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Pitt’s India Act 1784 – Features & Drawbacks

The Pitt’s India Act, 1784 also called the East India Company Act, 1784 was passed by the British Parliament to correct the defects of the Regulating Act of 1773. This act resulted in dual control of British possessions in India by the British government and the Company with the final authority resting with the government. This act continued in effect until 1858. This topic is very important for Civil Services Exam

The act is named after William Pitt the Younger, Britain’s Prime Minister when the act was passed.

Provisions of the Act

For political matters, Board of Control was created and for commercial affairs, the Court of Directors was appointed.

  • The Board of Control took care of civil and military affairs. It comprised of 6 people:
    • Secretary of State (Board President)
    • Chancellor of the Exchequer
    • Four Privy Councillors
  • In this dual system of control, the company was represented by the Court of Directors and the British government by the Board of Control.
  • The act mandated that all civil and military officers disclose their property in India and Britain within two months of their joining.
  • The Governor-General’s council’s strength was reduced to three members. One of the three would be the Commander-in-Chief of the British Crown’s army in India.
  • The Governor-General was given the right of veto.
  • The Presidencies of Madras and Bombay became subordinate to the Bengal Presidency. In effect, Calcutta became the capital of the British possessions in India.

Features of the Act

  • This act made a distinction between the commercial and political activities of the East India Company.
  • For the first time, the term ‘British possessions in India’ was used.
  • This act gave the British government direct control over Indian administration.
  • The Company became subordinate to the British government unlike as in the previous Regulating Act of 1773, where the government only sought to ‘regulate’ matters and not take over.
  • This act established the British Crown’s authority in civil and military administration of its Indian territories. Commercial activities were still a monopoly of the Company.

Drawbacks of the Act

The act was deemed a failure because there was no clarity on the boundaries between the company’s powers and the government’s authority.


Regulating Act of 1773

This act is of great constitutional importance as

(a) it was the first step taken by the British Government to control and regulate the affairs of the East India Company in India:

(b) it recognized, for the first time, the political and administrative functions of the Company; and

(c) it laid the foundation of Central administration in India.

Features of the Act

  1. It designated the Governor of Bengal as the ‘Governor-General of Bengal’ and created an Executive Council of Four members to assist him. The first such Governor-General was Lord Warren Hastings.
  2. It made the governors of Bombay and Madras presidencies subordinate to the governor-General of Bengal l, unlike earlier, when the three presidencies were independent of one another.
  3. It provided for the establishment of a Supreme Court at Calcutta (1774) comprising one chief Justice and three other judges.
  4. It prohibited the servants of the Company from engaging in any private trade or accepting presents or bribea from the ‘natives’.
  5. It strengthened the control of the British Government over the Company by requiring the Court of Directors (governing body of the Company) to report on its revenue, civil, and military affairs in India.

Google’s 7-Step Process to Delegating Tasks That Any Manager Can Use

The best Google managers empower their teams and do not micromanage.

This idea came in at No. 2 on Google’s top 10 list of effective manager traits. If you haven’t heard the story, Google in an effort to prove that bosses weren’t necessary, ended up finding the exact opposite — managers not only matter, but they can significantly influence the performance of their teams. But they didn’t stop there. After realizing that managers were important, they embarked on a quest to uncover all the behaviors that made some more effective than others. The initiative became known as Project Oxygen

Although the other nine behaviors are important, I would argue that empowering teams (without micromanaging) is the most crucial. Without a sense of ownership and connection to their work, it won’t matter if employees have the right skills, access to coaching, or collaboration opportunities. They need the motivation to perform before these other aspects will come into play.  

One of the easiest ways for a manager to empower and motivate employees is to provide opportunity and autonomy by delegating work. 

There are limits, of course. As a manager, you’re certainly not going to offload projects detrimental to the success of the company without oversight. But I’d venture to guess you have a number of other tasks you’re holding onto that would be great candidates for delegation. It’s easy to get wrapped up with work that’s safe and familiar and to hoard tasks simply because we have always owned them. 

To help its managers determine the work they should delegate, Google asks leaders to:

  • Look at the goals. What is the end-game, and what does the team need to do to achieve its goals? Break down the work and identify parts that can be delegated. 
  • Look at yourself. In which areas do you have strengths and responsibilities, and what should you delegate? 
  • Recognize the right person for the work. Take a look at your team’s skills and ask yourself who has clear strengths in the areas you want to delegate. Use your employees like “chess pieces” and strategically assign work that plays to their abilities. In the process, you’ll not only empower but also increase the overall productivity of the team. 

Alright, you know what to delegate and who to delegate it to. Now it’s time to actually hand-off the task. 

It takes a lot of upfront effort to train others. The process of mentoring a backup can be so time-consuming that many would rather overload themselves and run the risk of burn-out than teach someone else. It may not be convenient in the short term, but it’s necessary for both you and your employee’s development in the long run.

Google has broken down the process into these seven steps

1. Give an overview of the work.

Discuss the scope and significance of the project. Tell your employee why you selected them and the impact the work has on the business. 

2. Describe the details of the new responsibility.

Discuss your desired outcome and clarify expectations. Tell the employee what you expect, but not how to do it. It’s essential to give them the autonomy and freedom to learn and grow from the experience — not just follow orders.  

3. Solicit questions, reactions, and suggestions.

The conversation should be a two-way street. Remember, the ultimate goal is to put your employee in the driver’s seat. Make sure they have all the information they need to assume ownership and accountability, and to meet expectations.  

4. Listen to the delegatee’s comments and respond empathetically.

This is new and uncharted territory for your employee. Ease their anxiety and create a psychologically safe environment where the employee feels comfortable voicing concerns, discussing hesitations, and coming to you for help. 

5. Share how this impacts the team.

So employees understand the importance of their work and prioritize accordingly, make sure you connect the dots and explain how the task supports other team initiatives. 

6. Be encouraging.

Employees won’t take full responsibility until you encourage them to do so. Make sure they understand that you’re trusting them to deliver results. 

7. Establish checkpoints, results, deadlines, and ways to monitor progress.

Although they have autonomy, make sure employees know the critical milestones they need to hit and what success look like to gauge progress. 

Delegating isn’t the easiest thing to do. But you have to look at it as an investment in your employees. They learn, and you pick up more bandwidth to tackle other things — everyone wins. 

Difference between CLI and GUI

CLI is that the word form used for Command Line Interface. CLI permits users to put in writing commands associate degree exceedingly in terminal or console window to interact with an operating system. CLI is a platform or medium wherever users answer a visible prompt by writing a command and get the response from system, for this users have to be compelled to kind command or train of command for performing the task. CLI is suitable for the pricey computing wherever input exactitude is that the priority.

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. GUI permits users to use the graphics to interact with an operating system. In graphical user interface, menus are provided such as : windows, scrollbars, buttons, wizards, painting pictures, alternative icons etc. It’s intuitive, simple to find out and reduces psychological feature load. In GUI, the information is shown or presented to the user in any form such as: plain text, videos, images, etc.

Let’s see that the difference between GUI and CLI:

1.CLI is difficult to use.Whereas it is easy to use.
2.It consumes low memory.While consumes more memory.
3.In CLI we can obtain high precision.While in it, low precision is obtained.
4.CLI is faster than GUI.The speed of GUI is slower than CLI.
5.CLI operating system needs only keyboard.While GUI operating system need both mouse and keyboard.
6.CLI’s appearance can not be modified or changed.While it’s appearance can be modified or changed.
7.In CLI, input is entered only at command prompt.While in GUI, input can be entered anywhere on the screen.
8.In CLI, the information is shown or presented to the user in plain text and files.While in GUI, the information is shown or presented to the user in any form such as: plain text, videos, images, etc.
9.In CLI, there are no menus provided.While in GUI, menus are provided.
10.There are no graphics in CLI.While in GUI, graphics are used.
11.CLR do not use any pointing devices.While it uses pointing devices for selecting and choosing items.
12.In CLI, spelling mistakes and typing errors are not avoided.Whereas in GUI, spelling mistakes and typing errors are avoided.

