Great job for IT workers!

New technologies have been unsuccessful
Already out of 200 people in the cognizant
Today is the trade department



Areas of interest to recent times

Social media, mobility, analytics, cloud  

The fields that the future is supposed to be good

Digital, Artificial, Internet of Things, Black Chain Technology, Automation


IT professionals should be constantly learning new technologies. Every 4-5 years demanding technologies vary. If you work in the same way for years, you have to prepare for fire. Fresh opportunities are available to those who have the skills to meet current demand. Hence the existing seniors must be careful. The information is already in the IT categories that the US company has already removed 200 senior cognizant and director’s positions this year.

thatRthikasystem, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, service sector companies… The design of the software, IT companies are responsible for the management of their respective services. Now more companies are going to digitize. In addition to banking, revenue and health care are the conditions for the development of Blackjack technology. IT companies are recruiting those who have the skills needed for these new types of tasks. Most of the sales are mobile phones. Many transactions are conducted through mobile phones in daily life. They are made with the artificial material (AAI). The AAI’s role in the cameras is undeniable. Institutions think that they will be able to advance and retain those new skills. Many of the traditional functions are moving towards automation, so far those who carry those tasks are entrapped. Companies are moving towards reducing employees in traditional areas and abolishing some posts. Institutions that do not like to drop veterans are trained and trained in new skills. However, some of these are just getting new skills and a new work ethic. The institutions do not hesitate in avoiding those who continue to do so in traditional ways. This is mainly due to high wage and lack of appropriate income in the traditional sectors. In this year, the director and the board of directors reported that Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) acted to take over 200 companies. They say 3-4 months remuneration is a compensation. The new Cognizant says that the cognizant has acted in harmony with digital technology.

Retirement age is decreasing

While living standards are improving, the average lifetime is going up, and some IT companies are cutting the ‘retirement age’. Industry sources have claimed that these measures are undertaken in order to reduce the high wages of seniors. Tech Mahindra’s decision to reduce the retirement age of small-scale employees from 58 to 55 years is an English newspaper.

The original problem of limited dying

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) said that the country’s IT sector will drop to double and double-digit growth. In 2018-199, 7-9 percent is expected to be grown. With the reduction in IT exports, growth in new hiring has also decreased. There are a limited number of campus options.


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