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‘If he’s going to work on the moon, I’m going to leave.’ ‘Our girl is sitting on Mars. Go to Manavadu to see … ‘Two other generations after the two adults sit on any racket, maybe you will probably speak! In the United States, Australia and Canada, the future generations of people who are born in India are now moving away from the planet.

Cham damama ramindu … we are singing but the bag is packing for some of the journeys. 
There are some others who look at the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of beauty. 
Tarantiram Sangattoon is trying to find out the spacecraft with telescopes.
An untouchable blue always looks like a man. If the lyrics converge their imaginations, the folklore has varied stories. The researchers who studied science were not satisfied with what appeared to be. Seeking to find the most outdated route. After the first flight of the moon in 1969, the spacecraft was getting more momentum, and by the 21st century, all the planets would be normalized. But for some reason, it did not happen. This time, the new Josh got back. Opposing spacecraft and another side of the Mars Orbiter. The trips to work on the lunar surface and the journey to the ‘to Mars via moon’ began with the advent of the moon. 201 km per second to see the sun close At speed, Parker Solar Probe has already landed into space. Such programs are still in the queue.

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Why search? 
Not just about space, but the land we live in. They need space exploration to learn all. 
Curious man is natural. The same reason for the development of civilization. This intrigue stimulates man’s space search with anxiety to find out whether or not lives anywhere on other planets. 
* Whether the tree bark is boring, but if it breaks down, it gets torn. Some scientists estimate that the land where we live is capable of carrying a population of 8 to 15 billion. Already the world’s population is about 8 billion. So for future generations, it is necessary to prepare another option. 
*The precious metals that we need are going to be here. For instance, we use helium as a fuel in nuclear medicine and nuclear energy. It is very small in size on earth. Not only a helium but also many of the modern electronic devices, such as Europium and Tantalum, are abundant on the Moon. 
*We use all the GPS, cameras, sunglasses … ever in the process of space exploration. Experiments and explorations for space expeditions cause many new objects to be discovered. Many advanced techniques in medicine are available as well. Scientists have taken their bones to lose their muscle energy in a place where there is no gravitational force now used to protect against osteoporosis. Blinder, which keeps the body’s temperature falling in the victim’s sufferers, is the ninety that the teeth make for bakes
*We learned that once there were dinosaurs on the ground and when an asteroid hit the ground, they disappeared. If such an asterisk once again touches the earth, humanity will end. Spacecraft searching can be prevented before such an accident. The asteroid of the earth to collapse can be bleeding away. 
‘The children who are studying in the tenth class are coming to me. Ask them, ‘Are you interested in aerospace engineering?’ Not everyone answered. Once again, it is necessary to make a new aircraft needed to go back to Mars. If any of you can read aerospace engineering, it’s possible that you have the chance. Ten hands are lifted up … ‘The former astronaut Neil Tyson reveals how much space apertures children.
Many of these factors inspire space search. Governments and private organizations are motivated to enter this field.

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Competition of billionaires 
Billionaires in the US are competing to make passengers passing into space, launching satellites in orbit, and shipments to the space station. To build a colony on the moon, dreams of drifting the mines of the Aruna planet and dug the mines. Lakhs of billions of dollars are invested in spaceships and carriers. Those efforts include Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin), Ellen Musk (SpaceX), Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) and others about their efforts in the past few months. Blue Origin began practicing trips to take the pilgrims into space. The group made of large windows was rounded into a racquet called Neshepard. Within a man, place placed a picture. After splitting the racquet, the pilot found the capsule down. This happened in 11 minutes. In the same manner, the company is trying to take regular passengers into space next year. The ticket price is estimated to be between two to three million dollars.

Katie Perry also bought! 
The spaceship was not yet completed, but Virgin Galactic began to sell tickets for aeronautics for over a decade. There are over 700 depositors, including celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Katie Perry, are taking deposits and paying tickets. Recently, Spacefire will use Virgin Galactic space expeditions to successfully export Unity Spacecraft to 46,500 feet. There are six passengers and two pilots. The spaceship is widely designed to allow passengers to enjoy the underlying condition. Three-and-a-half hours of traveling on this expedition can only be experienced by six passengers in space, On the other hand, SpaceX plans to plan their trip to the moon.
It is also a fully autonomous vehicle, as it is the founder of Tesla Company, which is known for the manufacture of autonomous cars. During this week’s expedition, the wanderer can be seen in orbit around the moon. Japan’s billionaire, JoJo is the first traveler to participate in the ‘Dear Moon Project’ in Mejawa 2023 for the creator of the fashion brand. The Big Falcon Spaceship, which is shaped like a gun-shaped vessel under SpaceX, has been created for this trip.

