

Lonely battle

Meera, who became an actress and a producer, worked very hard to settle in the film industry. From the country that is not very important to the girl child, she has been branded among the newest cultures in the country. The camera can be seen with the naked senses of the man.


Miranar was born on October 15, 1957, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Father IAS Officer Amrit Nair, Mother Praveen Nair is a social worker. The father settled in the job and settled in Dilli. Meira was interested in literature at Loreto Convent Tara Hall in Shimla at the age of thirteen. 1977 While studying the course of photography at Harvard University, colleague Mitch Epstein was married and got married for some time. Ten years later, she had divorced from her absence. In 1988 Mississippi Masala Cinematography was initiated by the author of ‘The Myth of Population Control’ book and married Mahmood Mamdani. He is Professor at Columbia University. His son is Johan.

Selling meals …

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16 women do not know each other. All Indians are settled in Switzerland. Maheshwari came to know about the scourge in Kerala. She told her idea of ​​providing financial assistance to the girlfriend Lynzi. Both of them thought and shared it in social media. Four days later, 14 people joined hands. 16 people wanted to taste Indian recipes for those in Switzerland. The details of the cuisine, the price and the duration of the cuisine are put in place. Not only did many respond to their announcement, but also ordered orders for a few recipes. The food was ready for three days. Not vegetarian, vegetarian meals, but plans to give customers time. For three days, 150 lunch boxes were supplied and earned 1.8 lakh rupees. It was donated to Kerala Chief Minister Fund. They say this has been done with the desire to do anything for their homeland. The three days were away from family members and completed this work too.

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