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Today, Digital Technology, Bangalore: The Karnataka Technical Coalition has been making an effort to provide better employment to young intellectuals. The Karnataka government has planned to set up all of the 24 cities in Catech (Karnataka Technology) hubs while in secondary and tertiary cities. According to Karnataka IT & Beatti Department, Bangalore Startup Companies are worth Rs 1,18,000 crore in the current year. At present, there are 5,000 unemployed firms across the state with the objective to increase the number to 20,000 by 2025. Karnataka Industries Industries Secretary Gaurav Gupta said at a meeting of the Karnataka IT Innovation in Bengaluru today that he is sponsoring younger intellectuals with an annual budget of Rs. Israel, France, Japan, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, America, England, The future of the enterprise is becoming more glorious as a result of the agreements made with Switzerland. The firms run by the youth who are participating in this joint venture in Bengaluru provide employment to hundreds of people.

* Gramari factory, which provides essential commodities for home, has provided employment to 60 people in the last two years. Kartik, a 28-year-old MBA graduate, is the company that supplies products to city customers through the Internet. 160 essential commodities distributed directly by the farmers without purchasing grain directly from the farmers. Karthik explained that there are some booming jobs in the beginning of the year. The ‘Agri Tour’ entrepreneur also envisages the development of agriculture for the employees and school students working in corporations, with the start of young agricultural graduates. The company, which has opened only four, now offers more than 400 unemployed people.

Smart Smart Work, which provides 500 people with ‘ 
SmartWork’, provides employment to over 500 people. Established by the 32 year old Shashidhar Jakkali, this institution will come from overseas and arranged for the benefit of the entrepreneurs to provide them with financial assistance. Started with just 20 people, the company now offers employment to hundreds of people.

The science 
and technology science organization (INPF) creates knowledge creations with the worst of the products, Experiments with damaged pens, strokes and batteries can give children an understanding. The entrepreneur who enjoys the lowest investment is employing those who have read the general degrees. In addition to these, Rapid Prototyping ThreeDesigning, Automation Inspection Robotics, etc


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