How Work from Home Jobs Paying Me $5000+ per Month?

I started work from home 8 years back when my daughter was born. Initially, it was a struggle earning from work from home jobs but after working consistently for months, I crossed my first $1000 in just one & half year.

From last 3 years, I am earning more than $5000 (Rs 3,50,000) from number of work from home jobs.

I have researched a lot about online and other offline work at home options and I know a lot about the best work from home jobs without any investment.

I will show you 20 such work from jobs that you can do from home or online from anywhere

20 Best Work from Home Jobs

I have worked successfully on most of the work at home opportunities provided below. You will also know which work from home jobs are giving me most of the income.

work from home jobs

1. Ad Reading Jobs from Home

One of the most favourite work from home option for millions of people is working on ad clicking jobs provided by some of the best websites.

I am making around $800 from this single job. When I started ad reading job, I was hardly earning $5 to $10 per month but now I make more than $800 from this single job.

Here, you can get paid simply by clicking & watching the ads for few seconds.

I have researched & tested dozens of sites & after working for months, I can say there are 5-6 sites which not only pay good income but always pay on time.

You can check my favorite list here, and then join all sites to make good income in part time.

Another similar job which gives me $400 to $500 per month is GPT job where you need to complete short and simple tasks & offers.

You can find the list of my favorite GPT sites here.

2. Complete Online Surveys from Home

survey jobs from home

Nowadays everyone knows online surveys & want to make some extra income by working online from their home.

Online surveys are the best options for homemakers, part-timers, students or anyone. You can signup with good survey sites & start earning by completing different surveys.

You can signup with good survey sites & start earning by completing different surveys.

I earn almost $400 per month from survey sites.

You can check this online survey post to find top 20 surveys sites & to know more about this online work from home job.

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3. Blogging


Although I make more than $3000+ from blogging but I listed this option on number 3 because first 2 jobs are very simple and anyone can earn from above 2 work from home jobs.

You need to work hard in blogging and it may take 3 to 6 months to get your first income from blogging.

If you are looking for a stable & permanent source of income then there is no other option than blogging. You can do it part time or full time.

Although it takes time to understand the whole concept of blogging once you are set in this work, you can earn a very decent income that people don’t earn even in full-time.

We have created one of the best training material that can help you to understand this work from home concept.

You can signup here so that we can send you the step by step training that you can easily understand & start blogging.

And yes, there is no registration fee. Everything on this site is FREE.

4. Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

In Data entry job you have to type the matter as per the instructions and submit the work to the company before the deadline. This is an easy work at home job and no extra qualification or experience is required.

In this job, you have to collect the job from the company’s office or else the company forward the work through courier or post.

Let me be frank here. I have never worked on any data entry jobs because this is related to typing speed and my speed is not that good.

I have done lots of research on data entry jobs and inquired hundreds of people to find the feedback of different kinds of offline and online data entry jobs.

Based on my research I have prepared a list of best  data entry jobs here. You can make a decent amount of money if you work with a legitimate data entry job provider.

One of the best way to find a legit company is they don’t demand any registration charges.

You can check this popular post on how to find data entry jobs.

5. Work from Home Writer

work at home writer

Long back I was working as a writer for various clients and making around $1000+ per month. But later on I started writing for my blog and made lots of money.

There are various ways to make money as I writer and one of the best way is by writing blogs.

But if you are simply looking for work at home writing jobs then you can find that easily on internet. Only thing you need to do is some writing skills.

Even if you don’t have writing skills, there are many courses that can make you an expert writer.

You can find many writing jobs on popular freelance sites like UpWork, Fiverr, iWriter etc. You can also get freelance writing jobs from job portals like Indeed.

There are different types of writing jobs like writing for blogs & websites, proofreading, academic writing, copy-writing etc.

You can earn $5 to $20 for 500 words article. If you work part time then you can write at least 1000 words daily and if you work full time then you can write 3000 words daily.

6. Captcha Work

There is a huge demand for captcha entry worker on the internet. As a captcha entry worker, you can work online from home & earn up to $200 (Rs 12,000) per month.

There are some of the best sites that pay $1 to $2 for typing 1000 captchas. If you are interested in this work from home job, then you need to register on captcha sites & start typing captchas.

You can check the list of 10 best captcha sites here.

You can find here 6 Best Places to Find Data Entry Jobs.

7. Work as VA from Home

Millions of people all over the world are working from home as a virtual assistant (VA) & easily earn good income depending on the time & their skills.

You can signup on different types of websites to work as a virtual assistant & charge $5-$10 (Rs.500 to Rs.1000) per hour for working as a virtual assistant.

People hire you as per your mentioned skills & their budget & pay you as per the decided rate between both of you.

You can work for 2 hours, 8 hours or days as per the requirement.

You can check this post on ways to earn money online & check the virtual assistant section to get the list of sites where you can work as a virtual assistant.

8. Micro-working

This is another popular work from home job where you can earn money by completing different types of simple tasks.

There are a number of websites that provide a micro job. You can signup there as a micro-worker & make money by doing simple tasks such as watching a video, identify & compare images, translate sentence or paragraph, like a Facebook or Twitter page etc.

We will provide you list of some of the best websites in our SureJob training packagewhere you can join as a micro worker & start earning.

10. Fiverr

fiverr jobs

Fiverr is the most popular choice for all work from home people. You can become a seller on Fiverr & do hundreds of different things.

It’s easy to work on Fiverr & only thing you need to do is learn some skills that you can do on Fiverr.

We have seen thousands of people who said they don’t have any skills & idea of working on Fiverr are making more than $200 (Rs.12,000) per month on Fiverr.

We have created a complete guide on Fiverr that will help you to work as a seller & how to tricks on getting more orders from your client.

After signup, you will get this training package.

9. Babysitting from Home

If you like kids and can take good care of them then you can start your own Babysitting. In this work from home job, you can earn quite a handsome income.

But you should have big space in your home or else extra bedroom so that your family members don’t get disturbed.

You can start this job by taking care of your relatives or neighbors kids. You need to decide the number of kids you can manage at a time before starting this.

You can take some activities to keep the kids busy. In this job also you don’t have to invest any money as you can start it from your home.

Here also you don’t require any extra qualification. You can set the babysitting timings as per the parent’s convenience and can also provide food or snacks to the kids.

11. Work at Home Tutor

In this job also you don’t have to invest any money only you should have interest in studies. Yes, you can take your own tuition classes from your home.

If you are staying in a big society then here also you can easily get the students. As parents prefer the tuition classes which are nearby their house.

Also before starting the tuition you can just inform your neighbours or friends. You can start taking tuitions in whichever subject you are proficient, not necessary to take all subjects.

But it will be better for the students if you take all the subjects as students prefer the tuition classes which take all the subjects.

12. YouTube Channel

If you love to create videos on your mobile then uploading the same videos on YouTube can earn you good income.

The only thing you need to do is signup as a YouTube partner.

There is nothing like you have to create a video on a particular topic.

You can create videos of your cooking at home, some humorous discussions between your friends, street videos, videos of a restaurant or some dish, some places or anything you can imagine.

