Development mantra! Rs 50 crore jobs in the last touches to plans, as proposed by the endorsement of the working world are moving quickly to the city today, Hyderabad

The development of the metropolis is going to be faster and faster. With the arrival of the government of the state in the state, the higher urban development plan is expected to take longer to run. It is likely that the re-election process will be resumed soon after the announcement of the election notification. Officials have made it clear that they have already submitted proposals for different development programs, discussing them and making decisions. The government has already prepared to spend Rs 50,000 crore for the capital, including strong roads, highways, park development, pond purification, sewerage, expansion of water, drinking water supply, metro route expansion, other public transport systems,

The city of Hyderabad is very well developed. The government has begun to meet the needs of urban citizens as well. Encouraging the construction sector on one side … on the other hand focused on infrastructure development. Large amounts of offices, hospitals and other commercial operations have been granted construction permits. This is the evidence for the development of the existing minespace in high tech. At this point, the motorists were once trapped in traffic trap. Now that’s not the case. The roads are dumped by a wide open underpass, a roadway and another overwhelming bridge. Underpass has been provided with improved services near the AyyappaSosity crossroads. The GHMC Plan has been designed to construct elevated rotator connecting the sides of the sculpture at all sides. The project, which is another step ahead of high-techy, is currently being considered for some reason. When it is fired, traffic jams at the crossroads will be complete. Later on the biodiversity campus will be a two-stage high-rise structure. The construction of a bridge with a cost of Rs. Construction work has already begun from Botanical Garden Road to Kondapur. There are a lot of development work around the junction of ElBinagar. Their value is Rs 3,000 crore and another Rs 3,000 crore road development works are in the tenders stage, according to the GHMCC. They have been taken under the EssarDeep, which is an estimated cost of Rs 25,000. 800 km from Hyderabad, which has 10,000 km of roads. There are floods on both sides of the roads. The proposal was sent out with the requirement to increase them to at least 3,000 km. All roads have to be constructed for wardrobe and cable wires on either side. Water resources has provided a variety of proposals for the development of drinking water supply system. The surgeon has already announced several times to expand the metro rail line. Uppal will be developed by another IT city. The official administration hopes that other projects in the stages of the proposal will begin soon, as the old surgeon’s returns continue to improve in the past.

* The government says there is more demand for office space in Bangalore than Bangalore and Chennai. 
* The city now has 9 crore square foot office space. 
* Another 4 crore square feet of construction 
* Four years ago IT exports worth Rs 57 lakh crore 
* Presently Rs 97 lakh crore


Thepay $ 3 million to the Court ordered the Pornstar totrump

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has been relieved in court. The federal judge dismissed the defamation suit filed by Porn Star Stereo. In addition, the court ordered to pay Trump $ 3 million (about Rs 2 crore) of legal expenses. This was a complete victory for the trump by his team of advocates.

The US District Judge James Otero said the judgment was to this extent. Attorney’s fees and other legal expenses were ordered to pay the Daniels Trump at $ 2,94,052. This is 75 percent of the amount required for the trump. Daniel filed a defamation suit claiming that Trump had done his deterioration in the past with him. The judge was beaten by Daniel’s petition. However Daniel’s attorney Michael Aveneti again appealed to the verdict. Pornstar Stormy Daniels has previously revealed that he has a physical relationship with Trump but he has signed a contract with him not to say that out.

Will anyone go with 300 bags for meeting? Eddie questioned Mallya’s lawyer

MUMBAI: Will anyone go for 300 bags in a big boat? The Enforcement Directorate has questioned Mallya’s lawyer. His lawyer denied the allegation that Mallya fled the country. Mallya’s lawyer, Amit Desai, told the special court in Mumbai that Mallya did not leave the country on March 2016 and was scheduled to attend a function in Geneva. “Mallya did not go secretly. He had left the country according to the previous plan. He went to the World Motor Sport event in Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland, “Desai said.

