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12 lions died inforestson by


10 days inPostedRajkot: In the past 10 days, 12 lions died in Gir forest in Amreli district of Gujarat. Wildlife lovers are concerned that the tigers in the forest range within the Dalkhani forest range are suffering from tiredness. Tigers are said to die from lung infections and liver problems, according to Veterans Administration officials. Three lion kids aged 9 months were treated at the Jasadhar Wildlife Conservation Center in Junagadh Veterinary School, Forest officials said. On Wednesday, another miscarriage of poison was eaten and killed. Gujarat State Forest Department Minister Ganapath Vasava said, “We have ordered to investigate the incident with the deaths of the lions. The minister said that the lion’s death was caused by illnesses and that the post-mortem report has been revealed. Veterinary doctors said that the seven lions were killed in the same place and their carcasses had collapsed. Rajya Sabha MP Paramal Nathvani demands action to investigate the deaths of the lions and repeal these events.



An ambulance to the trees!

If you get any disease in pottery plants at home That’s big tree .. what do they do?

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Officials of the Metropolitan Administration have noted that the stubbornness is stupid. Even the trees from the age of 20 years before the eyes of the eyes are also strangled to the stomach of the authorities. Those who found it impossible to increase this level and decided to take care of the trees. Specifically, it has been decided to establish a good system of measures that will identify the diseases coming from them. Then came the idea … tree ambulance!

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In February 2010, the first plant ambulance was opened in the country under the auspices of the new Dilli corporation. This ambulance contains various pesticides, pesticides and other medicines that can strengthen the plants. These drugs are pumped up to 60 feet of trees from the roots of the trees to the grass. The driver has a driver and three other personnel. They look from each plant root to the stem and provide the medicine for any disease. Specific marks are used specifically for medicine. Continuous observation of them is possible. People from any part of the city call the toll free number and go to the ambulance where they are told. Any ambulance in the city will have to be removed from the other place if the trees are to be removed. This is the plant ambulance story. Should we demand our rulers to establish such a thing in our city?


Laddoo the records!


How big is laddoo …? Generally punching … more specially done … but heavy laddoos are special for Ganesha. It was a few years ago that these big laddoos were offered to stay at the same level as the offerings offered to the lambda … This has been another step since 2010. After the Kajaa manufacturers in Tapeswaram village of East Godavari district, the laddoos submitted to the Ganesha headed from the massive to the largest and most massive. At the end of the record … the records have created records.

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Since 2010, Suruchiphuds of Taapsevara has made a history of history. Vinayaka is the one who specializes in making huge laddus. Thousands of great laddoos do not have the preference for the famous Khairatabad Vinayaka.

The Ganapati Navaratri celebrations are considered sacred by devotees. The Mahakruti is determined to decide the supernatural. 10 other pediatricians, including the head of the company, Mallibabu, are involved in the preparation. A special mound is constructed first. The Ganapati statue made of earthenware is made in the sanctum sanctorum and dedicated pooja. Vinayaka initiative takes four days before Shavathi. Initiation of wearing clothes is tough. In the morning and in the evening baths … until the formation of Laddu is necessary. As soon as the Bundy is created, the lamp is shown as a slogan for the Ganesha.

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                                                                    Laddu .. free

2010 For the first time in Khilatabad Vinayaka presented a huge laddoo Mallipabu. Ludhuda, which started with 600 kilograms in 2010, reached 6,000 kg in 2015. These lads were all free. In the year 2016, the Vinayaka festival organized by the Visakhapatnam Integrated Social Welfare Association in Gajuwaka was awarded 30 tonnes of big laddu and set a Guinness record. For two years, a lucky 500 kilogram is presented to the Divine Sannidhanam temple committee in Hyderabad Film Nagar. Along with this, 50 kilms of the Vallinai Vinayakudy Temple, 50 km of Biccavo Vinayakudy and 50 kd laddoos are delivered to Dhafadar Ganapathi in Ramchandrapur.

quality, bash .. Follow certain standards in terms of the quality of the brownies. Sugar is 45 kg of sugar, 25 kg of pure cow and 30 kg of peanut powder. Additionally, three kilos of cashew nuts and two kilograms are used. These are the same standards from one hundred kilos to laddoo and 30 tonnes of laddoo. Preparation is baked in the preparation beforehand. Bundle bands are made of 10 kg. Then boil in a sugary cider and mix with a special machine. At the same time, cashew nuts are served almonds. Finally, the bundle of the carpenter is put into a stacked barrier constructed specifically with iron bars. Ledo design is made with special devices and a booze. Later, cashew nuts are decorated with a variety of shapes and beautifully decorated with laddo. The huge laddo made of the crane with the help of crane can be moved to the Ganapathi mantapa. These are the valuables offered to Swamiji. Laddu is offered free of charge to administrators. Swami’s favor is considered ten thousand. Thanks to the mango administrators for participating in the divine service. Laddoo in the hand of Ganapatthi is overflowing. Nine days later, the snake was crying to the eyes and feasting on the devotees who are saying ‘Bhalai Kata Prasadam’.

