Special thanks to all the people who won the TRS victory with the money and alcohol influence Congress Party candidate Gundrat Sujata

Bhuktapur, Newstedi: Special thanks to all the voters who voted for the Congress in this election, said party candidate Gundrat Sujata. Claiming to be the head of the public judgment. At a meeting held on Wednesday at a residence of former Minister C Ramachandra Reddy in the district headquarters, she claimed that Telangana had won the money and money. He said that the opposition’s strong opposition to the ruling party was bought with money and liquor. Explained that the party will fight with the government to address their problems and to address their problems. AICC member Dr Nareshawadav said that the victory is natural and the party will respect the judgment of the party. The party will work on the needs of the people in the coming days and the party will be opposing the anti-people. Some welfare schemes have won TRS. The Election Commission has also been unable to work properly and hundreds of votes have been reported. In the allotment of the seat, Siddhartha was somewhat unsuccessful and it was not too late for the campaign to get a long-term seat. In the future, such situations will be brought to the attention of the top viewers. In the next assembly, the Congress party’s victory in the local and parliamentary elections will focus on future activity from today. The Party will work for the development of Adilabad district. Former minister C.Ramachandra Reddy said that the ticket was made to anyone, and Tera Sujata was ticketed and all worked together and worked hard to win the Congress party. We will work to meet in the next election. At the meeting, former municipal chairman Digambar Rao Patil, former councilors Gudipelle Nagesh,


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