Ranveer Singh now has a stake in profits

Ranveer Singh now has a stake in profits

Ranveer Singh is on a huge high with three back to back blockbusters Padmaavat, Simmba and the hugely acclaimed Gully Boy that is running to packed audiences in theatres across the world. Ranveer delivered a rare feat last year as he single-handedly delivered over 500 crore at the box office in a calendar year and this incredible success rate has meant his equity to multiply hugely. We have now got to know that Ranveer, from Simmba onwards, has been on a profit share with his producers – something only the big superstars of our generation command.

“Ranveer is no longer the heir apparent. He is the superstar of this generation as his track record of delivering blockbusters show. And he has been delivered blockbusters consistently. Post Padmaavat, which saw his performance propel the film to shatter several box office records, Ranveer’s equity has seen a meteoric rise. A first choice of producers and directors, Ranveer now has a substantial pie of the profits and filmmakers are sweetening the deal for him by offering him a big margin!” reveals a top trade source.

For 83, in which Ranveer is playing Kapil Dev, the producers have structured a lucrative deal for Ranveer that sees him get an extensive profit share.

“Ranveer’s on top form with back to back blockbusters and from Simmba he has been getting a major percentage of profit share. Kabir Khan’s 83 has a big profit percentage carved out for Ranveer. In fact, for all films going forward, Ranveer will have profit share chalked out for him. Only the big superstars of our times have been able to command this status and Ranveer has reached this place in just 8 years. It’s an incredible success story,” the source adds.

The trade informer also reveals how profit sharing is a boon for the producers. “Ranveer’s price is bound to soar. It is a normal career and price trajectory for any big superstar. However, superstars like Ranveer have got more conscious about not over-burdening the film with their price and Ranveer is a very conscious actor who doesn’t believe in front loading a film. He is confident of what he brings to the table as an actor and a star, he is a collaborative person and it’s very good that he wants the film to do well first and then have a share of profits. It only shows that he stands by his decision to do a film and for the producers too it’s a huge win win because they have an invested actor who is committed to deliver the best for a film first and not just think about his price. Aamir, Salman both work on this model and it’s only fair for these superstars to get a piece of the pie when they give their lives to a project.”


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