Then the west .. The Congress is the only one in the East and the current elections

Vayalipuram, Dandapalli Newsted: Congress has only one seat since 2009 in the ten constituencies in the Adilabad district of Jalpaiguri district. For the third consecutive time, the party is restricted to just one seat in the joint district. In the constituencies where polling was held in several constituencies, the voters had only a single seat to the party. The remaining nine seats were handed over to TRS. In 2009, AAP, who had contested from the party from Asifabad, won a dominant win over the TRS candidate Gopi. In 2014, Telangana candidate Kowal Lakshmi won. In the 2014 general election, Vittalreddy had contested on Congress and won the Muthol seat by winning the BJP candidate P Ramadevi. The same has continued in the present election. The AAP (Congress) has once again won the seat in Assam for the Telangana candidate Kova Lakshmi. In the state, the defeat of the Congress party in the state has got the lowest number of seats, in which the Telangana Josh is in the district of Adilabad district, but he has been able to win the seat with a slight minority.


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