Know About What Is The Ideal Age Gap Between Couples

Know About What Is The Ideal Age Gap Between Couples

If you are a man who can successfully woo a woman who is 20 years younger than you, it could make you feel good, but wait! Experts say that a lot of gap isn’t advisable for a healthy and a stable relationship.Misunderstandings, conflicts, disappointments and even stamina issues may rock the boat soon if you wish to follow such an adventure.Recently many experts, researchers, psychologists and even social workers conducted a study to determine the ideal age gap between couples. Here are some things to know about the ideal age gap between couples.

1.Researchers state that the scope of separation increases when there is a very big age difference between the couple.

2.According to statistics, a gap of 20 years between the husband and wife could have 95% chances for a divorce. A gap of 10 years could reduce the probability to 40%. And when the gap is just 5 years, the risk of a divorce would be around 15%. Well, these numbers are arrived at after looking at divorce statistics.

3.But of course, there isn’t any need to worry if you are already in a relationship with lots of age gap between you two as there are some couples who manage to make it together for a lifetime. But their percentage is very low.

4.The problem with age gap is lack of understanding and empathy. The human psyche undergoes various stages of development in various stages of life. When couples fail to understand each other, the gap between them might increase.

5.Another aspect that could trouble couples is health condition. The ageing partner may not match up to the expectations of the young partner as time passes by.

6.It takes a very strong bond made of love and care to cement the relationship when the age gap is too huge.

7.Also, experts suggest choosing a partner depending upon your maturity levels and compatibility rather than going by looks alone. So, a man whose age is 60 years may be able to marry a woman of 25 years but will the bond last long? Not an advisable option, according to experts.

These are the things to know about the ideal age gap between couples.


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