Desai’s comments were rejected by the EDC Council DN Singh. He added that he did not show any credentials as the meeting was going on. Will anyone go for a meeting with 300 bags in a special ship? Mallya questioned the lawyer. He did not attend to Mallya for several times to attend the inquiry. Three times nonbibular arrest warrants have been issued against him.

Mallya’s advocates responded to the notices sent by Edu. But he did not answer when he would come to India, Singh said. The London Westminster Court has issued a mandate to hand over Mallya to India, but Eid alleges that he was not informed about when and how he would come to India.

Blackboards-like systems in 26 trains

Dille: Railway ministry on Wednesday informed the Parliament that it had set up a network like Blackbucks, as well as in trains. Minister of State for Railways Rajan Gohnain said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha that the loco cab audio and video recording systems were set up in diesel and electronic locomotives. He said the system has already been set up in 26 locomotives. In the 2018-19 budget to set up such a system, Rs 100.40 crore was sanctioned, he said.

Recently, the Railways had announced that the black box system would be set up in trains to analyze the causes of any accidents. Management, audio and video recording systems were introduced in trains to accurately assess human errors. Loco cab voice recording (LVVR) devices were set up on engines.

The bus driver who came in an ambulance and issued a holiday

Chennai, New Delhi: A government bus driver was forced to leave the ambulance after the authorities had not been granted leave and the incident happened in Erode district. Today, Babu (35) is a bus driver from the state transport corporation for five years. He was admitted to a private hospital in Malalamamparampu on Tuesday due to health problems. His wife, Malachodi, went to the Zonal Office office of Chennimalai Road and told the Branch Manager. She asked for her husband’s leave. But it was reported that the official was Saseemira. On Wednesday, Babu went to the road transport company Zonal Office with his wife and son in an ambulance in a private hospital where Babu is being treated. From there, the Branch Manager directly interpreted his situation and requested him to leave for the hospital and returned to the hospital in the ambulance.

CM race .. candidates for Dilli

Dilie: In Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the selection of chief ministers is not yet exciting. The negotiations that took place in the state till night have reached Dilli. In Madhya Pradesh, Kamalnath’s name is much more likely to be settled. In Rajasthan, there is no clarity yet. Meanwhile, Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ashok Gahloth and Sachin Pilot arrived in Dili yesterday with their teams to discuss the selection of Chief Ministers. They will discuss with Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress appointed its senior leaders as observers for the selection of chief ministers. AK Antony sent Madhya Pradesh and Casey Venugopal to Rajasthan. The report was prepared by the newly-elected party MLAs in their respective states. With this report, Dille arrived back on Wednesday night. Congress sources said that after the meeting with Rahul, the party will hold talks with the candidates in the race.

Kamalnath CM .. Scindia deputy!

On the other hand, the Madhya Pradesh chief minister appears to be almost clear. The party’s credible sources claim that the CPI (M) leader Kamal Nath is likely to be in favor of Congress supremo. Jyotiraditya Scindia wants to be the Deputy Chief Minister. Rahul Gandhi is likely to reveal the final decision today.

TulsiBabard in US presidential election?

Washington: The first woman elected to the US Congress, Tulasi Gabbard, has said that it is very serious to contest elections for the post of president. She seems to be preparing for the upcoming presidential election in 2020. She was elected to the House of Representatives for a four-time Democratic Party from Hawaii. When asked by a news agency about the presidential election, she replied that she would consider the presidential election seriously.
If Thalassi Gabbard gets elected in the presidential election, he will become the first Hindu in the presidential election. If she won the 2020 election, she would be the youngest and youngest woman ever to be president. “There is concern over the way my country is going. I’m thinking too much about this, “Gabbard told reporters. To win the presidential election in 2020, Gabbard will first have to compete with its own Democratic Party leaders in the primary election. Over the past few weeks, Gabbard has met several times with party leaders. Indo-Americans are taking the view on this issue.

