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Beautiful flowers

‘Himalayas … ice holidays, glaciers, livestock, and sarovarulu … Nature’s beauty to a variety of species of colorful flowers, especially rare Brahmakalamas. That’s why we have to go back to the hills anytime somewhere. Such as the Puri Valley Uraff Valley of Flowers on the way from Joshimath to Badrinath, “says Karara Nagarakshmi of Pune.


Business To go to Lee of Flowers, go to Govindghat at Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Helicopter services are available. But it is better to travel from there to a walk or horses or toilets. Here, snowfall and rainfall are both. The helicopter services are often canceled. From Haridwar to Govindghat, it is 296 km away. There are buses run by the Uttarakhand government and private buses. The taxi will take longer than the bus.


Govindghatlo …
We first reached Srinagar in Uttarakhand. He stayed there for the night and went early in the morning to Joshimath. It had already gone to Govindghat. That’s where we stayed there for the day. It is about 20 km from Govindghat. Govindaghat is the only way to go from Badrinath to Joshimath. Departing early in the morning, we reached Ghat after a kilometer journey. There are hotels available for all categories. Near the side of the Alaknanda River is visible. On the shore is Gurudwara. There are free meals and parking facilities for the tourists. The trail starts from there. We stopped at Gurudwara and packed light bags for two days and then packed with other essential items and left the taxi on the left. There is a luggage in the gurdwara. The moisturizing cream and sunscreen needed for this expedition is a must-have shoe that can stop in cold cliffs. A headache, fever … etc. Torchlight is mandatory.

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The river is the confluence! 
You can not find a horseman or a half a kilometer. Those who walk on the walker can find the sannas. Hemkund Saheb is talking about horses by the Valley of Flowers. After about 12 km, we reached Ghangaria. From there we had to go to the Valley of Flowers. The distance is mud and mud. More distance is boulders. Where the height is high, the horses slowly climbed down. 
On the way, Alaknanda River has been greeting us with hips. After the twelve miles of the difficult journey, the green meadows and small cascades flashed. It took six hours to go to Ghangaria.
Ghangaria is in the lake. Ghangaria is the confluence of the rivers Bhindara Ganga and Pushpavati. The two rivers will flow along the Lakshmana Ganga and join Alanganad at Govindghat. In Ghangaria there are tents and mud house. They provide meals and accommodation facilities for the pilgrims. This is the Ghangaria pooilaki hamakund sahebki junction. This is the place where residence and lodging facilities are available after Govindghat. The hotels are closed for six months. You should end the meal soon. Take the bananas and leave the tea and snacks and leave the pool. They are not allowed into the valley three in the afternoon. Tickets start at the entrance. A ticket taken once can go to the Valley for three days.

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 In the beautiful pool …
It is a beautiful place with a height of about 3,660 meters in Chamoli district in the north. Nandadevi came to the National Park to walk on the hills. From that entrance to the valley. That’s the way. We can not imagine when it will be there. The hills come to the mountains. It’s hard to walk. We have noticed that our three-kilometer tracks are running. Nandadevi National Park has reached the gate for the sunset. Being overwhelmed by the fact that the dark night cannot go back. On the morning of five o’clock in the morning, The three kilometers walk to go to Nandadevi National Park, which is six km long and does not have the habit of hiking. Doliwals guides us.
It was possible for the great ones to describe the spectacular scenery that reflected on the Himalayas and the reflections in the backpack. Lonantha is like flowers. Each color of flowers everywhere … medium-sized and colorful pulleys are in the midst of a child crossing between them. One two kilometers beyond the colorful croutons … The flowers are in the middle of the flowers, the color of the leaves of the tree, as someone is put in the inflorescence. Actually, the arrangement is a fairytale film. From the distance, it looks like a colorful striped carpet. This Florida is changing annually. Because of the seeds of the windstorm sprout in different places.
How far can you see the color of the flowers in the eyes of … Zeranium, Snake Foil, Hooked Stick Seed, Himalayan Rose, Blue Papi, Kobralilli, Dog Flower … Vegetation has grown. It is not known how far away the pilgrims were traveling beyond the cascades. It does not seem to come back. There was a small tomb on the spot. It was written that she was John Margaret, who had come to study the rare floral species found here in 1939 and died accidentally. The Dolians said that in the latter time she had built a mausoleum for her younger sister’s memory. This area came to light.
Each of the flowers here is medicinal. Sanjeevani Mountain, which was brought by Hanuman in the Ramayana, is said to be in the pool. All the sicknesses are exacerbated by the wind blowing on the flowers. The Nandadevi Sanctuary is located east of the pool, spreading between the Himalayan mountain ranges of about 8 km and about 2 km wide. Trekkers go to Nandadevi Sanctuary and come back to the evening. There are snow tigers, black bears, red jackals, blue sheep, and musk animals. 
The monolithic birds with the colorful feathers have been spotted in the valley along with the eagle and the eagle. It is not possible to go to such a beautiful valley. We did not recall that we did not have breakfast or we did not have breakfast. Eat hot noodles and drink tea and go to Hemakund Saheb.

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Hemkund Saheb!
A 12 km journey from Govindghat to Pulaiyaa is about five kilometers from Ghangaria to Hemkund. The calculation of these kilometers is not always the same. The precipitation is often closed due to frequent rains. You will have to go from the middle of the hills.
Getting to Hemkund reach 4329 meters. The hills are steep. Those with respiratory problems are good for keeping oxygen cylinders along. The shaking started to shiver. Traveling to Bhagavannam memorial After more than two millimeters in the hills, the brahmakalam plants seemed to bury our happiness. We went to September and we were able to see the Brahmakalasam. The Uttarakhand government has declared it as a protective snack. Take photos of the flowers. The journey of the rest of the journey was difficult but traveled by the Brahmagams. All five kilometers have reached us within two and a half hours. 
The horses got down and walked to the gurdwara. Hot Tea, Kitchi and Roti Stay in the lagoon outside Gurudwara.
Sarasse Hemkund next to Gurudwara. It was built in the year 1960 by Gurudwara. From now on, there are free meals for pilgrims. Every morning in the morning you can walk five kilometers and do not forget the attention of the cuisine. The locals believe that no one can stay in Hemkund at night and that the gods would come to bathe in the lake and people who saw them were alive. Then come back in the afternoon. Scientists claim that the oxygen at night does not die because it does not exist there. Seven hills surrounding the lake (Sutta Samprampa) are found in the Sikh religious rituals. These are called Nisan Saheb. Laxman is a place where a small town near there is a place where he is a penance. It was surprising that the Sikhs were bathing in the bay. Visit the Holy Gant in

the Hall,

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