Do you know a simple 30 seconds video of 2 brothers known as “Charlie but by finger” shot by their fathers earned him more than $1 Million (Rs.6 Crores).

13. Food Delivery Service

This is another popular work from home choice & almost new concept that can give you a good income. Nowadays restaurants get more than 25% of order for food delivery at their customers home.

Many of the small restaurant does not provide this service because they can’t afford this & big restaurants need to hire a number of staffs because customers order from different locations.

You can take the advantage of this.

You can ask these restaurants to provide this service & you can tell that they can reduce the cost of hiring the staff or even managing the staff & order.

Initially, you can do it alone on your own & once you get more work then you can hire people & manage all this from home.

14. Mystery Shopping

You can work as a mystery shopper for number of big brands. As a mystery shopper, you have to visit different stores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, hospitals etc. & do some shopping or buy their services.

While shopping, you need to check number of things like checking the behaviour of the staff, your comfort level as a client & your overall experience as per the instructions of the company.

All your expenses will be paid by the company & you will also get paid by the company for doing the work. Sometime you can keep the items you have purchased.

There are number of mystery shopping companies, we will send you once you signup free.

15. Online selling job from home

This is another great work from home job for you. You have already witnessed the huge growth of online shopping.

You can become an online seller with number of different portals like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal & others & sell products online.

If you are worried about how to & what to sell then you don’t need to worry as there are thousands of sellers on these websites who had no idea but now they are top sellers on these sites.

Just go to your local market & do some research & I am sure you can find number of good products that you can try selling on these shopping sites.

16. Real Estate Agent

I love this business & so everyone. I don’t need to tell you about real estate prices. Even if you sell 1 small property in a month, you can earn more than Rs.50,000/-.

And there is no need of any qualification or experience for this job.

Only thing, you need to do is contact all other real estate agents in your area & check the properties that are available for lease or sale.

Then you can advertise in property sites or classified websites about the available properties. Customers will call you & visit your place for checking the properties.

Either you can do it alone or keep 1 employee who can show the properties.

17. Provide training & consultancy from home

If you are expert in anything or have some skills that people want to learn then you can start providing training or consultancy about that from your home

You can provide training for dance, English, guitar, chess, computer or provide consultancy for vastu, buying stocks or home or anything that you know.

18. Become a Home Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist types what is spoken directly to him or her or by listening to an audio recording. You need to learn or take the training if you want to do this job.

There are different types of transcriptionist including general, medical & real time & your income depend on the type & your ability to perform the work.

19. Beauty Parlour Job

Today everyone goes to the Beauty Parlour and everyone wants to look good. This is also a good job to start from a home.

Before starting a beauty parlour from home you have do a Beautician course which is of 2-3 months and later experience of working as a beautician required.

Also, some investment is required but here also you can earn quite a handsome money. Here also mouth publicity is required you can just inform your neighbours and friends.

20. Work at Home Insurance Agent

This is also a good job to work from home. To work as an Insurance Agent you have to give the insurance exams and then only you can work as an insurance agent.

Everyone requires the insurance and its necessary for our life and we always look for a good insurance policy. As an insurance agent, you can explain the importance of insurance to the customers.

In this job you should have some good communication skills then only you can get new customers every time.

You have to convince them to take the right policy. Here also you can start with your neighbours, relatives and friends.

21. Catering Service

If cooking is your passion then definitely you can think of starting a catering service or a Tiffin service from your home.

Today everyone is too busy and it’s not possible for some tightly scheduled working women to cook food at home.

Also in city, there are many bachelor’s who don’t know how to cook food. For all these people you can start a catering service or a Tiffin service at an affordable rate.

Even you can start with any dish which is your specialty and later move on to other dishes. Here you will require some investment but not much, as you are starting from home.

You can inform about your services to your neighbours, relatives and also those working people.

Once you get more orders you can hire a helper.

22. Work at Home Networker

If you have good communication skills, friendly nature and big friends circle then definitely you can start with any good network marketing or MLM company.

You need to bring your friends and family to this business after joining a MLM company.

For each & every member who joins under your network (directly or indirectly), you will get paid an attractive commission.

Bigger your network, bigger your commission.

You can do this work sitting at home. You can promote your company online to expand your network to all over country.

You can earn excellent income through different work from home jobs.

Apart from the above 20 work from home jobs, you can check these online jobs that can pay you $1000 or more working from home in your spare time.

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How to Create a Blog for Almost Free & Make Money

Do You Want to Start your own Blog? I really appreciate your decision!

Blogging is a full time career now and thousands of bloggers around the world including me are making 6 figure income.

In this article, I am going to show how you can create a blog effortlessly for almost free and make some good money like me.

create a blog

The great thing about running a blog is you not only make a good amount of money with it but also get to do so many other things.

I personally started blogging for two good reasons 1) I wanted to help people and 2) Of course to make money with it.

There could be other solid reasons for starting a blog like

  1. Blogging makes you a better writer and thinker.
  2. You meet thousands of new people & followers through comments, social media or email.
  3. You help and inspire others through your blog.
  4. You can promote your own business or services through blogging.
  5. You become popular and more confident.

Whatever is the reason, the point is a blog can be a very powerful tool for achieving various goals.

When you get so many benefits and you can create your blog almost for free then why not create your own blog today.

  •  here.
  • Click on the “WordPress” Menu. Then click on “WordPress Hosting” under “Personal & Business” Section.
  • Now you are taken to the hosting plan’s page. There are four plans offered by GoDaddy Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, Pro 5+. Choose the Basic Plan for one year and ignore others.
godaddy hosting plans

Read the features and click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Now choose a 12 months plan (as shown below) as you will get discount and free domain with a 12 months and higher plan.

12 months plan
  • On the next page, it will ask you to add your free domain.
free domain
  • Type-in a domain name (as explained in Step 2).

I am very passionate about fitness so I thought of creating something related to fitness. I checked but as you can see above, this domain was not available.

GoDaddy suggest me about the availability of So I chose this domain.

  • While choosing the name use all the tips you learned in Step 2. Click on “Select and Continue”.
  • After that you will see a discounted amount (in the right corner in green box below) of just Rs 1180 + GST. You don’t have to pay GST, if you have GST number.

If you are not from India, then you will see the price in US dollar ($12) or in your currency.

You got this price because you visited GoDaddy with my special discounted link. If you are getting much higher price than this, it means you have not used this GoDaddy link.

(Note: If you don’ see the discounted price then click again the above link and use the promo code CJCWPH1)

Now Click on “Create Account” to create a new account with GoDaddy in order to buy this hosting.

  • Create an Account by filling email, username and password details.
create account
  • Now You will be taken to billing information.

It is a no brainer! Fill all the details like Name, phone number, address etc and click on ‘Save’ button.

  • In India many young bloggers (especially from small towns) worry about payment option because they may not have a credit card. But here you can pay through Net Banking, Debit Cards, Wallets and even UPI. So no need to worry about payment.
payment options

Complete the purchase!

  • After completing the purchase you will be able to create your WordPress site as shown below.
create blog

Choose “Build a brand new site” and Data Center nearest to your country. I chose Europe as shown above in the Green box.

Create WordPress username & password and click ‘Create‘ button. It should be a strong username and password.

After Clicking Create button you will get a message “WordPress Successfully installed” as shown below.

wordpress installation

Now click on the “Go to my sites” link to connect your domain with this hosting.

  • After clicking the link you will be taken to window shown below.
add domain

Now click on “Add custom domain” link to add your domain.

