India’srejected 115th rank

The World Bank, which releasedHuman Capital Index, which


Dilli: India ranked 115th on the Human Capital Index (Human Capital Index) released by the World Bank. India ranked 115th on the list of 157 countries based on various criteria. But India has declined this rank. “The Indian government has decided to deny the Human Capital Index report. We will continue to carry out good government programs for human capital development. The goal is to give a good life to all children, “the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

The Human Capital Index shows the productivity of the next generation. They are equipped with full standard education and good health. According to the human capital indicator released today, 44 per cent of children born in India now have to be productive. Compared to males in India, HSBC is the best among women, according to a report released by the World Bank.



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