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Buddha’s footsteps ..!


“Buddhism in the country can lose the glory … but the place where it was born and grew is in our country. The same Buddhist order for all Buddhists in the world. That is why the Buddhist monks look there. The Bodhgaya of Bihar is also known as the Matsuraja Horagopol of Hyderabad.


The area where the hill station was situated was called Vihar at that time. That same day has changed to Bihar. That is why there are traces of Buddha walking at every step. The most important of these is the Buddha Ganga, which he attained to the enlightened Mahabodhi tree. The Mahabodhi Mandir there is a Buddhist center. Bodhgaya’s name is Uruvela. Siddhartha searched for mourning in several areas and reached the spot called Uruvela. There he sat down in the bedroom and went to the meditation. A few days have been enlightened. Thus, Buddha is known as Buddha as the Banyan Tree of the Brahmins and popularly known as the Uduwala region Bodhgaya.

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The temple is dedicated to thousands of years and is known as ‘The Living Temple’. In 2013, there were security measures arranged by terrorist attacks. In fact, it was capped for some time in the middle. It was lost in the 13th century by the Turks’ invasion. It was closed down with mud and sand, after which the Buddhism in the country was bred. It reappeared in the excavations of 1880-84.

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When the Buddha enters the shrine, the words that are spoken by the voice of the Buddha are taken into the world of the apocalyptic world. Listening to them to the main shrine. Buddha Bhagavat, sitting in meditation with Bhikshatrapra, touches the ground in the Garbhagala and enchants the visitors. Come back to the interior and see Buddha for a long time. There is nothing to sit there for long. The children are praying around the temple while praying. The calmness of their faces makes it a point to visit the visitors.

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There are several stupas and charities in the temple which has four gateways. It is believed that Ashoka built this shrine and dedicated it to Lord Buddha at interiors. However, the present shrine ca. Historians say that the sixth century. However, the stupas on the temple premises have been built in the 2500s and the stairs in the 2nd century BC. However, as part of Buddhism, Ashoka Chakravarti is believed to have built many stupas, treasures, and chimes in the region. Not only devotees, but historians are also the most ancient of these temples that are dotted with praise.


Mahabodhi ..! 
Then we went to the Mahabodhi tree. This tree is said to be fifth to the original tree. It is said that Buddha sat in the Vajrasath and went to meditation, and he was enlightened by Vaisakhi Purnima. Visitors can meditate here with Buddhists. The courtyard surrounding the main hall is surrounded by greenery. There is no time for it, and there is no time for meditation.

After that, he went to the place where he was standing beside him. From here, Buddha has expressed his gratitude towards the bhajan tree without lapping the eyebrows for a week.

It is the place where the third week after the enlightenment is ‘swallow’. It is said that there are eczemas everywhere in his footsteps.

Then went to a place called Ratnegragam. After enlightenment, Buddha spent the fourth week in his body and revealed five colors in his body. It is called a symbol of kama, Kotha, lobha, Madhu, and masjhas.

Kirtiyajapala is the place where Buddha realizes and teaches that man through the karma is not born through birth. We all looked at the lake. This is the place where he realized that he spent the sixth week in the lake and concentrated on the tension of human intelligence and the mood of human intelligence. From there we went to a place called Rajyattinam. Here Buddha says that he gave the hair to spread Buddhism in Burma 

Then came the 80-foot Buddha statue that is next to it. There is a ten statue of his disciples on both sides of the statue in meditation. Then it went to the Thai shrine. It is the golden image that is dedicated to it. The Karma Temple, which is designed to mirror Tibetan culture, attracts visitors.

Nalanda in the morning … 
the morning of Rajagraha, Nalanda and Pawapuri. 80 km to gauge In the distance, Rajagraha went to the place. It is here that Buddha taught Buddhism for many years. It is said that Bimbisar is here to accept Buddhism and the first Buddhist compound here.


The ropeway went to see the Shanti Stupa built on the Ratnagiri hills. The stupa is very appealing. The statue of the Buddha is observed for a very long time. It was built by Japanese Buddhists. After 15 km to Rajagahi Nalanda left in the distance. BC The fifth-century University of Nalanda was located here. Gautam has visited it several times Until 5-12 
centuries the region is said to be the center of Buddhist religious doctrine. This is the first residential university in the world. There is historical evidence that 2000 professors and over 10,000 students were present here. AD History tells us that in the seventh century, Chinese traveler Huian Tsang visited this place.

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Today, we are enchanting with the amazing artifacts of excavations carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India in 14 hectares. Some of the chapters are still present in the holidays and churches that are made of red bricks. One of the main disciples of the Buddha was the Sariputra. Aryadeva, Vasappa, Dharmapala, Suvishu, Assange, Shaibhadra, Dharmakurti … they were professors. Kumara Gupta, The university was founded in the fifth century and is said to have been developed by Harshavardhana and Pallava Rajas. In 1200 AD, Bhaktiyar Khilji demolished it. 
In the 1970s, the excavations of the Archaeological Survey of India have revealed the inscriptions of Buddhist Hinduism and Jain idols. All of them are present here. We’ve enjoyed the history of history through the guide.


After 18 km there. Departure to Pawpuri at a distance. The Mahavira, the last of the Jain Tirthankaras, built a shrine in the place where his body was abandoned. That’s pretty awesome. There is a lake around it. On the one hand, all the white camels and red lashes on the other side make us very impressed. There are footprints of Mahavira in this marble structure. Gandhiji is said to be influenced by the ‘silence of the nonviolence, the calm of life, the love of the other, the love of every living thing in nature’. From there we got to Gay in the revolt.


Bodhgaya-gaya is like the pair. Buddhism is something like Buddhism, Hindus are like that. These include Phalguni River, Vishnu Mandir, Vatashiraksham, Gaya, Gaya. The Hindu doctrines say that in these three spheres the ancestors would get access to the ancestors. Vishnu Mandiram is located on the Phalguni river. There is a veil in the temple premises. These three places are pinned. There are also Telugu scholars here. A mythological story is that Lord Sri Vishnu occupied his left hand in the heart of Gayaasurthi in the heart of the place so that there is only one foot in this shrine. But it is the Buddha’s faith in the Gautam Buddha. Devotees can touch that foot. The temple is located close to the 15th century, Mangala Gauri Temple. It is said to be one of the Ashtanga Shakti Peethas. The sanctum in the temple is small. The Akhand Jyoti is always visible.


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