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– Ramanamurti, Mandapeta

Whatsapp: Baddies for iPhone users

Apple’s newest operating system for iPhone users has come up with IOS 12 iPhone users. It enhances iPhone users and iPad users with updates, with new features. Within two days of the new IOS 12 market, the popular messaging app Whatsapp has made a sensational decision to shock iPhone users. IOS 7.1.2 has announced that its app will not work for IOS versions. That means that IOS 7 and its predefined versions have not been supported by Watsap since February 1, 2020. IOS 7.1.2 has also imposed some restrictions for users to use their app. The information relating to this is revealed in its new FAA section.
Whatsapp also supports iPhone devices. From now on IOS 8 and Watsap will only work for users. ‘iPhone 8 or later versions have to be asked if I want to get an iPhone.’ After February 1, 2020, it is not possible to create new accounts and re-order old accounts. However, this effect is not likely to fall on most users. iPhone 5S does not have any updates to older devices after the iOS 7.1.2. Especially for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 was launched in 2010. The iPhone 3GS came into the market in 2009. iPhone 3GS and IOS 6.1.6 did not receive any updates anymore.
Whatsapp does not work for iPhone 3G, which was launched in 2008. Last update IOS 8.4.1 for iPhone 4S which was launched in 2011. This works by Whatsapp. Apple has released its operating system IOS 12 on September 17, while 85 percent of Active Devices work with IOS 11 while 10 percent with IOS 10 and 5 percent with older versions. That is, IOS 10 is the only version of the predefined version devices.

The looming storm Extreme influence on North Andhra Heavy rainfall forecast for Rayalaseema


Today, Visakhapatnam: A severe strain on the West Bank of the Bay of Bengal has become stronger on Thursday night. At 8.30 pm, south-east of Gopalpur, about 90 km south-east of Kalinagapatna in coastal Andhra, 165 km northeast. Moving at speeds of 23 km per hour. It is possible to cross the coast at Gopalpur by midnight. This snake is named ‘taye’. Myanmar country named this name. The hurricane is threatened with a speed of about 80 kilometers per hour and 60 km from the coastline along the coastline. The sea is turbulent while crossing the storm, indicating that the waves are at a height of half a meter. Warned that the sea would be pushed along the coast of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts along the coast. Crossing the coast, the cyclone speed has further increased. It is expected that the hurricane may have an effect on Friday evening. The weather authorities said that the heavy rainfall in Kostanady would have a huge amount of rainfall till Friday morning. In Rayalaseema, too heavy rains are also said. Then we see that the storm is weakening and it will be disheartened by Saturday. Saturday is also expected to hit heavy rains in some places.

Sounded in Odisha

Bhubaneswar, Newsted: Odisha state administration has been alerted following the storm. On Thursday evening, the Secretariat of the Chief Secretary (CS) Aditya Prasad had reviewed the situation with senior officials. The Department of Environmental Studies has alerted 7 districts and said there would be a high impact on Ganjam, Gajapati, Khurda, Puri and Nayagarh districts. The ODIA Disaster Rapid Action Plan has been prepared to deal with any situation and staff and food equipment is ready.

The serious impact of the three districts

The weather warnings have been issued to damage the various sectors in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam districts due to storm impact. Huts, electricity wires, poles, roads, and crops. The authorities have suggested that they be highly vigilant. In North Andhra and southern Odisha, any fisherman warned not to go fishing in the northwest Bay of Bengal. The shoreline is along the coastal coast, and the speed of wind will rise from 45 km to 60 km per hour.


Give a break to the multistar!


The heroes will occasionally focus on architecture. The young heroine Sudhir Babu also became a producer. The film that was created by his own production company was ‘spoiling me’. Nabha Natesh is the heroine of the film and RS Naidu is the director. Released on Friday. Sudhir Babu said on this occasion.


“My career began with the talented directors and technicians in the beginning. It was not proper encouragement. The idea of ​​being a producer in that despair was born. I’m determined to build a good condition for myself. Now the time has come. Sudhir Productions will be set up with the ambition of producing good films and producing good films. A few years later, actors will be gone. But the production companies that make good movies are so. Suresh Productions, like Geeta Arts, will continue for generations. My company must also stand for some time. With such an expectation, I built the ‘robbing me’. This is the story of the Telugu people’s real life. The protagonist is a software company manager. But the goal is more of a goal. When a girl enters into his life, things change. But how is it most interesting to achieve the goal? “

* ” Dazhamanam ‘is a good film in my career. Before the release of ‘dazzhanam’, we have done ‘to steal me’. There are all kinds of commercial items. The audience is laughing and impressing. The music is composed by Ajayesh. Nabha plays the role of Natesh. I signed a contract with the director of this film.

* “I’ve been in the industry for 10 years. The producer is also my own .. I do not consider my market. The cost of the story was spent. Introducing talents on this institution, two films a year. I do not want to act like a hero in everything. If the story is needed, they will be with them. Mahesh Babu does not hesitate to be a hero.

