Supreme Court verdict: Reliance Jio shock


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today ruled that a private court and a telecom service provider would not be able to collect Aadhaar data and it is not mandatory to link Aadhar to their respective companies. The Supreme Court dismissed sections 33 (2), sections 57 and 47 of the Supreme Court. The verdict has shifted to Reliance Geo, which is in the telecom market. When Geo entered the market, Geo Sims offered customers a simpler Audar-based Authentication with moments. This makes Geo SIM cards more readily available to customers. As a result, the number of users has also increased to Geo. So that’s why Geo sensation, still continues on the market. Geo has always been at the forefront of adding new customers.

But with the Supreme Court cutting off the Aadhaar-based Authentication, Geo will drop heavily on new customers. Foreign Brokerage Analyst said that the introduction of geo customers in the coming months would be decline. If you want to buy a SIM card, customers will have to spend more time on the verification process, which will increase the cost of consumers. Analysts say customers will lose interest in selecting Geo. The expansion of the Geo is also critical to the company. Not only Geo, other companies like the PATM and Mobichek digital service providers and other third-party companies, but the Supreme Court has also said. Analysts claim that the Supreme Court will completely reverse the Aadhaar-based authentication and may also be negative for the companies.



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