After clicking that, click on “Attach domain” and from dropdown choose the domain name (in this case and click the attach button.

attach domain

After that go back and click on the “WP Admin” (in previous to previous image).

  • In next window, click on “No Thanks” button and you will be taken to WordPress Dashboard shown below.
WordPress dashboard

Now use all the powerful yet simple to use WordPress features to transform your blog into a masterpiece.

Step 5: Designing Your Blog

Here are some of the most important things to do after creating your blog.

1. Create a new user

You have already created an administrator account. As an administrator, you can make any changes in your blog. You can install any theme, plugins, creates posts, pages, categories and users and many other things.

Your Admin user and password must be very strong. Spammers and hackers can attack your blog with spam and malware if they are able to guess your admin username and password.

You need to do 2 things to avoid this.

  • Make Admin username and password very strong.
  • Don’t publish any post or pages through Admin account and don’t approve or write any comment through admin account.

You need to publish posts, pages and moderate the comments you receive on your blog from an Editor account.

You can easily create an Editor account by clicking on Users as shown in the above image.

  • Click Users –> Add New
  • Enter username, email, First name & Last name of a new user.
  • WordPress will suggest you a strong password. Click on ‘show password’ button to see your password. Copy this password and note down.
  • Choose role as ‘Editor’ from the drop down.
  • Click Add New User.

Now if you want to publish a post or page from Editor account, you can logout from the option on the top right and login with the Editor username and password.

Login URL for your blog is

2. Install a theme after starting your blog

When you install WordPress for creating your blog, WordPress installs a default theme in your blog.

A theme is the most important part of your blog. It changes the look, design, style and layout of your blog.

There are thousands of free & paid themes available for WordPress bloggers.

If you want to install any free theme, then take your mouse to ‘Appearance‘ and then click on themes (see above dashboard image).

Click on ‘Add New’ button and you will find thousands of free themes. You can find Featured theme, Popular themes, Latest themes and other options.

You can use the ‘Feature Filter’ option to find more themes.

Check the details and preview of each theme and install the one that you like the most.

If you have budget, you can find thousands of premium themes on ThemeForest.

Experiment with your theme and make a great design.

3. Install Important Plugins

WordPress plugins are like apps that help you to add more features to your blog and make it more efficient & fast. You must install some of the important plugins for starting your blog.

Click on ‘Plugins’ (as in image) and then ‘Add New‘ to install plugins.

Some of the important plugins are Yoast SEO, JetPack, Contact Form 7, Akismet, Classic Editor, WP Super Cache, Smush Image Compression.

You can search these plugins and click on ‘More Details’ to know more about each plugin.

Click on ‘Install Now’ button and then ‘Activate’ button to install and activate the plugin.

You can check more plugins from the Featured, Popular & Recommended fields there.

4. Add Your First Post

You should write detailed posts and publish at least 2-3 posts every week. Your readers should be happy and satisfied with your posts.

Google will rank your posts and give traffic if you write useful posts with original ideas.

Write your first 800+ words posts and publish on your blog.

Take your mouse to  ‘Posts’ and click ‘Add New’ to add your first blogpost.

Add a title in ‘Add title’ section & copy your article in the text area. Add good image(s) to your post. And then click on Publish button to publish your first post.

Congratulation! This is your first post after starting your blog.

Keep writing and publishing such Awesome posts.

Other things you can do in your blog are Adding categories, creating navigation menu and adding the same on your blog. You will find more details in my next article.

Step 6: Start Earning

Blogging is becoming a very popular full time career in India and around the globe. Millions of bloggers are making $1000 to $100,000 per month from their blog.

Blogging is a full time career for me. I work 10 hours a day and 6 days a week on my blog. I make around $20,000 per month from my blogs.

So if you want to earn some great money with your blog, you need to get serious for your blog.

You paid almost nothing for starting your blog. But you need to work hard if your target is $2000+ per month.

Your income would totally depend upon the number of visitors you bring to your blog. More the traffic you bring in, more the money you make.

There are two main areas you need to focus on to increase traffic.

  1. Content
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Focus on writing quality content that people find educating, problem solving, entertaining and joyful to read.

A good content is not enough if it fails to reach out to a wider audience. Your blog is of no use if it can’t rank high on Google Search engine. Hence you also need to learn SEO for ranking high on Google.

SEO is a vast subject and to learn it you need few months at least. Here are some resources to learn SEO.

You also need to learn social media marketing to get traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Basically, you have to exploit all the channels to increase the traffic to your blog.

Once you start bringing enough traffic to your blog you can monetize it with various advertising platforms.

Google Adsense is one of the best platform. You can show Google ads on your blog and earn for each click. Adsense is blogger’s first choice when it comes to contextual advertisement.

You can also earn through selling products and services on other’s behalf which is also known as affiliate marketing. Amazon Associate is one such example.

As you gain experience you will learn a number of others ways to monetize your blogand earn more money.

But as a beginner keep it simple and focus on Google Adsense.


So this was the complete guide on starting a blog in less than Rs 1200 (or $12).

Step 1 to Step 3 are very easy to learn. But you need to read again and again Step 4 until it is clear to you. We’ve explained it very well using images.

Step 5 about designing is also bit technical and you have to pay a closer attention.

Finally Step 6 is very important because you’ve to implement it every day unlike step 1 to step 5 which have to be implemented only once.

Happy Blogging!

50 Small Business Ideas in India for 2019

Starting your own business is everyone’s dream. However, most budding entrepreneurs see their dreams nipped in the bud due to paucity of funds for investment.

Should you possess some special skills, you can definitely start your own small businesswith low investment. While some such small business ideas can be operated from your home, in other cases, you may need to lease small premises.

Funding small business: Generally, small businesses begin with whatever little capital you may have. Loans on very soft terms are also offered by community organizations and cooperative credit societies. You may consider procuring a loan to fund your small business idea.

Plan well for success: Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, plan your business well in advance before launch. Study the market for the product or service you plan to offer. Further, acquaint yourself well with your prospective competitors and their offerings. Talk to people you trust and seek advise if necessary. Additionally, build a database of your prospective customers before launch.

50 New & Best Small business ideas

small business ideas

Once you have completed the above homework, you are almost set to open your small business with low investment. Here are 50 new & creative small business ideas with low investment that we recommend to start in 2019.

1. Mobile phone repair/ accessories/ recharge

India will have nearly 800 million smartphone users by the end of 2022. Further, this figure will grow exponentially as more brands and cheaper variants enter the market.

Consequently, the demand for outlets and persons who offer repairs of mobile phones is expected to increase manifold. You can also sell accessories and credit recharge.

2. Meal service (Tiffin)

One of the best small business idea for women. Nowadays, the demand for home and workplace delivery of meals has increased vastly.

You can launch your small business with low investment right from your kitchen by preparing fresh, wholesome meals and supplying them to offices and homes.

3. Blogging

Blogging is no more a work from home career. Now you can consider blogging a serious small business. You can either start from your home if you have some space or take a small office on rent.

Either you can team up with like-minded people or hire people to work on your blog(s). You need to hire a content writer, a SEO expert and a content marketer.

There is a huge returns if you make a proper strategy for your blog. People easily earn $10,000+ with such setup. You can start your blog here and once your blog has good traffic then make money with the ways explained here.

4. Network marketing

Network marketing, also known as Multi Level Marketing is an excellent small business. However, you need to tie-up with well reputed brands that offer great products.

A search on the Internet will reveal some such major brands, whose products are always in demand.

Thanks to rising medical inflation, people nowadays look for unconventional health and nutritional products and supplements as well as skincare and beauty products.

