Provide a better PRC for the commission of the job unions

District Secretariat, Newest: The past ten Parsis have come. 
Employees have expressed their desire to send the Wage Amendment Committee to the district and receive complaints on employees’ issues. 
Wage Amendment Commission Chairman Ashutosh Mishra and Secretary Papparavu came to the district. 
On Thursday morning, demands were received from job boards in the charter hall of the collectorate. 
There are many types of job losses in the government departments and teachers who do not have to pay a wage change. 
Leaders of their respective organizations requested a better PRC. 
First spoke to the leaders of the job unions. 
Having heard. 
We will examine your listening. 
The chairman said that it will work for the implementation of the PRC under the provisions of the Government.
Problems like this. 

Serving employees in state government departments have increased service from 58 to 60 years. 
Members of the Association District Secretary Garechannappa, Secretary Venkataramana and other members of the committee requested that the fourth class employees of the same government departments from 60 to 62 years should be increased, 30 per cent in towns, 17.5 per cent in municipalities and 15 per cent for mandal workers. .
* In 
order to implement a new PRC from July 8, 2018 to increase the municipalities from 8 km to 15 km, to allow female teachers to grant two child leave allowances, 152 orders for grievance schools, to apply the remaining teachers to 11th Parsi, renew the new pension system, To restore, grudge 
Log on to increase the limit of Rs 25 lakh raghuramireddi epitieph president, the secretary of state deltas, chairman, secretaries mutyalappa, asokkumar, Apte gopalreddi the president, the general secretary of one screen, vaiesartipi obulapati state general secretary of the Chairman of the requests were given separately.
* We are 
implementing the functions of IOWS in ICDS. 
EPDP has been paid equal pay until 2004 Basic. 
ICDS Supervisors Association Bharati, Umarini, Sarada and Kondamma Mora have been asked to pay Rs 1700 less than Basic from the BCC.

Police have no holidays. 
We are constantly working. 
There is no good reward for labor. 
AP Policemen ‘Association President Triloknath, Vice President Ravikumar, Shekhar and other members requested the chairman of the commission to grant a 20% Risk Allowance and 30 liters of petrol allowance at the base of the 11th PRC.

Employees who retired in government departments are suffering from pension. 
At least family pension is to be paid Rs 13,000 and a fitness of 55 per cent according to the increased price, to grant a quantum of pension, age of parental dowry, the death of a family pension for daughters over 45 years of divorce, family security fund schemes in Tamil Nadu, To raise from Rs 
ID, a memorandum of 27 demands peddanagaud pensioners association president, secretary BASWARAJU, which was presented to the other members.

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