Farmers who have been rescued by the Crop Protection wing of the Kanganpur village , Newest

The farmers who are surrounded by paddy fields have been affected by the farmers from farming. As a result, the whole family lives in the gallows. The wild boars and other wildlife tanks are in danger of being caught and killed by strings. More than ten farmers have been killed in the three months in the farmers’ warehouses. Even those who go to wildlife are also fortunate for their traps. The family is filling a serious tragedy. The story narrating recent events … 
A farmer from the Indranagar colony in Khanpur town, Bukti Raghupathi went to the farm in his farm and was killed on the spot.

Five days in the month of Bali 
, five people were killed in the monthly interruption of electric power connection to the cultivation of the cargo plant in Singapore. On November 7, two elderly couple Balayya, Lakshmi and Aravind were killed and Raju’s younger brother Vaineth returned to the leash and hit the crop protection chain. Farmers have lost valuable lives, as they are aware of the fact that the police officers have been aware of the fact that they do not need to set up electricity cables for crops. The families are in despair.

Going to guard and killing elderly couple 
Alleppe Balayya (65) and his wife Gangaavu (60) from the village of Singapur village in the village of Khanapuri were waiting for the paddy to protect the crop from the jungle paddy in the village of the village to take care of the bottle of water from the bottle of dinner, tarichilite and the cold from the cold to take the night at ten o’clock The guard was gone. Frosting was done at the hands of the farmers a few days before the plantations were formed around the jaivers. Electric connection was provided to the cables made for protection in the evening. At night when he went to guard in the darkness, he was on the shore of an accident. As soon as the husband fell in the wires, Gagavava attempted to save him and she was also stabbed to power, and they both died at once. This incident led to disturbing district farmers.

The accident happened when the electrical wires 
were recovered along with Red Sunny (50) wife of Mallappally village on Friday. He was engaged in the mallowing agricultural work, while heavy rains, winds and farm motors were broken down by the strings between them. While the nearby mallavu shouting, they tried to save it from the surrounding area, but he was already dead.

Do not use crops for harvesting 
– Leaves Asokkumar , 
CiKanpur recently said that most farmers are dying with electric power in the fields and do not have to set up crops for crops. Saris, solar fences etc. Earlier, farmers were also aware of the awareness programs. The farmers should be alert and want to stop the idea of ​​arranging strings.

Hunting and electrocution after a 
King of laccunayak tandaku guglavat vanit (22), along with the rest of the forest, along with five people went hunting wildlife. Six people shared wildlife with the end of the hunt. Only five people returned to the village. Vanity did not come. The concern of the parents searched for the whereabouts of Chander-Sunita mouth. Returning at night to go hunting for a crop raksanatigaku died on the spot after being hit by electrocution vanit. The crop owner detected and threw the corpse away. From the radios, the body was found in the forest. This resulted in the death of a young man. The crop owner was in the lenses.


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