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For twelve years


All artists are a slander … they can not be more aggressive than others, neither angry nor sad. Does not apply to Rohini. In the life of his life, it seems to be full of sadness. Perhaps … the pain that is to endure the life of the autumn of the art of his art! That is why the dubbing artist has been lamented as a national actress. Rohini life to her undulating …

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when shooting out to shoot outdoors, I’m shooting at the set and everyone asks me ‘How is the boy!’ A. This is not the only Hyderabad, but Kerala and Chennai wherever this question comes from. The spirit of that pluralism is how to ‘raise a fatherless child as a single mother!’ Will be anxiety. It seems to me that … what we have achieved as long as we get so much affection! Even if I gave you the love of all the love for me! In fact, at the age of not knowing, I was very reluctant at first.
‘Do not send me to live’
Maadi Anakapalli. The surname is molded. Father Rao Naidu Panchayat Officer. There was also a lorry business. In the meantime, he had a desire to become an actor. So he was coming to Chennai for opportunities. We are four at home. After three and three … I’m a brother after me.
Amma Saraswathi died shortly after his birth. I’m not five years old now! For some of my mother’s death, I was invited to my father in the Telugu film Yashoda Krishna. My father took me along! When the director saw me, he said, ‘I have seen Krishna for my film.’ For the first time, I played for the film. Then I made a lot of movies. Dad also got me with me. But I did not like these shoots anymore. Had to be hired. ‘I’m studying …!’ That is, ‘I have a chance to get them all right! You can read privately. But they do not have their talent! ‘ Called. Thinking now is true.

Let’s get letters for twelve years!
Twelve years have passed. That’s the age of childhood … it’s not as big as that. It has reduced opportunities. That’s it. Let’s start reading the letters directly into the fifth grade. Seven classes of lessons could be avoided without a year. So three years later, a Malayalee called the movie … as the heroine! Raghuvaranangari was first seen in ‘Kakku’ (meaning Gavva) in the film. It was busy in Malayalam when it hit. Interpadappa worked in Telugu and Tamil films. Jandhyalagari is the ‘four pillar’. Pani who is associated with the film … Maniratnam worked for ‘Geetanjali’ in Telugu. As he asked, the heroine of the heroine was the first stroke of the throat. ‘Get up and go!’ My Dialogue is the name given to Bale. Even if you do not want to dub for others.


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Verma Know …
Verma, who had seen ‘Geetanjali’, asked me to scream to the role of Amala in his debut film ‘Shiva’. I do not like Melodrama, which appears in Tamil and Telugu films in contrast to the Malayalam films I work with. That’s why I said ‘No’ before that movie. Verma helpers are too much to ask, ‘How the new director made a film? Let the film show me! ‘ I said. Also shown. The movie was initially understood that it was not a Sadasiddha Telugu movie. Interval just told you … I’m dumbing to Amala! After that, I saw my acting improved as dubbing. I used all the good opportunities to be a dubbing artist. I worked on six films with Mani Ratnam! In Geetanjali, though, something could speak like Kurmamayila … but in Bombay, Manishokoyarala had to work hard to change the throat. Especially in the Mumbai riots, she lost two children and showed her pain in the voice … challenging. When Vikram was dying in the ‘Ravan’ Climax when Aishwarya was scared to loud … I had to meet the doctor to fix my throat!
National recognition …
Dabbing in Telugu and Tamil, I am doing the role of heroine in Malayalam. Malayalam director Sethu Madhavan has made the film ‘Woman’ in Telugu. The actress was awarded the Nandi Award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Then I made a film titled ‘Titta Chinu Ganga’ in Tamil. That’s Raghuvaran! Until then, we started talking to you spiritually. It is love and we are married with the consent of the families. He stopped at the movies. Babu was born in this time. In the midst of us, the demagogues began. We wanted to break into friends rather than to fight. Divorce. Babu stayed with me. I started using my world to get around!
It’s turning …
In the twelve years, the letters have been asked to say … movies and dubs do not give up reading. Privately MA English is complete. You have read all the great works of Tamil and Telugu! The reading has raised social consciousness from me since childhood. Twenty years of age adopted two children growing in an NGO! Shooting gaps were talked about different social issues. Tamil star Vijay Channel walks who have learned all these things … gave me a chance. At the time, NDTV is doing a program on’ve got The People’, which is conducted by Barkhadat. Burkha … named journalist. I’m a man of the movie. I felt like it was possible. Still in the field. It is a program that speaks to people with social issues that are not so many magazines. Reading all day about the problems, Talking to different people … Well done homework and go to shooting! The program ‘Kallivigal Aayiram’ (Thousands of Questions) was the biggest hit with the first two episodes.
The staff …
The ‘Kallivigal Aayiram’ program showed me a new dimension. The cinematography is the only actress who has started to speak on various platforms with human rights groups. I started working with ‘Banyan’ who worked for the mentally disabled people left by families. Short Films for Aids patients That’s why I founded a construction company. A 45-minute documentary titled ‘Cynthut Hughes’ on childbearing difficulties in the film industry … it went to the Los Angeles Film Festival! In the meantime, I have become a scriptwriter and songwriter in Tamil. In a movie, all the things I have written is a single card. Sangeetham Srinivasa Rao was made a few days after the film ‘Welkam Obama’ made in Telugu. I recently directed ‘Appavin Messi’ (Father’s Measam). Nithimanan is the heroine.
Nandini was
one of the first films I made after a lengthy break with love, marriage, and divorce. Director Nandini Reddy’s appearance in the role of the mother seemed to be close to my mind. That’s the role that I have with my wrist. That’s why. Then I made the ‘after that …’. I do not agree with movies that are generally unheard of the story, but I have signed up to the story of Rajamouli with the confidence of the story. I do not specifically say that my belief is not shy. Later, ‘Ranga Salaam’ and ‘CHLSao’ came in line. My role is in the mother of bipolar disorder in CHS. I have seen so many people who worked with Banyan. With that experience, the mother’s role has grown well. Chiranjeevi is currently in the role of ‘Sira’.

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To sell …
I’m not very aggressive. I do not show it out. But mom was worried that it would be nice to be in most cases. When I was aged, when I was married, and when I became a mother, there was no one or me alone, as the man was growing up … After my sister, Danny married the second. I do not have a problem with the little boy Anything that has happened in my life is not going to happen … today it is not mentally emotional to me!

Raghu has to see all this!

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In the natanani, All meccukuntaro him so much is not understood. ‘That’s Mannavararu too much!’ Antundevadu. Now that you see any social media, he is writing greatly about acting. ‘What’s wrong in the scene!’ Said. He would not have to die in such a short time without seeing everything. One thing unknown to the world is that Raghu is actually a good musician and singer. The focus is on ‘I can not do multitasking! I can not concentrate on acting and acting on others! ‘ Called. But a few days before dying, he shot a few videos. I have collected them and made them a recent video album. Rajinikanth unveiled it. For the sake of the program, our first time came to media
! He is studying for the third year in pre-mediate degree in America.


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