The Menace of Terrorism


Terrorism, as a method to achieve political aims, has gained

worldwide popularity. Twenty-five people have been killed and 23 wounded in a Suicide bombing inside a Shia mosque in eastern Afghanistan on August 3, A Suicide bomber targeted a group of Sikhs and Hindus on their way to meet Afghanistan’s president in the eastern city of Jalalabad on July 1, killing at least 19 people. A suicide bomber struck outside the Afghan Interior Ministry on Wednesday, allowing gunmen to pass through the outer gate where they traded fire with Security forces, who eventually killed the attackers. Three soldiers were injured in an improvised explosive dev1. Direction (IED) blast triggered by militants in shop Ian district.

The Menace of Terrorism, in this word menace, means something or someone that is likely to cause Serious harm. An example of a menace is a person who is very accident prone and who is likely to break thi3. Insurances. The meaning of word terrorism means the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. NATO defines terrorism in the AAP-06 NATO Glossary of terms and Definitions, Edition 2014 as ” The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property in an attempt to coerce or intimidate government or societies to achieve political, religious or ideological objectives”. The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution is an example of state terrorism.

There are three types of impact of Terrorism. They are economic, Political and Social. Economic impact means loss of life and property from Sept 11 cost insurance companies us $40 billion. Loss of business for the airline industry had to be ‘cured’ through huge government bail-outs. The following are three ways that terrorism has an impact on the economy.

1. Direct Economic Destruction:-


The most immediate and measurable impact of Terrorism is physical destruction. Terrorists destroy existing plants, machines, transportation systems, workers and other economic resources. Smaller scales, acts of Terrorism may blow up cates, churches or roads. Large-scale attacks. most infamously the world Tradable center bombings on Sept 11,2001, can destroy billions of dollars worth of property and Senselessly kill thousands of productive workers.

2. Increased uncertainty in the Markets:-

Even if you do not live anywhere near terrorist attacks, you might still negatively hate uncertainty, and terrorism creates a lot of it. The Financial markets literally shut down after step 11 and did not really recover until months after the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


3. Insurance, Trade, Tourism, and FDI:-

There are two obvious industries especially vulnerable to the effects of Terrorism: insurance and tourism. Not all insurance company pay out in the event of international terrorism or foreign wars, so the impact is likely less than you might first expect. Nevertheless, terrorism is risky business for everyone, and insurance companies hate risk as much as anyone else.

Tourism is even more concerning. In France, for example, Tourism accounts for approximately 7 to 8% of total GDP. Vogue list Panayiotis, a director of MKG tourism consultancy. Told Reuters that he expected a 30% decline in visitors to France in the month after the nice attacks.

On a breaded scale, terrorism hurts international trade. This may be due to imminent threats, Such as Compromised trade routes and distributors system or because of the psychological and physical reactions to terrorism. This also means less FDI, especially in unstable countries.

The political impact of Terrorism means Tightening of border security and immigration clearance. Counterterrorism legislation that infringes on individual freedom and personal privacy. High incidents of Terrorism lead to increased political instability in a country. Similarly, the war on terror has left the Significant political impact on Pakistan at domestic, regional and international level.

The social impact of Terrorism means knee. Jerk reactions to crises. Extremist rhetoric and Sensitive political developments over people. Preparing Singaporeans to be psychologically and socially resilient A Social impact projection of Terrorism in the United States is presented in the light of recent conceptual and methodology development.

Courses of Terrorism may be because terrorism has often been approached from historical perspectives, which, if we Take liqueur’s work as an example, dismiss explanation that tries to make into account more than a single case as ” exceeding vague or altogether wrong “. Certainly, existing general account are often based on assumptions that are neither explicit nor factually demonstrable. We find judgments centering on social factors such as permissiveness and affluence in which western youth are raised or the limitations of dramatic models by television. Alternatively, we encounter political explanations that blame revolutionary ideologies, Marxism -Leninism or nationalism, governmental worked in giving in to terrorist demands or Conversely government oppression.

Steps were taken by the government to stop terror attacks:-

  1. There exists a close and effective coordination between intelligence and Security agencies at the center and the states level.
  2. To deal with the internal Security challenges, the government has an avg method the imposed tighter control to prevent increased immigration.
  3. The govt had imposed tighter control to prevent increased immigration.
  4. The govt has ordered effective border management through round the clock surveillance & patrolling on the border areas.
  5. Intelligence setup has been upgraded.

There are no easy solutions for us to this problem. But we have to include Some measure – hardening and expending physical barriers around sensitive location and screening at airports & other entry points Tightening controls on people entering the country’s and strong thing investigation & prosecution capabilities for terrorism-related cases.

Some Benefits of Terrorism are:

  1. Attention often from more than one continent with little Offord.
  2. Western countries are likely to spend a lot of money & manpower for protection.
  3. The strength of superior around forces is questioned.
  4. Rational thinking is replaced by emotions in society.
  5. Central as those planning the terrorism are likely the only ones knowing where and when attacks happen.
  6. No verbal skills are needed as the statement are non-metal.

People say that terrorism doesn’t work but, unfortunately, it does some of the results of it could be some as “Positive”, even if the terrorism itself is evil.

For example, the UK government would not deal with the oppression of the nationalist minority in Northern Ireland or deal with the violent behavior of police or the discrimination by local authorities etc. It refused to even discuss the issues. The IRA, S campaign eventually forced the UK govt to talk and the result was the Good Friday agreement & the cessation of violent activity. Remember that all resistance movement or freedom fighters are labeled as terrorists by those opposed to them but history often later sees them as heroes.


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