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It’s twenty years old dream ..!


The architect who constructed a nice building guided our hand in the building … how would it be if the construction of each part of the building was hammering the things that had influenced him? It looks like the director of the ‘beauty’ hero Rahul Ravindran ‘s’ chila sa’ In this movie, Rahul says that the film is a selfie from Selena. Selphiki redact the words …

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C. Earlier, Lulu Song was screened for the screening of Chennai from Chennai. Seeing the film, Amma is very proud of me in my hand. There is no sexually explicit subject. Wow! Said. Hiding there but … I did not cry that day! I am proud to say that ‘Chila Saw’ is a picture of women. We belong to a single woman as a daughter, a wife, and a wife and a mother who is the only child we see. In such a place … I dedicate my image to all those women who can achieve a reputation and respect for themselves. My mother, my little boy (Chinmay) and my friends are like this. 
Darsakudinayya ..!
I’ll be three years old. We were in Kolkata for some time. There is a large assembly on behalf of the Tamil literary association there. Contest for the young children. At about 350 people, I was on the platform and said that Ramayana was a little tale … I got the first prize. This is ‘because’ Naka’s scenes are lilac. Selling me repeatedly said things to you, ‘You have a good storyteller here!’ Antundedi. Mamma read the books by me. Ramayana and Maha India are the same characters that Amma has to appreciate! Her writings started writing stories from friends. 
In the eighth class …
Madin is the area of ​​Alwarpet in Chennai. Then there was the house of Mani Ratnam and the other Kamalhasan’s house. The two heroes of the movie ‘Leader’ have made films in all of us living in the area. I decided to become a director in the eighth class. But if you do not want to bother my dad ‘s daughter, So after graduation, I joined MBA at the mica company in Ahmedabad. Soon after, I did another PG course in marketing. Three-four years have done a good job somewhere … I thought my money was to try movies for a year with money. She has been appointed as chief marketing head on an FM in Mumbai. I started doing it. Then there was an unexpected opportunity. 
I am in the adverts …
One day in a restaurant in Mumbai I am in a lunch meeting with our client. Then come one and say ‘sar! We’re doing an ad. We want to have a corporate look like you. Can come to auditors! ‘ Said. I have no idea how to direct it … so … Okay. Director of the famous Hindi film ‘Khoslaka Gosla’ is the director of the corporate dubakar Banerjee! The ad was later made a Telugu ad for a maskito repellant company. After doing so many additions … I had the money I had hoped for. Immediately I resigned from the job and came to Mumbai from Chennai. I started to slip to Mani Ratnam and Gautam Menon’s office to give me the chance to be the helpers. They did not care. Tired of trying to get out of the way … Thinking of what’s going to happen, the director got a phone from Ravivarman’s office.
When you go to the 
director’s office, dialogue sheet in the hands of the good expressions said. He said … Are Assistant Directors here to have auditions! ‘ That. “Who said the assistant director? You are the heroine! Said. Eyes watched me. ‘How?’ If you ask me … I have seen the ad which I’ve seen before and selects the hero. That’s a way to become a director. The movie ‘Moskovil Kaveri’ has brought the film ‘Vimmengal’ to Hollywood. This is the character of my cerebral palsy! Well done. Hanuman Raghavapudi called it ‘Beauty’ The Telugu industry has made me own this film. I have taken home in Hyderabad. 
That was fulfilled…
Supporting role as ‘Shrimanutu’ and ‘Tiger’, I am doing the same thing as ‘how it works’. This experience is going to be like … as a director in my dreams. I already had two and three stories. I do not want to do anything! “I’m going to make myself a hero, but none of the producers do not take seriously … I think I’m daring to boost my career”. I told two stories to Sushant who met in a function. Vote for the love story. By him, the producers of Cirini Cine Corporation came forward. I completed the film in 32 days of shooting! I have done my dream to be a director for nearly 20 years. If Amma does not have a storyteller when she is a child, today is not the film ‘cs.show’! The rest of the movie is inspiring for this movie …
That girl … 
is the key to the bipolar mental problem in ‘ChilSau’! When I was doing MBA in Ahmedabad, I had to go to a telephone booth for a week. One time, it was seen on the phone in Tamil. “Boo! Our sweetheart! ‘ Feeling interesting, to begin with. One day, the lady talked to me in a big way … walking on the road with a running walk. He understood that his mood was not good. As soon as he saw them, they were forced into the house by their relatives. In the faces of their faces … the neighbors were watching me smiling and laughing at me. The girl had a bipolar problem. Neno decided to tell me about this issue if I made the film. 
This is the ‘our’ story …
As in the film, my friend was forced to marry at 27 years old. Voodoo was five years old and he was going to get married. In all, a marriage relationship is guaranteed. Before that, he saw another relationship … The wedding gestures were a little moderation. The story originated with the idea that if the marriage was successful, then how would it be? The hero is 27 years old … a boy who has not seen much of the world. Even if the heroine was a baby girl … she wanted to be 35 years old. With the rest of my mother alone, I made up the family burden for thirteen. I did not expect to be my spouse for the next few years of writing this story! 
Little girl …
When I came into films, Chinmayi is a big star of singing! Mani Ratnam ‘Amrutha’ is the fifteen. From then on she was a singer, dubbing artist. In the girl, there was a very mature, self-respecting and elegance. Our ancestor Padmachi was lonely. Dabbing to Lavavarka in ‘Beauty’ The film came to the screening. Our mother is the madman to be honored. On that day we saw Chinmayi and said, ‘How well do you sing …?’ Introduced as a work in the work. It has become the pioneer of our wedding! 
Sam … my girlfriend!
My debut film is ‘Moskovil Kaveri’? Since then I have been a good friend. ‘Chila Saw’ is finished with the movie No matter the difference, the director is not the director but the hero. Show me that movie … ‘ See ‘superb!’ Not only is it to say that the film is about ‘Chai’ (Nagachaitanya) key. He told them their father. Nagarjuna is the Annapurna institution, we are committed to being presenters by enterprises! It is also said that the film will be directed to another film before the release of the film. So … Thank you, Samantha !!

Did not talk for six months …

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With the following Li introduction, some Twitter conversations have been conducted between us. I’d like to update you after three months. Do not want to be ‘dating’, meet you friendly! ‘ Said. I do not want to stay in your friend’s zone ..! You say. Agreed. I think I have moved to Hyderabad. That distance increased the gap between us. There is not a single word for six months or more. On the Twitter page, Hyderabad is coming for a film dubbing. It is very sad to see it and say, ‘Come on at least in Hyderabad and say to me! So far away … anymore! ‘ I sent a message. ‘If it responds correctly … otherwise, it’s the same’. My good luck gave me a replay. Why do not you talk to me? ‘You did not speak … So you seem to have a different idea. So why do not you mean disturbing! ‘ Said. There is no hint of it … except for the truth. The thing that I liked in my mind is that it is about herself rather than herself. From that day onwards our bond has been hardened. If you want to get married, you have to go home. That’s all you know!

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