There are two thousand islands!

“Twenty millions of people lost their lives in the battle for nearly two decades, and thirty million injured, and one of the poorest countries in the financially and socially losers is rapidly growing in trades and attracting the attention of the world ahead of us in per capita income. That’s why we went there to see that country, “said Dr. Koonuri Jayakumar of Guntur.


May Mu Bangkok is located at the largest city of Vietnam’s Hochimin International Airport. Precisely to clean up there. The surroundings are very beautiful. The second is the courtesy of the people there. Third, the main partnership in all activities is women.

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The old name of Hochimin is Saigon. If it is in southern Vietnam, the capital city is closer to the territory of China towards the north of Hanoi. Vietnam currency is called Dong. Our rupee comes with about 320 dangers. Laosky has regular buses from Hoshimin from Cambodia to Hanoi. Indo-China, along with Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. 
There are beautiful parks and fountains in the city. First went to Independence Palace. It is known as the united Vietnam Palace prior to Vietnam CivilWorld and Independence Palace. The palace is located amidst grasslands and majestic forests. Then came the war museum. Vietnam is the only country to defeat the US. The War Memorial was built after the war. The artillery, guns, and bombs used in the war are all demonstrated.

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Pearl farming 
Two days from Hochimin on the day of the flight, we reached Hanoi. Early Bussike had gone to Hollongby early by the Tour Operator booked. On both sides of the road, the green fields were pleasant to the eyes. When we arrived, we stopped at three places and showed the idols of marble statues. They are so wonderful. Later he went to the pearl manufacturing center near Hollong Bay. We have seen the live pearl of the pearl and their upbringing live there. The pearl of each pearl was taken from the pearl to remove the pearl and insert the small pieces into it, making the pearl of the pearls look great. The area is full of pearl industries.
Upon reaching the bus stand in Hollong, the tour operators loaded us into their boat boats. There are more than a hundred such boats there. About thirty to forty people fall in each of them. The boat is like a mini restaurant. The afternoon was supplied with meals and drinks as part of the tour package. Fish, prawns, and cuisine. Gradually our boat reached the sea from the shore.

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Looking around, there are lush green hills. But they did not know that they were all Bully Islands. There are about 2,000 islands there. All of them are lunar islands. Some of them are like caves. They can go in. The nature of nature, which was formed nearly two billion years ago, has included one of the modern seven wonders of UNESCO. Our boat stopped near a small island in the middle of the sea. This is the place where the boats are. From there it will go kayaking. We also left for a boat. It was a pleasure to go to the sea from the caves and get into another cave.

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The heavenly entrance!
Then the nature of the sculpture went into the cave called Sunda Hong Do Go. To get there, you have to climb a hundred stairs. The cave is located inside a hill island. The cave that has a wide cave has a ten feet hole. In their language, it is called heaven. The salts of water tumors from the top are collected over the years and have been found to be solid and hanging from the top. It is a legendary myth that all of the Vietnamese people are the only parents of 54 children and they have come to this cave thousands of years ago and have left them in different regions so that 54 pairs of Vietnamese originated in Vietnam. Despite that story, it helps to promote their unity and patriotism.

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The names of the islands are based on their shape. For example, if you take oye blessing the elephant. That island is an elephant in shape. There are over a thousand oceans in the waters. There are more than a thousand families living on their hunt. These people live together in the boats. They are called floating villages where these boats are located. There is a mythological story about this area. Earlier the goddess said that the dragons were sent to the area to save the Vietnamese, but the gemstones they wear were made into the sea and that the dragons were protected by the outsiders. The locals believe that dragons have been resting in the water without having to go back to heaven. Archeologists found that the existence of man in the area was five million years ago, even though they were theirs. On the last day of the day went to the Red River, which flows through the city of Hanoyi. There are a lot of silk production centers. There is the Silk Museum and Markets. These are sold by a variety of decorative items with traditional Vietnamese dresses.

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The city of Hanoi! 
Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is very extensive and quiet. Hochiminh, who was an uninterrupted Vietnam to Vietnam, started his activities from here. He was the supreme leader who defeated the country in the war against the United States, reorganizing North and South Vietnam and led Vietnam into development. After his death, he embedded the body and placed it in a beautiful building. There is a national assembly in Vietnam opposite the tomb. Next to it is the Hochiminh Museum and he has a bronze statue and his used items and photographs. Leaders such as Marx, Lenin … have been there too, because there is a communist country.




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