During Rafael Deal, I was not in power: McCran



The United Nations: The controversy over the deal with France over the purchase of Rafael fighter aircraft over the past few days has been reported. The Congress party is criticizing the BJP. French President Immanuel Mekran said, however, that the Rafael Agreement was an agreement between the governments of both countries. McConn was speaking at a press conference in the United Nations following the United Nations General Meeting.

Has the Indian government ever requested France or France Aerospace Company Dosso to accept Reliance firm of Anil Ambani as part of India for the Rafael Agreement? Asked by reporters, McConnell replied that it was a contract between governments. Then he said he was not in office. However, their government regulations are very clear. This contract is a coalition between the two countries’ military and defense sectors.

In 2016, the Government of India declared that it had agreed with France about a combined valuation of approximately Rs. Then François Hollande was in power. McCran came to power in May last year. However, the controversy over the matter came to light when former French President Hollande declared that Reliance had signed a deal with India. The Congress party is deeply criticizing the BJP.


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