There is a fight here!

Different conditions in terms of two key industries in 
the steel industry for years, the public udyamabata the formation of 
the central and state governments, residents of the district struggles niladistunna 
entaku the realization of a dream .. but stretched kamitilatone tinker 
“uranium” with the flame of protest bhinnakonam .. waste 
contaminated villages kannerrajestunna .. ‘central’ organizations Different voice


The struggle here is miraculously reflected in the hereafter. Two different sides in the same area are now debates in Kadapa district. Different aspects of steel industry and uranium cleaning centers are interesting. All the communities are struggling to set up the steel industry in the district. The central and state governments are in debate only with bargaining. In regard to the uranium refineries, the problem is that the population of five villages is objectionable.

– Today, Kadapa

This is the situation! 
The establishment of steel industry in Kadapa seems to be the subject of the central government from the very beginning. The Steel Industry was clearly stated to be constructed at Kadapa under the dividend of guarantees. As the debate over the course of the year has not been achieved, the protesters have increased in the district. At one stage, the movement of the party without the support of the parties .. Thethappa MP sat down for a hunger strike. Everybody’s hope and breathing has become a burden in the year that the concerns are being raised. The steel industry was forced to build Kadapa before the division bill was guaranteed. In 2007, the Brahmani steel industry would be set up at the junction of Jimmala Ammunu near the then Chief Minister YS

There was laid the foundation stone. All ten thousand acres are allocated for the industry. It is possible to take water from Milevara. After about 30% of the works were completed and then the stalled reasons were stalled. Occupational complexes are still visible in the hustle and bustle of the industry. This is the key to mentioning the Kadapa steel industry as part of the division of the division. As the first announced industry has become incomplete, Kadappa is unlikely to take advantage of the second chance. In this background, there is still a struggle to endure.

Like in uranium: The same pattern of opposition to the Uranium Refinery is located near Pulivendula, where the movement of the steel industry is being developed in Kadapa. Huge Uranium Reserves .. First of all, the concept of ‘Thummalapalli’ was the country’s first major project in the country. Unexpected circumstances arise. At present, there is a high level of opposition from the people here, in the list of landless villages, the Bhimayagari Pallialli, the Mapchuppillai, As the UCIL tailpand builds defective, the inhabitants allege that the groundwater is contaminated in their villages, causing stereotypes. At the end of the season, there is a lot of work that is being said that the crops are not growing. Scientists have already studied and studied in many different phases, but still remain an endless problem. There are two different flaws in the same district, with different arguments being discussed.

If a good 
steel factory is installed for Rayalaseema, all Rayalaseema districts will be fine. Industries in Kadapa district are concentrated. Employment opportunities for youth are improved. Jammalagam also becomes a commercial center. Industry is politicized.

– Nageshwar Reddy, Vidyarthi, Jamalala Matham

Jobs come 
I’m four years old. Still can not get a job. Going for employment to other states. Many people have a similar problem in the Jammu mallam area. If the steel industry is formed we can find employment here. Center and State should do justice.

– Nagarjuna, unemployee, jamalai mamtu

Dissolving the famine The 
central and state governments are changing the Kadapa steel into an election subject. Industries must be established with integrity. Jammu mantal area is very convenient for the steel industry. If the industry is established, the stage phase will change. Industrial development will be possible as a substitute for drought.

– Kunda Bhaskar, teacher

Were all the losses 
in the development of the uranium industry in our area of ​​development and we are going to get better. Now the conditions are lost in all the ways and become uncomfortable. Even lands did not get jobs. Groundwater contaminated in our area. Doctors are not responding to ill health.

– Ramana, Keke Kottalala

Living as a living, 
we live here for years. The uranium industry is going to be a difficult time. The water is dry and the crops are damaging. The contaminated water is going on. We can not dare to make crops. Officials have not yet convened the committees for two months. Governments do not mind.

– Sivaprasad, Kotttala

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