* ” Template will not like to do the characters. My role in ‘Veerbaoga Vasantharaayalu’ is really new. I did not want to create a single image. Badminton player Pullela Gopichand’s story based on me is a biopic with Praveen Satar. Producer Abudanzania is produced in Telugu and Hindi. From December onwards sets. Until then, in the multi starred films depending on the situation. Now give them a bit break. Solo is going to be a hero “.

Fake Vote for Deepthi Nallomotu!


The Bigg boss show came almost to the end. The whole show is a height … the last 3-4 weeks is a height. House woes .. Groumis are the best spice for a viewer with a housemate. But a few weeks ago, the viewers felt that the show was going to be dark. Because she does not have a big fan following outside of her. But in the past few weeks, her voting percentage has risen unexpectedly. Kaushal has almost 60 percent. She is taking 20 percent votes. Nearly one week was near Kaushal. However, the argument is that she is tied up with a company saying that she is a doting fan. All this is allegations that Deepthi husband Srikanth is driving out of the outside.

The Kaushal Army reveals the fact that there is basically all the evidence. Deepa posted a list of voting on social media. She is tied up with Ram Solutions .. Kaushal Army is charged with fake ID votes. Another argument is also heard by the Kaushal Army members. Kaushal Tuesday polled 80,000 votes in the morning polling in the tens to the polls, but the vote is going to be heavy on Tuesday morning. The IT Solutions members do not have night because she does not get votes … the argument that she is heavily voting with Fake Idis is coming out in the morning. It is important to know how true it is.


A teacher of Tirupati student is a scientist salary of Rs .1.67 crore per annum

The ‘apple’ is like a fruit

A teacher of Tirupati student is a scientist

salary of Rs .1.67 crore per annum

20ap-main11a (1).jpg

Tirupatiannum,nyustude: Tirupati Apple in the company of the prestigious American scientist unnatodyogam ravitejaku was infinite. Student hometown Chandragiri Mandalam Pulliyagari Palli. Parents are Neelima and Ramesh Naidu. He completed BTech in the EEC category in Bangalore, completing the basic education in Inter Thirupathi. MS completed in nine months in computer science at the University of New York, New York. MS completed and got a job in the Bloomberg company. Apple has identified his talent as a scientist with a pay package of Rs. 1.67 crore per annum. The student-initiated his duty. Raviteja of the common farmer’s family is an example for the students. At present, there is another opportunity with a 100% Fellowship to read MBA at Harvard University.

The merger of Baroda-Dena-Vijaya


Hyderabad is another major merger of the country’s domestic banking system. The central government has decided to merge Bank of Baroda (BBB), Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank. This merger will be the third largest bank in the country after SBI and ICICI. The rating agency Moody’s opinion expressed that the merger would have a positive effect on the banking system. Moody’s said that the merger of the bank’s capabilities and the corporate governance could be improved. By the end of this financial year, the merger process is expected to be completed.

In public sector banks in the banking sector too. By March 2018, 70% of deposits and 63% of liabilities are in public sector banks. However, none of these banks are so popular except SBI. On the other hand, the cobwebs are also high. Thus the profits of those banks are falling sharply. The central government has taken steps to merge banks to meet these losses. SBI has already introduced five subsidiary banks and Indian women banks.

The Center has begun merging of BBB, Dena and Vijaya banks. Moody’s suggested that the disadvantaged banks would be able to get more support from the government.


Get into janesana! Preparations for joining Vijayadashami day


Tirupati: Former Tirupati Tirupathi Devasthanam former chairman and former Tirupati ex-MLA Chalathawada Krishnamurthy will be inducted into Jana. On Thursday, Chalathawada met with party chief Pawan Kalyan in Vijayawada. Party leaders have said they will formally join Janasena on Vijayadashami day in October. Krishnamurthy has been told by followers that he was ready to leave the party without giving proper respect to the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu during the offering of the Shri Vidya during the recent Brahminsavam. He joined the Congress Party in 1973. He served as president of the Youth Congress of Nellore District in 1976-77. In 1981 Naidu Patel won the panchayat serpentine. She received the best serpent prize in 1983 from the state government. Later, the Congress party was in charge of the state general secretary. In 1994, Tirupati was supposed to be in the state election and the Congress party was allocated to Srikalahasti Ticket. Defeated by a margin of votes. Back in 1999, when the Congress refused to give the ticket to Tirupati, he won the Telugu Desam Party as Legislative Assembly. Chathalwada Krishnamurthy also injured in the Naxalites’ attack at Alipiri on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in 2003. He did not contest the elections after that. TEDAPA came to power in 2014. In April 2015, he was appointed Chairman of Tirumala and Tirupati Devasthanam.

With the latest developments ..?

Chathalwada, who recently feels that he is not giving the right priority to the party, has been active for some time. Some of the latest developments have also led him to make the party available. At the time of the Brahmotsavas, when the Chief came to present the Swamy, he did not give him the right identity and at least not talked to him. It is reported that the party is unlikely to go to Janesana. Dasara is celebrated on the day.