You can grow your network marketing business by promoting its products in your friends circle. You can also promote it online by creating a website.

5. Babysitting/ Childcare

This is a small business for women that can launch from home or small premises. Investment required for opening a babysitting and childcare service is very minimal.

All you need to invest in are a few toys, cribs and mattresses.

Add a few packets of disposable diapers, antiseptic lotions and a first aid box as well. Nowadays, babysitting and childcare facilities are in very high demand due to the rise in number of working couples.

6. Small Online Business Ideas

small onlie business ideas

There are various small business ideas that can be done online from home or office. You can start many of such ideas without investment.

We have already covered such business ideas here. You can check which is best suitable for you from the list of 160 business ideas.

7. Mobile garage-(Small business for men)

Everyone has seen cars, scooters and motorbikes breakdown in the middle of busy roads. The unfortunate owner of these vehicles usually faces a dilemma about where to get repairs. For such eventualities, you can offer a mobile garage.

For this business with low investment, you will require a car, mobile phone and all the tools required to repair a stalled vehicle. All you need to do is, rush to the place where the vehicle is parked to perform repairs.

8. Aquariums & fish

This is a small business idea you can enter with low investment and also from your home. For this trade, you need to buy a few aquariums of various sizes and different kinds of fish that are popular as pets.

You can also breed fish by keeping special tanks.

Additionally, selling air pumps, fish food and decorative stuff for aquariums will net you more profits. Aquariums are also popular as gift items. However, you need to be well versed in handling various species of fish.

9. Nursery & garden requirements

Once again, this is a great small business idea with low investment. Due to increased awareness about environment, many people now maintain small plants and shrubs at their apartments and offices.

You can open this business from your home. Additionally, you can sell packets of fertilizers, seeds and other garden requirements.

10. Jams, pickles & sauces

As people become increasingly conscious about their health, the demand for healthier, non-commercial jams, pickles, sauces and ketchups is on the rise.

Moreover, consumers nowadays are wary of consuming foodstuff that contains chemicals of any sort. Given this scenario, you can manufacture jams, pickles, sauces and ketchups with traditional recipes that are chemical free.

11. Stamps & Coins

stamp coin business

Surprisingly, this lucrative business is almost non-existent in India. Stamp and coin collectors look for the latest issues from around the world.

A few simple steps are all you need to enter this low investment high returns small business.

Register yourself with postal departments of various countries by paying them a small advance for buying the latest stamps. For coins, there are special government run bureaus abroad.

They will send you the latest stamps and coins which are sold at a good premium to collectors.

12. Pet care

Understandably, people love their pets. However, while travelling for holiday or business, they are unable to take their pets along. Hence, people look for services that will care for their pets while they are away.

If you are well versed in handling pets, this is a great business you may consider. Again, this is a small business that requires low investment.

13. Fragrant candles- (Creative business idea)

Let you creativity and sense of fragrances run wild. Making candles is fairly easy. Fragrant oils are readily available. With some training and experience, you can make fragrant candles of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Nowadays, such candles are becoming increasingly popular for meditation and relaxation purposes.

14. Cakes & bakes

Armed with a good oven, you can open a low investment business making cakes, muffins, cookies and other bakery items

This small business has huge potential since consumers are always looking for new, better tastes at economical rates. You will however require great skills in preparing these baked delicacies.

15. Ice cubes

ice cubes making

Understandably, this is a complex business. Especially, since ice cubes sold in the market nowadays have to conform to specifications prescribed by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

However, with proper equipment, clean water and proper packaging, you can enter this lucrative market of selling ice cubes in bulk to restaurants and bars and retail to consumers.

You will require FSSAI certification for your ice cubes.

16. Travel services

Offering travel and related services can see you make instant profits. Tie-up with long distance bus services, offer online reservation of rail tickets and reserve hotels at various destinations for clients.

You can also add local sight-seeing and other requirements for your customers. You can either collaborate with a major travel agent or enter into deals with service providers and get commissions for every reservation you make.

17. Small business idea to start an Ethnic food store

Should you be well acquainted with the palates of various communities of India, you can open a small ethnic food store with low investment.

All you need to do is procure products that have a long shelf life, from suppliers located in those particular regions and sell them to your target communities.

18. Medical sample collection

medical sample collection business

This is yet another rapidly growing, low investment small business idea in India. It simply means you collect blood, stool, urine and sputum samples from patients, from their homes.

These samples are for delivery to pathological labs that will test them and issue medical reports.

The reports have to be home delivered to the customer. You will require a vehicle, equipment to store the bio-hazardous material and skills in extracting blood samples.

You will need agreements with pathological labs before entering into this business.

19. Antique furniture restoration

Nobody wants to part with antique furniture. Simply because they have sentimental values attached. Restoring or repairing damaged antique furniture is one business you can look at, if you have a sense of aesthetics and the required skills.

You can also hire craftsmen to do the restoration at the premises of your customer. Restoring antique furniture is very intricate and you will require excellent workers.

20. CCTV & surveillance

Increasingly, people are becoming security conscious. They want to protect their families and themselves against theft, rape and other crime.

Consequently, more and more people are installing CCTV and surveillance cameras at their homes and offices. This is a low investment and high returns small business idea.

21. Party services

party services

People hold parties for various reasons. They are held round the year to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. With this low investment business, you can offer various services.

These include decoration of the venue, conducting games, mascot appearance, buying and packing return gifts, among others.

22. Address verification service

Banks, credit card issuers and mobile phone companies often require physical verification of addresses provided by customers. They do so to prevent frauds and defaults.

This is a low investment business that is again in demand nowadays. However, you will require a vehicle and might require manpower to visit the customer addresses provided by bank and other service providers.

23. Business idea to make Religious items

India has a huge market for items required by followers of various faiths. These include pictures of deities, incense sticks, cotton wicks for lamps, candles, prayer beads and other minor paraphernalia.

Making these at home or at a small premise requires low investment. There is no dearth of customers for such stuff.

24. Postal labeling and sorting

India Post requires all bulk mail to be labeled with addresses and sorted according to the Postal Index Number (PIN) code. Banks, companies listed on the stock market, bulk mailers look for small businesses that can provide this service.

Especially, since they do not need to employ staff for the purpose. You will require a vehicle and some manpower to enter this low investment small business.

25. Walking tours

walking tours

For those who reside in cities and towns with several tourist attractions, walking tours is a great low investment business.

Foreigners and domestic visitors want to get a first hand feel of the city by walking on the streets, mingling with locals and experiencing sights and sounds of the place.

You will have to hire buses to take your tourists to a particular area where they will walk and visit attractions.

26. Imported products

Indians returning home after a foreign tour tend to buy stuff they can sell locally. They do so to defray costs of their foreign trip

Products they sell include fragrances, cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor, chocolates, food items and T-shirts among others. The craze for foreign goods in India ensures you have a good market for your wares.

27. Soya products

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are going vegan. Soya products such as soya milk, tofu (soya curds), soya flour and soya chunks are provide a great alternative to meat.

Manufacturing Soya products is fairly easy, provided you have the required equipment. It is also a low investment small business. You can get a small loan to start this micro industry.

28. Unique ice creams

Some years ago, people would have balked at the idea of ice cream made with tomato or capsicum. However, such unique ice creams are trending nowadays.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of such rare ice creams are few despite the huge market. If you are daring enough, enter this low investment business of unique ice creams.

29. Used laptops

Considered a luxury some years ago, laptops are ubiquitous now. Shopping trends indicate, people sell their used laptops and buy those with the latest features and higher configuration.

Despite, there exists a huge market for used laptops. Buying, refurbishing and selling such used laptop is a low investment, high returns business you can consider.

