The plane into the pond is passing safely


Wellington: New passenger plane crash in New Zealand When landed, the plane flew from the runway into the pond next to the plane. But the tank was not deep and the passengers were safe. The incident took place on Friday morning in the island of Micronesian. Well…

36 passengers, 11 crew members of aircraft may be coming to the air nyugini plane landed aduputappindi local no Airport. Suddenly from the runway to the nearby pond. Though the pond was low, the aircraft was not fully immersed. This led to a huge loss. The locals immediately flew with boats and protected passengers and crew. Some travelers came to the shore to swim.

The airport crew said no one was injured in the incident. However, passengers and crew have been taken to a local hospital for regular medical examinations. There is no clarity on the reasons for the accident. The airplane of the accident left the plane from Papua New Guinea. The Papua New Guinea government ordered an inquiry into the incident.



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