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Electronic Commerce Environment and Opportunities (Electronic Market Place Technologies)

The different Electronic Marketplace Technologies?

The following are the electronic marketplace technologies are:-

1. Electronic Data Interchange:-

EDI is the exchange of well defined business transactions in a computer-process able format. EDI provides a collection of standard message formats to


VAT tax

What is VAT?

VAT is a tax, which is charged on the ‘increase in value’ of goods and services at each stage of production and circulation. It is charged by registered VAT businesses/persons/taxpayers. VAT has replaced a number of other


The overview of ‘GST’ ?

The idea of national GST was first mooted by Kellar Task Force in 2004. A Task Force was formed under the chairmanship of Sri Vijay Kelkar on Implementation of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act. The Kellar committee submitted recommended


Electronic Commerce Environment and Opportunities (The Electronic Commerce Environment)

The Electronic Commerce Environment

The briefly electronic commerce environment?

1. The virtual corporation:-

Electronic commerce goes hand in hand with changes that are occurring in corporations. The 1990s have seen the rise of a new form of industrial organization- the


Electronic Commerce Environment and Opportunities (1. Background)

What is E-Commerce/Web Commerce?


E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. “E-Commerce” is the buying and selling of goods add services on the Internet, especially the World Wide Web. In practice, this term and newer term Business often used interchangeably.


Hindu Cultural Wedding


According to Hindu faith, marriages are made in heaven. If you are married once then the bond is supposed to last for 7 lifetimes. So it is observed that to be a turning point in every individual’s life. As he/she


The Menace of Terrorism


Terrorism, as a method to achieve political aims, has gained

worldwide popularity. Twenty-five people have been killed and 23 wounded in a Suicide bombing inside a Shia mosque in eastern Afghanistan on August 3, A Suicide bomber targeted a