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Running a Charity Stream with Lightstream

Over the years, through Extra LifeGamers for Giving, and similar events, streamers have demonstrated the ability to raise millions of dollars for charities through marathons and viewer donations. We’re continually impressed by how generous gamers and streamers can …


The importance of intellectual honesty and awareness in engineering leadership

Last week we announced hiring Jenny Farver as our Chief Technology Officer. Announcements are wonderful to get the word out, but I thought I would take a few moments to share some more context around it all.

From the very …


Lightstream Raises $8M Series A Round

Lightstream Raises $8M Series A Round to Enhance its Unique Live Streaming Creative Suite and Technologies

The new funding will accelerate the company’s already rapid growth – expanding its team and global presence to introduce powerful new opportunities for content


The growth and role of streaming in esports

In a way, Lightstream’s roots are in esports. While we created our software to help stream all types of gameplay, from competitive to casual, there’s no denying the effect esports has had on our company. My co-founders, Stu and Aaron


Lightstream Acquires Arsenal.gg

Lightstream Acquires Arsenal.gg, a Live Streaming Analytics Platform That Delivers Free Tools for Video Game Streamers

The platform also offers robust analytics tools for game publishers, developers, and brands to properly evaluate and intelligently build their influencer marketing strategy.



Gamers for Giving: Charity Stream Tools & Resources

Being stuck in the hospital, especially as a child, can be a scary and stressful experience. Being able to relax and do something you enjoy does wonders to take your mind off your situation. Gamers Outreach is a charity near …


Lightstream Acquires GameWisp Technology to Power and Enhance Offerings for Streamers and Communities

CHICAGO, April 9, 2019 — Lightstream, an innovator in live streaming, today announced that it has acquired the technology behind GameWisp’s former monetization platform for gaming content creators. Previously, the technology-powered subscription services for streamer communities in exchange for benefits, …


Create Live Streaming Content That Engages: 5 How-To Tips

Live streaming is a relatively new medium for businesses to explore, and it seems that the best practices aren’t yet solidly established. When approached creatively, live video can offer you endless opportunities. Furthermore, it doesn’t really depend on what the …


Lightstream Announces Appointment of Sundance DiGiovanni to its Board of Directors

DiGiovanni is a Seasoned Executive and Recognized Thought Leader in Gaming and Esports with 18 Years of Experience in the Media, Technology and Video Game Industries

CHICAGO, May 21, 2019 — Lightstream, an innovator in live streaming technology, …


Add music to your Mixer stream with Botismo

Many of our favorite video moments are accompanied by a favorite musical score. Whether it’s John Williams’ composition in the background as we’re led into Jurassic Park or the perfectly synced playlists of Baby Driver and Guardians of the Galaxy, …