The transaction helped create a market with thousands of active domain name investors who buy, sell and trade domain names on a daily basis.

The Race Is On

It’s interesting to sit back and watch firms spend large sums annually on Internet advertising and buy Keywords to match their market needs – yet they fail to realize the business advantages of owning the domain name for the market they are targeting through advertising.

I happen to own a few good domain names such as,, and To this day, not one major firm has tried to buy It baffles me daily. Hundreds of mutual fund firms market themselves on the Internet, buy “Keywords” from Google and Yahoo! and spend millions of dollars getting potential clients to come to their site. But none has tried to buy “” from me – yet. (In Europe, one smart public company did buy the domain for $9,999,950.00.)

Many large firms use advertising agencies that, by definition, are not in the business of taking chances. These agencies are charged with being prudent when it comes to a client’s marketing and advertising dollars. But the right domain name is an asset on a firm’s balance sheet.

Simply capturing those users who type the words “Mutual Funds” into their browser’s web address field could increase sales and save money in search engine advertising. Better yet, this direct navigation traffic – when a user bypasses a search engine by navigating directly to the site – is highly targeted. The domain owner captures prequalified leads often meant for competitors!

Corporations and Their $1,000,000+ Domain Names

Below is a list of generic domain names owned by major corporations: (1 800 Contacts) (1 800 Contacts) (1 800 Contacts) (1 800 Contacts) (1 800 Flowers) (21st Century Insurance) (Abbott Labs) (Abbott Labs) (Adobe) (Adobe) (Alcoa) (American Express) (America’s Tires) (Amtrust) (Amtrust) (AOL) (AOL) ( (AstraZeneca) (AstraZeneca) (AT&T) (Avis Budget) (Avis Budget) (Bank of America) (Barnes & Noble) (Barnes & Noble) (Bass Pro Shops) (Bass Pro Shops) (Bayer) (Bayer) (Bayer) (BellSouth) (Burlington Coat Factory) (CA) (CA) ( ( (CDW) (Citigroup) (CKE Restaurants) (Clorox) (Clorox) (Clorox) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (CNET) (ConvaTec) (Country Buffet) (Deluxe) (Diageo) (Diageo) (Diageo) (Discovery Comm.) (Disney) (Disney) (Disney) ( (Dryer’s) (E! Online) (EarthLink) (eBay) (eBay) (Eli Lilly) (Eli Lilly) (Eli Lilly) (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) (ESPN) (Fandango) (Fandango) (Fidelity) (Fidelity) (Fidelity) (Frito-Lay) (F-Secure) (FTD) (GE) (GE) (GE) (General Re) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (Guardian) (Guthy-Renker) (H&R Block) (Hallmark) (Hallmark) (Hammacher Schlemmer) (Hanes) (Harrah’s) (Hasbro) (History Channel) (Honda) (Honda) (Intel) (Intel) (Intel) (Intuit) (Intuit) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (J&J) (JC Penny) (Kao Brands) (Kraft) (Kraft) (Kraft) (Kraft) (K-Swiss) (Lafarge) ( ( (Mannington Mills) (Mars) (Mastercard) (McAfee) (McGraw-Hill) (McGraw-Hill) (MedImmune) (Medtronic) (Medtronic) (Merck Serono) (Merck Serono) (Merck) (Merck) (Merriam-Webster) (Merrillcorp) (Microsoft) (Microsoft) (Microsoft) (Miller Beer) (MIS Quality Management) (MSN) (Navteq) (NBA) (NBTY) (Nestle) (Nexium) (Nissan) (Northwestern Mutual) (Novartis) (Novartis) (Novartis) (Novartis) (Nunes Co.) (Nunes Co.) (Nunes Co.) (NY Times) (Office Depot) (Office Depot) (Oracle) (Oracle) (Oracle) (Orbitz) (Orbitz) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (P&G) (Paypal) (Peet’s Coffee) (PETA) (PetSmart) (PetSmart) (PetSmart) (PetSmart) (Pfizer) (Pharmavite) (Philips) (Philips) (Progressive
Insurance) (Purdue Pharma) (Qwest) (Reader’s Digest) (Real Networks) (Roche) (Roche) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Sara Lee) (SC Johnson) (Schering-Plough) (Scripps Networks) (Select Comfort) (Sempra Energy) (Shell) (Siemens) (Speedway SuperAmerica) (Sun Microsystems) (Sun Microsystems) (Sunglass Hut) (Sylvan Learning) (Symantec) (Taco Bell) (Takeda) (Thomson) (TLC Vision) (Toys R’ Us) (Travelocity) (Travelocity) (Trend Micro) (U-Haul) (Unilever) (Unilever) (Unilever) (Unilever) (Unilever) (Unilever) (United Business Media) (USG) (Weather Channel) (Wedding Channel) (Whirlpool) (Whirlpool) (Whirlpool) (Winchester) (Wolters Kluwer) (Xerox) (Xerox)
Corporations are not always disclosing the prices they paid for the name
of their market. Johnson & Johnson purchased for an undisclosed
amount. Sony purchased the name for seven digits. Lots of firms are
buying names without fanfare or press releases.
I own and offered it years ago to Continental Airlines in
exchange for free tickets instead of money. The Vice President of Marketing
at the time said to me, “Why would we want that? We already have a domain name.” He thought he had a grip on the situation and I clearly didn’t. He just
didn’t understand the value of traffic. Today the name is worth 100 times my
offer to Continental.
Today, domain names routinely sell for $1 million or more, and prices are
going up daily! Domain name sales are for the name only: that is, the Universal
Resource Locator or URL, which is the actual web address. While sold
for $13 million, sold for $9 million and sold for $7.5
million, these firms had established websites, income, clients and advertisers.
These were sales of businesses, not just domain names.


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