30. Signboards

Generally, there are two types of signboards used by businesses and shops: Painted and Neon. Every small business and commercial establishment requires signboards.

The demand is for creative yet low cost signboards that aptly advertises the business. Making and supplying signboards of all types, according to specifications of the business owner, is a business in demand round the year.

31. Manpower supply

Every business requires more manpower almost on daily basis. This is especially true with restaurants where staff attrition rates are rather high.

Waiters and cooks leave at short notice or merely abandon work. This puts the business owner to great inconvenience.

Occasionally, households also require manpower for cleaning the home. With some ingenuity and low investment, you can help restaurants overcome their manpower problems and earn a handsome income almost daily.

32. Stationery supply

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions as well as businesses require bulk stationery. These includes customized letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books and motley others.

With little investment and some contacts, you can enter into this evergreen business. You will need agreements with printing presses and a few samples to enter this profitable venture.

33. Digitizing audio and video

Millions of people across India possess audio and video tapes of their favorite music and movies, recordings of special occasions and other stuff. However, audio and video cassette players are now rare.

Nowadays, DVDs and digital forms of music storage are popular. If you possess the older type record players, audio and video cassette players, you can enter into this business of digitizing old recordings.

You will need to invest in equipment that allows you to copy audio and video in the older formats to the latest ones.

34. Gardening services

Individuals and housing societies owning gardens generally are unable to attend to their favorite and sometimes expensive plants, trees and lawns.

Therefore, they look for small businesses that can perform the required task.

You will need to invest in some gardening equipment and hire manpower to enter into this small business, which is also round-the-year in demand.

35. Glamour photography

glamour photography

Undoubtedly, every male and female wants to appear glamorous. Glamorous pictures are used for several purposes: To apply for jobs as models, actors and actresses, cabin crew with airlines or matrimony.

For those with an eye for photography, taking glamorous pictures is a great business to open with small investment.

You will have to buy a professional camera and related equipment. Taking pictures can be done at the residence of the customer or at public places. Alternatively, you can hire a studio by the hour, if needed.

36. Caregiver service

Indisposed senior citizens and people in hospitals require caregivers. Especially, since their kin are busy at work or unable to attend to their needs. Caregiver services are fast gaining momentum in India.

Understandably, you will require some manpower to provide such a service. Several unemployed women and men are interested in working as caregivers for businesses that offer the service.

37. Computerized horoscopes

Understandably, this is one of the most common low investment businesses in India. All it requires is a computer with the required software, a printer and fancy paper to print the horoscope.

However, in a land of superstitions, computerized horoscopes continue to remain in high demand. The reason is simple: People do not rely on results from only one computer.

They want multiple horoscopes from different sources.

38. Corporate gifts

India has a rich culture of corporate gifting. It continues round the year. Corporate gifts include pens, wallets, mugs and a wide range of stuff given to staff and business associates.

Usually, these items are printed with the company’s name and logo. With adequate samples and contacts, you too can open this business with low investment.

You will need a wide range of products and their samples to display to clients.

39. Packing services

packing services

Small and medium businesses generally do not have a separate department for packing their products. They hire individuals- who can often be unreliable.

Or, they outsource the job to small businesses who can pack their stuff with care while adhering to deadlines.

To enter this business, you will require adequate packing material such as cartons, strapping machines and cutters and of course, manpower.

40. Homemade chocolates

With some chocolate making skills and little investment, you can enter into this highly profitable small business idea. Homemade chocolates are sold by almost every major pastry shop and gift store.

They are in high demand since their taste is much different from bulk manufactured varieties commonly available in the market.

Several companies order homemade chocolates to send as gifts to their business associates. Such chocolates are in great demand during festive and wedding seasons too.

41. Name plates

A common system worldwide is to affix one’s name plate outside the door of a house or apartment. Moreover, people also install large names outside buildings, villas and bungalows.

They prefer artistically designed name plates or simple ones. Making these name plates is a low investment small business that anyone can begin with ease. The demand for these name plates is round-the-year and you can make decent profits from your venture.

42. Wedding gowns

Earlier, wedding gowns were the mainstay of the Christian community. However, over the years, the concept of wedding gowns has become popular among people of other faiths too.

Bollywood movies have also contributed immensely to popularizing the wedding gown.

For men and women who are adept at fashion designing, making wedding gowns is a great, low investment and high returns small business idea.

Additionally, you can also offer other fashion wear to ensure income round the year.

43. Chips and wafers

Chips and wafers are consumed almost everywhere: cinema halls, schools, home, bars, in buses and on trains. The list is endless. Manufacturing chips and wafers with potato, raw banana, jackfruit, tapioca and other starchy roots is fairly easy.

Equipment required is not expensive.

However, you need to ensure proper supply of raw material and have good packaging. Generally, shops and bars order such chips and wafers in bulk.

44. Idli and dosa batter-(Best small business idea in India)

The mainstay of south Indian communities, Idli and Dosa are now popular across India. However, not everyone can prepare the batter required for making these dishes.

It requires a proper blend of rice and cereals.

The batter has also to be fermented to the right degree to ensure it gives great tasting Idli and Dosa.

Packaged Idli and Dosa batter is fast becoming popular, with most stores stocking several packets for their customers. Setting up a batter manufacturing unit from home or a small premise is fairly inexpensive.

45. Air conditioner maintenance

Nowadays, air conditioners are an essential component of several households and most offices. Hence, there is an ever increasing demand for small businesses who can offer excellent maintenance of these expensive appliances.

Trends nowadays indicate, people are willing to sign annual contracts for maintenance of their air conditioners.

All you need is some basic equipment required to service air conditioners and skilled manpower who can perform the tasks. Acquiring skills in maintenance and repair of air conditioners- especially window and split types- is fairly easy.

46. Renting scooters and motorcycles

Tourists, salesmen and small business owners look for hiring scooters and motorcycles while visiting a town or city.

Renting such two-wheeler saves them precious time and offers the ease of commuting. With a small investment, you can open a scooter and motorcycle rental business.

You need not rush into buying a fleet of vehicles. A couple of two wheelers will suffice to begin with. However, you will need to get proper licensing, insurance and permits before renting out these vehicles on short term basis.

47. Employee background checks

With most places in India witnessing high migration of labor, several companies now resort to employee background checks. This means, they verify information provided by a jobseeker through an external agency.

Checks include verification of work experience and educational qualifications. This is a rather simple and low investment business to open.

You will need a database of companies who require employee background checks, computers and landline telephone to open this small business idea.

48. Handicrafts-(Creative small business idea in India)

handicrafts small business

An excellent low investment small business anyone can start is buying and selling handicrafts. Generally, handicrafts are made in rural areas.

However, glitzy showrooms charge exorbitant rates for the stuff, which they usually procure fairly cheap.

You too can enter this huge market by buying handicrafts from different regions near you and selling them at reasonable rates.

Once again, the market for handicrafts is always high because they are also given away as gifts or used for home and office décor.

49. Skin and beauty treatment-(Small business idea for men and women)

Increasingly men are becoming beauty conscious. For men and women skilled in providing skin and beauty treatment, opening a small business offering the service is an excellent small investment option.

You can design your own therapies for glowing skin, anti-aging and facelifts.

This business can also be opened from home, provided you have ample space and privacy for clients. Offering herbal and natural therapies will help you stay ahead of competition.

50. Mushroom harvesting

mshroom harvesting business

Mushrooms are considered a delicacy and fetch fairly high prices in the market. They are very nutritious as food.