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Not the ladder of the sky … lift! 
In the Mahabharata, Arjuna read the ladder to the sky. A Japanese company has begun efforts to send an electric motor into space. The Oboysi Corporation, which wants to be able to do so by 2050, is currently working on a project in the ISIS with regard to the project. Two small club buses connected to steel cable were released from the space station. A small lift car set on the cable on the cable moves. Camera cameras that fit into satellites will lift the movements. The objective is to set up the lift until the orbit of the satellite from the Earth. This is how many revolutionary projects are being developed for different purposes. Most of them will be ready for experimentation in the coming days.

MoonView: The European Space Agency is attempting to set up a small colony on the moon. Their hope is that this moonwalk, which is about four to four days’ journey from Earth, is 
designed to make basics available to researchers about Mars.

Large aircraft: Need a rocket to send an object into space. 
That rocket is expensive for experimentation. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is making the world’s largest airline to reduce the cost. The six-engine aircraft operating on the wings are much larger than the football field. If the rackets are covered by its wings, it will take up to 35,000 feet. Then the racquets get into the air easily.

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Mining on meteorite: 
Deep Space Industries dug mines on the meteorites and reducing oxygenated minerals. It is true that the story is a story to hear. Prospector goes to the asteroid near the earth and starts digging the place where it is convenient to dig valuable minerals. The company is building a large space vessel to transport the mined minerals into the ground. 
If this plan is intended to be expected – the use of another area outside the planet earth is to be used for business purposes, and the privatization of a private company will be the first of its kind.
Bright Throwing Initiatives: The company Hemaheim, together with Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner. This project is also a part of a scientific thriller. Scientists are going to insist that Alfa Centarin is close to the solar system. Starchips, a thousand small spaceships, are sent to the star. This experiment is about lightning speed travel options.

With telescopes: Galileo first saw the moon with telescopes and there was a landmine in which he thought that there were hills and climbers on our land. 
Hubble introduced Telescope space secret later. Now more than ten times powerful telescopes are made. James Web Space Telescope aimed at searching the first galaxies formed after the Big Bang. Another group of 12 nations has been launching the launch of the world’s largest radio telescope in 2020. This telescope is very powerful in the universe anywhere, whether it is the original life or not. In this case, space projects from China to European countries are ready to take place.

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Bharat ‘Gigianan’ 
is not foreign, but in this race, there is our country. ISRO initiated efforts to undertake human spaceflight by 2022. The Indian Space Research Organization, which successfully completed projects such as Chandrayaan and Mam, has taken the challenge of this trip. We have already tested the GSLV 3 which was designed to take people also. The Vikram Sarabhai Space Center in Devaranaparappuram was designed by Space Space Travelers and space travel capsule. Three astronauts will be trained in Bangalore. The cost of this project is Rs 10,000 crore. ISRO chairman Sivan says that human-space space travel is not just about aerospace, but also in many affiliated sectors that it can help in the development of technology and inspire young people.

                                                                  * *  

“When the first step on the moon – did not think how great work it was. Nevertheless, I felt so small in a big universe … “Neil Armstrong said. 
‘Calculations I made a device to write astronomical tables. It was later learned that it can be used in many ways … “said Charles Babbage, a computer patron. 
I do not want to work in the home, I want to have a phone number for each person individually. That’s why I made the phone that could take me along … “said cellphone inventor Martin Cooper. 
Every little one that man puts forward has proven to be a major step toward the development of mankind. 
With the technological power of human intelligence, the moon is not like satellites, like the mars-like stars, the man’s footprints!
So let’s say goodbye to the pilgrims that they are going to be safe and safe!

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                                    ISS … a miracle!

A The International Space Station is moving around a fixed orbit around the earth, created by the coordination of Mercy, Russia, Japan, Canada, and European space agencies. Many scientists have researched in various fields in this center, which began in 1998 and completed in 2011. Originally designed to work up to 2020, it was later increased by 2024 to the US demand. Russia wants to continue the project until 2028. But in the wake of the changing priorities in recent years, the USS project is expected to end by 2025. It is in the hope that it would be better to make the present participatory partnership public-private partnership. There are talks about investing in private companies that are interested. Whilst they set up special space stations, the ISS will be brought back if it is needed. On the other side, companies such as Aerospace, Orbital Sciences, and Lockheed Martin have already started their efforts. Axiom Space Corporation is planning to launch its own private space station in the world by 2020. With the arrival of private companies and increased technological expenditure, space exploration expenditures are now able to take part in the small business.

                        Hotel services ready!

Just tariksa’s a hotel during trips to the many attempts to do? It’s going to be a short time oriental span. The tech startup of Houston will introduce the first luxury hotel in the earth by 2021. Its name is Arora Station. The private jet cabin has two staff and four customers. The 12-day package cost approximately 70 crores. Customers can enjoy sunbathing and sunshine every day, enjoying the burden of staying for 90 minutes. They can be taken as a memorandum when it comes to participating in the research on the cultivation of crops. In addition, high-speed, wireless internet access can be seen in live stream.

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