Pakistan gives one dollar

American ambassador Nicky Haley has revealed that American soldiers have been killed by the terrorists because of the terrorist attacks in Pakistan. She said that the United States will give a dollar to the country until it strives to stop Pakistani terrorism. There is no need for funding for countries that are damaging to the United States. Speaking to a magazine called ‘The Atlantic’, Nicky said strategic vision on what countries to consider as partners and what sides to work with in some countries.

Nicky said he thought it would be better to give funds to Pakistan to blindly believe that it is not appropriate to give up funds. Pak has not taken any action against the terrorists. In September, the US administration announced a $ 300 billion military aid to Pakistan. Nicky Hayley will be leaving the US ambassador to the US at the end of this year. US President Donald Trump recently nominated the Chief State Department official for this post, former Fox News journalist Heather Narrate. In October, Heli announced that he would step out of office. For two years she served as an ambassador for the US.


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