If the votes do not go to the Nota, can the results change? More votes to the note than those who won the winning majority

Jaipur: Nota has had a strong impact on almost 15 constituencies in Rajasthan. Most of the votes in the constituency have lost more votes than the majority of the votes won by these constituencies. That means the votes of the candidates could change if the votes were lost to the mainstream parties. The loss of the Congress or the BJP wins in seven to eight constituencies has lost all the votes.
Health Minister Kalicharan won from Malaviya Nagar constituency with a margin of 1704 votes. There were 2371 votes for the Nota. In Assam constituency, BJP candidate Jabbar Singh won the Congress candidate by just 154 votes. There are 2943 votes for the note. An independent candidate in the Marwar junction seat was defeated by a margin of 251 votes. There were 2719 people pressing the note button. In another constituency, the BJP candidate Dharmendra Kumar won the Congress candidate by 278 votes. There were 2441 votes for the nota. In Rajasthan, there are 199 Assembly seats, Congress 99 and its ally RLD one, BJP 73, BSP 6, CPM2, Independent candidates 13 and other parties 5. The Congress is ready to form a government after the merger of 100 seats with the Congress and RLD.

Submarine protector system into the Navy

MUMBAI: The Indian Navy has been the first to secure the ability to protect staff trapped in submarine submarines. The Deep Submargense Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) is an advanced tool that has been added to the market last Wednesday. With this, India has joined the very few countries with this capability. Naval officer Admiral Sunil Lamba has introduced DSR in a program in Mumbai on Wednesday. This is a crucial event, “he said. The navy has spent several years working to secure the ability to protect submarines. The DSRV was named INS Nistar. It will be put in Mumbai. The INS Nerickshik also has another DSRV and it will be kept in Visakhapatnam. DSRV services are available to all countries. This tool can save 14 people at once. DSRs are deployed on special vessels ‘Mother Ship’.

The French Revolution And Napoleon


by ‘divine right’ without recognising any dependence on, or partnership with, the body of the nation, and which controlled France through its officials and its bureaucracy; the richest, the most splendid, and life had most influential of the monarchies of Europe. The vigour and life had largely passed away from it. The mistakes and the defeats of Louis XIV and  the vices and follies of Louis XV in part account for this. But the institution of autocratic monarchy no longer corresponded to the ideas or the needs of the time. The example of the Government of Great Britain was by reason of its success a great force throughout the century,  and the time was soon coming when it would be necessary for all the governments in one way or another to take the people into partnership, On the eve of the Revolution the old system of government in France was almost without defenders. There was an almost universal aspiration after something new; all classes were touched in different ways by the new spirit, and the King himself was in sympathy with much of the humanitarian ideas of the time. What these new ideas were we will shortly examine. It is plain of that the complete victory of the Monarchy over all rivals itself contributed to its overthrow and to the completeness of the triumph of the Revolution. When the central government was once overthrown there was no further resistance possible. The defenders of the old system-of what is usually called the old regime-were few. and they had no institutions through which they could work. France was, as it were, dominated by a single fort, and, when that fell, there was no further resistance.

The social system of France had many features common to many European states as well as some peculiar to herself. The population was divided-as most European populations were-into the privileged and the unprivileged classes. The Clergy, the Nobility, and those connected with the Court were the privileged and belong to an exclusive society from which the rest of the inhabitants of France were shut out. They did not, indeed, govern France; for the Monarchy had found its most dangerous rivals in the nobles, and had in its triumph excluded them from the most important administrative posts. But they and the Clergy and the countries enjoyed very considerable social privileges. They were exempt from many taxes that were paid by the unprivileged; the nobles alone were eligible for the higher ranks of the army and formed the Court that shone with such great splendor at Versailles. The twentieth century has outlived most of the German States, in Poland, and in Russia. Not was the social condition of the people exceptional either in the taxation fell upon the inhabitants of the villages and the peasantry. The peasants, though it increased the peasant proprietorships of France, did not, by any means, originate them. This class, which since the Revolution has


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