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Honeywell, a company providing manufacturing and software services in rackets, aircraft, heavy industries, etc. The Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy (HLCA) operates in the United States for its employees’ children. Rohit Tirumalaseetti, the Hyderabadi boy who went to this event this year, shared his experiences with us


Ha Neville has developed and research disciplines in different countries around the world. India is one. HLCA is administered by 16 to 18 years in their employees to promote stem (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects. It is the United States Space and Rocket Center (USSRC) platform in the state of Alabama in the United States. It is a subsidiary of NASA. There is a rocket science research unit, a rocket launch pad, and a museum. I am one of 162 chosen for this year’s HCLA. Of all the 23 selected from India, I have been from Hyderabad. ‘How is this program useful to you?’ The answers to questions such as the habits, other attachments, goals, etc. are selected for this.

That’s my goal … 
my father is a former employee of the Air Force. He listens to most of the planes and racquets. As a result, the interest in them grew. Honeywell every year will have a recognition day. The family members will be able to see the activities of their employees directly. So, once again, I am aiming to be a scientist in the aerospace department. At present, I am doing a Diploma in Automobile (Second year-SGM Polytechnic College). I thought it would be better to study and study in aeronautical or aerospace division.

HLCA will mainly have their tasks using science, mathematics, coding and engineering skills. Our program was held on March 2-8. On February 28, we left the US. In New Jersey, my uncle had two weeks of radios at home and moved to the USSRC on the second date of March. The afternoon of all the students arrived in the afternoon. After lunch, the whole campus was shown. In the evening there was a football player on the field. We have got to know each other on that field. The next day, all of us divided into 10 groups. Everybody has a jumpsuit. The program is all that dressed up. Then we gave it to us. The original training started after lunch on the second day. What is rocket science, first who launches rockets, what are the benefits of this?

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The rocket was made … the 
the third day began to give challenges. On the flight simulators were taken. These are cockpits that are really in flight. The aircraft said things like take off, drive and landing for three hours. The first challenge is to give you the bombs on a virtual basis while driving a simulator. Three of them have formed a team and have completed the challenge. Which
If we operate on a simulator, we will have a plane running on SmartTra. The task to coordinate with the other two. Then it really seemed to be on the fighter plane. On the fourth-day Shuttle Launch told about the model rocket to be prepared and launched. In addition to the material needed, the book of Physics was given to us. We have taken the measurements of various devices and cut the objects and made the model racket. We also launched it. It is well known. That’s why we learned about the rocket performance. Taught the necessary chips for the rocket launch. The film is on the back of the rockets.

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Got floating …
The fifth day went to the big room called Gee (Gravitational Force). There you can experience the gravity on different planets. We were shown on the moon. With the help of the belt of a sponge, we found ourselves in the room and after that, the body was not in our control. The hands and feet are not moving. Only the strength of the force can move. ‘I’ve been so easy, I’ve got to know what’s going on,’ then it’s learned science. The next evening, ‘Space Next’ shows … how much of the story is and what the imagination is. We have learned about the sixth day of the International Space Station. There was a dried spinach that showed astronomers where food was taken. If it is in the steam, it becomes hot. To eat it. Earth is the only planet to survive on Earth after planet Earth. So NASA focuses mainly on the development of rockets capable of moving there. Saying, ‘You are not the first people on Mars.’ Last night we all talked fun together. Evening dinner and graduation took place. We stayed there for the night and came out early in the morning.


Life lessons …
We have seven – one room for seven. If you go from room 7 to 7 in the morning every day back to the room eight. Specialists in different fields were speaking at the time of day and evening. Oroju Gibson, aerospace scientist arrived. He has also participated in 35 missions, including the Apollo missions. Another day NASA spokesman arrived. Another day, the University of Alabama professor came and told about the flight and space in the space. During each challenge, they were trained to a level. That’s why it’s got to do something on your own. Only the planes will fly in the gallows and the racquets only know that they can go into space. This program is well known about the science behind them. When racquets are flying in space, the force becomes thousands of degrees. We learned how to make any capsules to cope with that heat. We saw the capsule used in the Apollo Mission in the museum.

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All around the world are friends
This time the program has come to 35 countries. Most of them are Americans. The next point is ours. Our group includes the Smriti Iyer of Bengal, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, and the Americans. One of them is more than one person in terms of talent. Learn from one another and work together. Learn how easy it can be, without any complicated challenge. Speaking to the group members, they learned the culture of their respective countries. I have not worked anywhere till now. But 80% of those who were there were some of them working at the school. Georgia girl has a jewellery website. He has his college fees. Some are doing part-time jobs. Some say tuitions. It was astonishing to see how parents were doing good jobs. China, Thailand and other Asian countries, too, depend on our parents.

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The American girl is playing football. Even if the passes are taken correctly. I know how long they saw in the games. Brasilo Bruno in our group was a good friend to me. The boy plays football well. I read in Hyderabad Public School. There he was playing football. Brazil’s football player, Neyyar, became aware that I liked it and our friendship became stronger. We’re in touch now. That’s why they came from all over 35 countries. There were so many days of cooking and cooking. I like doing a new food tire. He loved everything.

The tour went to New York and saw the Statue of Liberty, Times Square. I have been tested since mid-March. That’s why the program came to completion. But some of us come from India with an extra 10-15 days. That’s just a bit disappointing. The tour is reminiscent of all the rest of the tour.


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