Shahid Afridi Vs Sachin Tendulkar: Who’s daughter is more Beautiful?

Today I have brought an interesting article Shahid Afridi Vs Sachin Tendulkar- who’s daughter is looking more beautiful. let me share this post with all of you here

Shahid Afridi Vs Sachin Tendulkar: Who's daughter is more Beautiful?

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Let me tell you that Pakistani cricket player Shahid Afridi has four daughters from his marriage to Nadiya & she was the cousin sister of Afridi. Recently one of his daughter was spotted at an event whose name is Ansha & she is really very pretty & good looking girl.

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Coming to Indian Master Blaster cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also has two kids from his marriage to Dr Anjali. His daughter neme is Sara Tendulkar & she looks like a beauty queen as shown in the below picture.

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Let me tell you that Sara Tendulkar is so beautiful that often she’s compared to top Bollywood actresses in India. many of her photos went viral on the internet & social media sites.

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Now what do you say about thus article guys? According to you who is looking more beautiful Sara Tendulkar or Ansha?

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