Hence, governments of various Indian states provide subsidies and facilities to people who can harvest mushrooms. This is a great low investment small business idea.

You will need to set up a green-house with controlled temperature for getting the right crop. Mushroom spores are readily available from state-run cooperatives and agricultural shops. Bulk customers for mushrooms are easy to find.

Extra: Broken glass

Strange as it may sound, there exists a huge market for broken glass. Millions of glass bottles that cannot be recycled, as discarded daily in India.

Shards of broken glass are used in building compound walls of bungalows. They deter robbers from scaling the compound wall to gain access to the bungalow.

Glass shards also prevent reptiles like snakes from slithering over the compound wall. A word of caution: Dealing in broken glass can be hazardous and has to be done with extreme care.

Extra: Apiary & honey

Here is one great small business idea with low investment, provided you have a garden or open plot of land. Setting up an apiary to breed honeybees is inexpensive.

You will also require some basic equipment to extract honey from honeycombs. Homemade honey fetches a great price.

Royal Jelly, produced for the queen bee, commands a high price in the market from individuals and medical companies.

Before investing

Remember, having ample capital to invest in a small business of your choice is not enough. You also require the necessary skills to ensure its proper functioning.

Before entering into any venture, it is advisable to know licensing procedures and other legalities concerned.

It is better to legitimize your business since it can help you get loans and subsidies in future. It will also protect you against any lawsuits.

22 Best Career Options and Professional Courses after B.Com is one of the best courses after 12th commerce. And if you have any problem to choose the right professional courses after B.Com and you are confused which is the best career in commerce then do read this following article.

career after

Here we give you all kinds of jobs that you can apply for after your graduation.

In fact, there is really no dearth of good jobs after irrespective of the course he/she is opting for.

Go through the list, choose the best courses after B.Com and find the most appropriate jobs after graduation and PG that suits you the most.

Let us get started.

Course Name: Chartered Accountant (CA)

One of the most popular and aspirational courses after B.Com for commerce students is CA. CA exams are conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and you have to clear three rounds, CPT, IPCC and Final CA.

After completing IPCC and articleship you appear for Final CA. After clearing the two rounds of Final CA you can call yourself a CA.

Although you all know after becoming CA there is no dearth of opportunity but the following are few best options for you.

1. CA/CS (Company Secretary)

certified Chartered accountant can kickstart his career immediately in financial institutions like banks, MNCs, government departments etc at a very top position.

A CA does not have to wait for finding the right kind of job.

On an average, a certified CA can earn anything between Rs 6 lacs to Rs 30 lacs per annum depending upon his/her experience.

The big 4 firms that hire CA are KPMGPWCEY and Deloitte.

2. Administrative Jobs in Public Sector

PSU companies like BPCLGAILONGCBSNL etc hire freshers as CA from the college campuses directly.

The annual salary that they offer is between Rs 7 lacs to Rs 16 lacs per annum. However, the growth opportunity is very limited.

CA with more experience can join as a financial advisor, Legal Advisor, Technical Consultant with central and state government.

3. Economist

Once you’ve gained experience working as a CA/CS for different firms you can become an Economist. Government, many financial institutions and rating companies around the world need Economist to forecast and analyze economic issues.

Economist has to conduct surveys, collect and analyze data, prepare reports and forecast market trends.

They also design economic policies that help the government to solve economic problems.

An economist can earn Rs 5 lacs to Rs 10 lacs per month depending upon the firm he/she works with.

4. Investment Consultant

You can work with a big international financial firm like Goldman Sachs or Merlyn Lynch as an Investment consultant.

Your job will be advising clients on investment strategies depending upon their needs and long term goals. Investment consultants also have to create quarterly and annual performance reports to monitor client’s investment.

On an average investment consultant in India can earn between Rs 24 lacs to Rs 48 lacs per month. If you want to go abroad and work then the average salary there is $80,000 per annum.

Course Name: M.Com

To be honest not every commerce graduate is not going to be a CA. Most of them don’t even give a try and others quit after attempting 2 to 3 times.

So most of the B.Com graduates will look out for jobs they can get once they have completed M.Com.

M.Com is one of the most common and obvious courses after B.Com.

5. Accountant – Senior & Junior

One of the most common career after M.Com is an becoming an Accountant. You can join an accountancy firm as

  1. Junior Accountant – Maintain financial records for subsidiary companies by analyzing balance sheets and ledger accounts. Reconciling bank accounts and preparing special reports, projects to give financial status information of a company.
  2. Senior Accountant – Senior accountants prepare financial statements and documents by performing balance sheet, revenue, expense and payroll account reconciliations. They also mentor junior accountants under them.

The average salary of a senior accountant can be Rs 200,000 – Rs 300,000 per annum. Junior accountant earn Rs 100,000 to Rs 150,000 per annum.

6. Auditor

An Auditor is much more qualified than an accountant. Some of the major responsibilities as an auditor would be the following

  • Planning Financial Audits
  • Verifying assets and liabilities
  • Assess compliance with financial regulations and controls
  • Assess risks and internal control

In India, all the major banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis, Kotak and IT companies like WiproIBMTCS hire internal auditors for auditing.

As a fresher, you can earn easily Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. More experienced auditors can earn up to Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000 per month.

7. Loan/Credit Officer

If you are looking for less hectic career after graduation in commerce then Loan officer is the way to go. Loan officer’s job is evaluating loan applications and documentation by confirming their credit worthiness.

Loan officers are responsible for assessing the client’s financial status so they can accept or reject their loan application. If a loan is accepted then they issue cheques to the customers.

Credit officer is just another name for the Loan officer.

Almost every Bank and NBFC need loan officers for approving loans to customers. Hence there is no dearth of this job in the country.

The average salary of a loan officer can be Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month.

8. Sales Officer

Sales officer job sounds very easy as your main responsibility is to get more and more customers to open a bank account (current and savings) with the bank you are working for.

However, the pressure is great because you have to generate leads and find prospects on your own. There is no one else to help you. You are given a target for each day and you have to achieve those targets.

In this job, you can be laid off anytime if you don’t meet the target. To survive here you need good People’s skill and contacts with people in your area.

A sales officer salary working for a bank like HDFC or ICICI could be between Rs 200,000/- to Rs 400,000/- yearly.

9. Government Jobs

You don’t have to always go for a private job. There are many government jobs that you can look out for after you have completed M.Com.

Both central and state governments have myriads of banking jobs. One of the most popular one is Bank Probation Officer or Bank PO. In order to become a bank PO you have to clear entrance exam consisting of 3 rounds.

After been hired you can join PSU banks like SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, BOI etc. The salary of a SBI Bank PO is around Rs 40,000 per month including all allowances.

You can also apply for lower jobs likes clerks, Accounts Assistant, Divisional officers etc.

There are other government departments like Revenue, Railway, Defense, and Forest that have openings for M.Com graduates.

Course Name: Digital Marketing

Times have changed and young B.Com graduates are ready to explore more unconventional best career options like Digital Marketing.

10. Digital Marketer

Now a day commerce graduates are looking for certain offbeat courses after B.Com that are not CA, M.Com or MBA.

They would like to pursue their career in a different field altogether. Right now the most lucrative and trending career is digital marketing.

Many B.Com and even M.Com graduates are choosing to become a digital marketer. They are interested in learning digital marketing courses that include SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC, Social Media, Blogging, Google Adwords etc.

A digital marketer can easily find a job that pays them Rs 12,500 to Rs 15,000 per month after they have completed their B.Com. After some experience, you can even earn up to Rs 50,000 per month.

