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Meals in Burma … sleep in India!


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‘This is an incredible ceremony. A rare celebration of the name of a bird The same Nagaland Hornbill Festival. Contemporary traditions, rituals, and sculptures that can be seen in a variety of tribes are the most spectacular platforms that can be viewed simultaneously, ‘said Koilada Ramadhan Rao of Anakapalli.

some tourist places in and around Thoothukudi But if you want to know about the culture and civilizations of the people, there should go to the celebration. This time, we were allocated time to the Nagaland Hornbill Festival in our tour. After touring Guwahati, Meghalaya, and Manipur, it will leave Coimbatore, Nagaland, Imphal. Indians must take permission to enter Nagaland. It is called the Inner Line Permit. Kohima is very crowded. Even though greening is done. First, the high jaffu went to the peak. From there you can see all the city. Then we visited the Kohima War Cemetery, Naga Bazaar, Zoo, and State Museum. Christianity is more in northeastern states. The new year celebrations will start two months there. In the meantime, the NGOs are advocating the culture, arts, and education of generations. Love for nature is greater. Nadalani is very fond of the mountains and valleys. They do not cause disruption. That’s why their towns are solely Pallas and they are good hunters. Warriors. Good farmers too.

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Hill state! 
This state specializes in the stretching of the hills. The highest peak in the state is 3826 meters. From the plane or the helicopters, the rivers Dhansiri, Doyang, Dikka, Milk, Tiju and Junky are very beautiful. The climate here does not exceed 34 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is below 4 degrees. So you can visit all the seasons.

Dimapur is a historic predecessor. This is the only city in the state with the availability of flight. There are also fragments of broken fortresses where there is a direct evidence of the devastation of Ahom in the 13th century. In Dhefe village, arranged for handicrafts, the goods in the shops are tied to the eyes. The Rangapahar Forest Reserve of Sivamandirani went to the famous Mokokchung town in the state. The name given to the tribe of Evo is here. Due to their traditions, the place is known as the main tourist spot in Nagaland. The rhododendrons are visible on the hills of Longchamp. The celebrations for the Nagas are high. That’s why some villages have been organized for the celebration. Something like that.

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Sixty wives! 
Later on to the Konyak Nanga, the tailor-made tattoos went to the hometown of Mon. There is a lot of cruelty in them. Their teeth are black. The kingdom is still in this tribe. There is a boundary village near Longwa where the king (Ang) lives near the border. That is why he is eating in Burma and sleeping in India. The ruler of the past had 60 wives. All these villagers are citizens in both countries. That’s why they go to Burma for jobs. Where the houses were decorated with skulls bulls. The folks who are faced with hysteria, the heads of the enemies of the past also decorate the house. From there the carvings and the ‘Veda’ peak of the well-known Shankanigu village went to the village.

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The Wokha district, which is known for the Orchid Farms. The dam has been built on the Donyan River in Rifiyam village in the district of Lotha tribe. From there the village called the Khonoma Green Village went to the village of Kisama, where the Hornbill ceremony took place.

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Hornbill beautiful ravine. Ahead hat with a greenish combination of pusuponnarange, a large long sloping tip, black feathers, and a white tail. Very smart. That is why it is the favorite of the Nagas. The old generations chased it and killed and were eaten and it was almost exhausted and reminiscent of the latter. They gave it a special place in cultural activities.

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There are sixteen tribes in Nagaland. The state government has made a mark on the date of December 2, 2000, to reflect the unity of diversity. The festival of Nagaland has increased due to the festival of tourism. It can be said that all the features of the lifestyle and customs of the tribes come to the same stage and tell the whole world. There are millions of tourists from all over the world. Videsiyulekkuva.


12 km to Kohima A heritage village was built on a small hill at Kisama village, Prime Minister and President are invited to be the main guests. The main attraction of the festival is the sixteen camps. Each tribe is assigned a camp and sets up a show that reflects the lifestyle of the camp. They can find their households, methods, and equipment used for cooking and farming. They are very excited about the details. They all speak good English. There are candies that offer flavors to each camp nearby. When the guests came up, they woke up with a mouthpiece like a horn broom. The governor, who was the chief guest of the day, was decorated by some of the Adivasis with their costume and the governor started a celebration by hitting a wooden hammer on a hanging metal plate.

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The stage is decorated with beautiful flowers. The visual representation of the ancient history of the Naga tribes has impressed everyone. The self-confrontation between the tribes of the past and the coat of arms was shown as a heartbeat. Many of those clashes saw the death of the local shores. At the end of the show, the end of the show is that when some people move together and consolidate all the tribes to establish harmony between the tribes. The second is a hornbill. A young man appeared in Hornbill dress and a few other hunters. If the hunters ruthlessly hunt over them, the bird watched the bird for self-defense. Later, the various tribal dance performances were performed.

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Chilli chili! 
The main competition was the King Chilli Eating Competition. It was surprising that the competitors were eating such hot peppers. The Greyzed Bombing Climbing Contest is something like that. Around 25 feet high bamboo sticks are sown in the soil. They are well laid out with grease. Naga teenagers dressed in the niche, compete to reach the end of the bamboo stick. As the slippery climbs all the area with the grocery grooves they fall. The Head Hunters Show also praised. Ten days are so festivals. Naga Rockband, Flower Show, Sheff Competition, Motor Race are notable among them.

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Mys are selfishly carnivals. Efforts were made to keep the predator’s meat inadequate. That’s where the smoked meat is born. The meat is hung in the kitchen and arranges a fire for two to three feet. The fire is placed from one day to two weeks depending on the need. Thus, the meat that is stored for a year can be prepared. There are many types of dishes. Bamboo sprouts are mostly eaten. Bamboo is often used for eating and drinking. The combination of fermented rice with a mixture of ragi (ricebird). This is a unique taste of bamboo. That’s why I spent three days in the ceremony and the night bazaars returned, and I was so happy that Nagaland looked closer to the people.

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