Grandmaster Shifuji: A Fake Soldier Who Had Everybody Fooled. Here’s All That You Need To Know.

Grandmaster Shifuji: A Fake Soldier Who Had Everybody Fooled. Here’s All That You Need To Know.

Many of you may have come across videos of a man named Grandmaster Shifuji, who claims to be a war veteran, on your WhatsApp and Facebook and other social media profiles.

In most of his dapper photos, he comes across as an elite army officer and is usually sporting army gear. Check out this video where he expresses his opinions:

He also claims to be the Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh. In one of his social media profiles, he has also claimed that he won an award titled Living legend – True patriot.

In some of his YouTube videos, he claimed to be Special Commando Trainer for Combatants of the Army’s Fighting Regiment or Special Anti Urban Terrorist Tactics Instructor for Mumbai Police.

He even declared himself the next Bhagat Singh.

However, the fact checking website, Alt News, has unravelled the mystery behind the man who claims to be a high ranking officer in the army. According to them, this man is not a soldier, and duped numerous Indians into believing he was.

When several people raised questions on his origins, he was forced to admit that he was never actually a part of the army. He even deleted some of his videos.

This man knew what would attract the public, he knew the kind of content that would appeal to them. That is why most of his videos consts of profanity and hatred for minor sections of the society.

After Alt News revealed the truth, Major Ashish Chaturvedi, President of Ex-Servicemen federation of Uttar Pradesh, filed an official complaint against him for sporting army uniforms despite not being a part of the army.

Wow. We really have nothing to say. This is shameful. What are your opinions?


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