The American ambassador to the United Nicky


Nicky Haley, the newly appointed US ambassador to the United Nations, was the first non-white woman to decorate her post. She is the governor of the Republican Party of South Carolina. Nicky’s new president, Donald Trump, was appointed as US ambassador to the United Nations. She is the most widely spoken attitude on many issues. This is a passion that gave her the opportunity to be appointed as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Governor of South Carolina

Her parents from Punjab, India, settled in America. Nicky was born on January 20, 1972. Father Ajit Singh Randhava, mother Rajkaur. The real name is humility. But the little girl in childhood is called nicknamed ‘Nicky’. She is internationally known by that name. Her family settled in Bamberg, South Carolina. Nicky entered politics and joined the Republican Party. In 2010 he was elected governor of South Carolina. In 2014 he was elected as governor. Between 2005-2011 he held a delegation from Lexington County in the House of Representatives.

Rising star at the Republican Party

Nikki is the RisingStar in the Republican Party. Political scholars believe that they will be eligible to compete for the presidency of the future. Party sources said her name was considered by the US Vice President in 2012. In 2016, her candidacy was proposed by the party’s key leaders. However, Nicki did not show interest. She did not support until Trump was officially announced as a candidate for the Republican Party during the election. After being nominated as an official candidate participated in the Trump campaign.

Governor to win the mind of the people

Nicky special stamp in the administration. Her second time in the Governor’s election in 2014 was a huge victory. A record of her votes in the governor’s election is a record. Nicky Majority’s mind winning people’s mind may be mirrored by her administrative imputation, even though it is the minority.

Inspired by Hillary, Thatcher’s …

Hilary Clinton is the ideal candidate for Nicky, who is in charge of the Republican Party. She says that in 2003 she was entering politics with inspiration from Hillary. Former Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is his ideal in the administration.

Marry with Hayley

She was married to American military employee Michael Hayley. Two children, Rena and Nulin. The University of South Carolina honored with a doctorate in 2013 to be special in public.



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