Course Name: MBA

If you want to be something more than an accountant or an auditor then you can go for MBA. Students who are ambitious and want to work at administrative level then MBA in finance is best suited for them.

After the MBA course, you will find high profile jobs mainly in private sectors.

11. Asset Manager/Fund Manager

Asset or Fund Manager’s prime responsibility is managing clients’ asset according to their investment needs. An asset manager will create, organize and maintain client’s portfolio.

He has to maximize returns and minimize risks associated with current assets which are under management. 5 to 10 years of experience in Finance is required before you qualify for an asset manager.

The asset manager has a salary of Rs 15 lacs to Rs 25 lacs per annum depending upon the bank he/she is working with. However, their main income comes from the commission they earn for managing a particular fund.

12. Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge Fund Managers are also just like Asset/Fund manager but here the risk involved is much greater. You manage clients’ money by hedging it in the market.

Managing Hedge Fund is a dream job of every commerce graduate. The job is very risky but can make you a millionaire in a short time if you are good at it.

You handle long term and short term investments, reconcile account balances each day and review expenses. You need expertise in various financial software programs to generate and analyze data.

Although there is a fixed salary for a hedge fund manager but they make millions in commission.

13. Customer Relationship Executive

In reality, everyone can’t become a hedge fund manager or even a fund manager after completing MBA. Hence there are other options available too.

One of them is Customer Relationship Executive in a nationalized bank like SBI or PNB. Your responsibility is providing personalized financing to the top few HNI customers of the bank.

You always remain in touch with customers to give financial advice and other investment suggestions anytime they need.

Their salary is around Rs 20,000/- to Rs 30,000/- per month.

14. Sales Manager

Another job is Sales Manager in a bank where you sell various bank products to retail customers. You and your team are responsible for selling basic products like CASA (Current Account, Saving Account), credit cards, loans, mortgage, insurance plans provided by the bank.

You have to generate leads and pitch products to them. Sales manager salary is at power with a Customer Relationship Executive.

Course Name: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Two and a half year long Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA program is offered internationally by the American based CFA institute to investment and financial professionals.

CFA is the highest standard of excellence in the investment and finance industry.

15. Financial Analyst

A Financial analyst is responsible for consolidating and analyzing data to provide exact information on a company’s profitability, solvency and stability.

You will do research, write papers and help the company to make well-informed decisions.

In India, Financial Analyst can earn Rs 50,000 to Rs 500,000 in a month. However, on an average they earn Rs 400,000 per annum.

16. Statistician

A statistician working in a financial firm is responsible for collation, evaluation, interpretation and presentation of data to a client or a company.

A statistician must have good knowledge of mathematical and statistical modeling with years of experience in collecting data.

In India, a statistician salary is between Rs 600,000 and Rs 24 lacs depending upon his/her experience.

17. Market Research Analyst

Market research analyst job involves both quantitative techniques like customer surveys, collecting data and information, as well as qualitative techniques like an in-depth interview, focus groups etc.

You must have a strong analytical mind for analyzing data and patterns.

The average salary of Market Research Analyst is around Rs 3 lacs to Rs 5 lacs per annum.

Course Name: Business Accounting & Taxation (BAT)

B.Com graduates who are freshers can enroll for a yearlong BAT program instead of working in a BPO. The future prospects of jobs for B.Com graduates after completing BAT is really great.

18. Tax Advisory Services/Tax Consultant

A tax consultant or Tax advisor is an expert in tax law and compliance. Tax advisor offers their services to businesses and individuals alike on short and long term tax optimization.

You help clients to minimize their tax liability by preparing their tax returns and explaining tax issues to them.

There is no dearth of job openings for Tax consultants because they are wanted by companies and HNIs.

There is no limit on how much you can earn but on an average, a beginner earns Rs 3 lacs to Rs 6 lacs a month.

19. Company Law Assistant/Corporate Legal Assistant

Corporate Legal Assistant has to

  1. Prepare Legal Documents that includes briefs, correspondence, affidavits, contracts, memos etc.
  2. Scheduling travelling dates, conference calls and meetings.
  3. Transcribe documents and performing other office tasks.

Average salary is Rs 3 lacs to Rs 8 lacs per month.

Course Name: Certified Financial Planner

The course can be 6 months to a yearlong with specialization in financial planning, investment planning, insurance and risk management.

20. Financial & Insurance Consultant

Financial consultants offer their services to companies and individuals. They consultant on

  1. Investments Plans
  2. Insurance Decisions
  3. Tax Issues
  4. Personalized Financial Advice

Salary is Rs 6 lacs to Rs 12 Lacs per annum on an average.

Course Name: Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

CIB is a very short course of just 6 months duration. After this course you can kick start your career in banking and finance.

21. Investment Banker

After this course, you can become an Investment banker whose main responsibility is to help clients raise capital by selling equities or issuing debts in the company. In simpler words, they help their business to grow by funding various activities.

The job is challenging as you need great analytical skills, people’s skills, networking skills etc.

An average base salary can be between Rs 16 lacs and Rs 50 lacs per annum.

Course Name: B.Ed

Last but not the least is choosing teaching is one of the professional courses after B.Com. If you imagine yourself as a teacher then you can go for a B.Ed in Commerce course. The course duration is only 2 years.

22. Lecturer

After completing the B.Ed in commerce you can easily find jobs in government as well as private schools and colleges. Prospects are really great because new schools and colleges are mushrooming all over the country.

A school teacher can easily earn Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000 per month and a college professor can earn up to Rs 50,000 a month.

So these were some of the courses after graduation that you can choose.

According to your educational qualification and skill sets, you can easily opt for a career from the list.

The list is comprehensive and you won’t have any problem with choosing a job that suits you the most.

The Famous YouTuber Lana Rose is Looking Very Hot, See Pictures

The Famous YouTuber Lana Rose is Looking Very Hot, See Pictures

Google Image

Lana Rose is the name of a famous You Tuber and internet celebrity. She was known for her makeup, lifestyle and supercars videos which she uploads on her Channel. And she is a one of the most successful You Tuber. Lana has over 1.2 Million subscribers n her YouTube channel.

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Lana was born 21 September 1989 in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. But she was actually born as Parisa Beiraghdari.

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For some kind of family issue, she doesn’t stay with her father. She and her brother stay with their mother. After completed basic level of study, she moved to London for higher study, where her brother had also established his career. After completing her studies, she came back with her brother to her native land Dubai.

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Recently, Lana is a single and independent lady who remains busy with her tutorial uploading, sharing her shopping experiences her love for cars.

The most dangerous experiment done on humans by the Russian Government

This terrible experiment by the Russian Army in 1940 was called ‘Sleep Experiment’.

The most dangerous experiment done on humans by the Russian Government

Third party image reference

During World War II in 1940, the Russian Army arrested some German soldiers and took them captive. Russia’s scientists planned a unique experiment on those soldiers. With this experiment, scientists wanted to know how long the man could live without sleeping and the poorly hunted German soldiers

Third party image reference

During the experiment they were locked in a chamber and inside of that chamber a strange gas was released. To keep an eye on them, the glass was used in the walls because then the cctv camera was not.

For two or three days all the soldiers locked in that room shouted shouting to come out, but after one week the movement of the room was closed, the scientists thought that they all would have died. But something else happened only.

Third party image reference

Third party image reference

After a few days, when the chamber was opened then it was all stunned to see what had happened inside. The soldiers locked inside the room had started eating their own meat and had left bones in their hands and feet and were doing very strange objection. They all were complaining that they should not be free and they should be kept in this room. Maybe they all happened because of that gas. This scene was terrible, but it was continued for more experimental days.