The party has no success! The MLA Koneru Konappa is the trio of three parties from three different parties

Kagaznagar, Newsted: The leaders of the party are different from the circumstances in the political context. But the success of parties is rarely done every time. But the CPI (M) legislator Koneru Kanappa, but how many parties have changed, but lack of public opinion. His success was achieved when parties changed. He has three different parties so far and won every time.

In 1999, he entered the political field as a Tedpapa activist. Subsequently, the then MP was joined by Congress party in 1999 under former minister Ikeareddy. In 2004, he was a candidate from Sirpur MLA from Congress and won with 55,910 votes. At that time, the rival TDP candidate Paulvi Rajyalakshmi won 51,616 votes with a margin of 4,294 votes. In the 2014 elections, the Congress party was disappointed with the expectation of ticket. Then the exclusion MLA assigned the ticket to the former MLC Prandasagar Rao. Connappa Balajana Samaj Party joined the party ticket. At that time, Kanappa got 48,824 votes, while the TRS candidate Kavita Samyya got 39,887 votes. He won with 8939 votes. Then he joined the TRS from the BSP. In the 2018 elections, 82,957 votes were cast from the TRS.

In the 
1999 general election, Pandeyya Manohar Rao was contesting as the Congress candidate, Koneru Kapanappa, while the Maoists killed four men and his gunmen before the elections. The election was postponed. In the same year again, Sirpur was elected as the TDP candidate, Palaiya Rajyalakshmi and Congress candidate Koneru Kapanappa. In the election, the TDP candidate Rajyalaksmi succeeded.

In 2004, Palaviya Rajyalakshmi was contesting as a candidate for Congress candidate Konerappa Kanappa. In 2018, her son and now Congress candidate Dr Palwa Harishababu lost to Konerk Kanappa, the TRS candidate. In 2014, Telangana candidate Kavitai Sawaiya BSP candidate Kanappa lost. Connaught won from Teresa in 2018. In 2014, BSP candidate Koneru Kanappa won 48,824 votes while his nephew Ravisrinivas was contesting from BSP, but only 5,377 votes were lost.


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