SPP stayed in the post of Nirmammati out of the landmine blast

G.Matula, Newsted: District SP Atato Babuji stayed on Wednesday night at Nirmhati police out post in G.Mattal Mandal. Police and a tribal wounded Maoists in a landmine blast near the village of Vandrangula near Out Post. On the day of the incident, SP Babuji went to G.Mamagala on Wednesday to review the situation in the field and proceeded to Nummarti Outpost. Arrested by a landmine blast The area was examined. The SP’s visit in the Maoist-dominated areas was kept confidential by the police. Nirmermi and G.Mattala were checked in the squares. SP also accompanied OSD Krishnaravu, DSP Rajkumar and Esai Ramarao.

Weeks to express existence 
SPD ATADA Babuji said that Maoists have been conducting weekly events to protect their existence in the digital and visa areas. He issued a statement following the announcement of the PLA (People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army) week starting from December 2. The weeks of the Maoists’ celebrations have no benefit to the tribals. Maoist Uday’s widow Meena has died in the past. SP remembered that the wife of Nandasir Reddy alias Gopal’s widow Annapurna, Pudabai area committee member Mudali Sona alias Kiran, and others surrendered to her by surrendering herself. The innocent tribals are entangled with the words and songs, The SP said that their future was being ruined by participating in illegal anti-corruption activities. The Maoists are trying to kill them and kill them as an informer. Babuji asked the police to keep full intelligence on these weekly festivals and inform the police if anybody is doing illegal acts or suspicious.


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