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Rajakrishnamurthy is the first Hindu person of Indian origin who has been elected to the House of Representatives from the states in the presidential election. He is also the first Tamil person to visit the Congress from the state of Illinois for the Democratic Party. Rajkrishnamurthy’s second time in the United States to win the victory in the second attempt without success in the first election.

Born on July 19, 1973, in Tamil Nadu, Krishnamurthy entered the United States at age. Princeton University received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Received a juris doctorate from Harvard Law School. Currently, ‘Sivanandanalabarate’ and ‘AP Solar’ are run by companies. His wife Priya is a doctor. He has two sons Vijay and Vikram. Daughter Sonia.

To win the election in the campaign, people should be impressed. We should feel the feeling of ‘our’ with wonderful speeches. We must assure you that all the time will be okay. Not in words … to practice them all in all. Raja Krishnamurthy will give good marks in this regard. Within the implementation of electoral strategies. Krishna Murthy was actively involved in campaigning during Obama’s two years of US legislation. He also served as the assistant in 2004. Election speeches were written. During the election of the Senate, he informed Obama about the country’s economy.

On the one hand, while maintaining its business responsibilities, on the other hand, was focused on the election. Four years ago, he lost from the 8th Congressional District of Illinois. In recent elections, Republican candidate Peter Digiani won. In the preliminary elections held in March earlier, 57 percent of the votes were cast. For some time, he served as Assistant Attorney General in Illinois. In addition, the Illinois Housing Development Authority headed the Audit Committee. Illinois served as deputy treasury for two years.

US President Obama also campaigned for Obama’s campaign to win Krishnamurti. His Indo-American friend asked the voters to vote for Krishnamurti and win. A 30 seconds long promotional video was created.

Krishna Murthy, who works in the business and politics of the service, is also grasping his generosity. A co-founder is a co-founder of the ‘Inspirory’ volunteer trainer for students in solar technology. Zika virus fought for the ‘Clean Anti Jika Funding Bill’ for the development of vaccines, to protect pregnant women and children.


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