Top 10 Travel Websites in India

India is a vast country and its citizens love to travel. They travel for various reasons: business and leisure, pilgrimage or family visits. India ranks among topmost tourist destinations of the world. As a result, India is globally acclaimed for its very developed travel and tourism infrastructure. Backed by some amazing travel websites which ease the way we travel.

This covers airlines, hotels, sightseeing operators, car rental firms, bus and rail network and all other essential elements of travel.

The story by numbers

India’s tourism industry accounted for two percent of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015. The direct contribution of India’s travel trade to the national economy in 2015 was US$ 41.6 billion. This is expected to rise to 2.70 percent by 2025 with a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.9 percent.

Indian travel and tourism sector has the manpower of 25 million people. It accounts for 5.5 percent of the country’s total employment.

By 2025, the tourism industry will account for about 8.7 percent of all jobs in India and will consist of 38 million employees.

Over 4.19 million foreign tourists visited India in 2016, marking the increase of 8.9 percent over 2015. Indians rank among the biggest spenders on travel. By 2024, Indians traveling abroad will spend a combined US$ 2.6 billion, World Travel and Tourism Council states.

Good times ahead

These figures signify India’s travel trade is set for a boom. Indian travel majors rightly deserve accolades for their role. Innovative ideas and world-class service have distinguished Indian travel companies.

Individuals based in remote parts of India connect their PCs, laptop or smartphones with leading travel service providers. They offer tickets and other facilities to the large, unserved population of India.

List Of Top 10 Travel Websites in India:

1. Indian Railways Catering and Transport Corporation (IRCTC):

One of the oldest networks in the world, IRCTC leads India’s travel and tourism trade online.  Indian Railways operates some 14,000 passenger trains connecting remote parts of the country with major cities and business hubs.

travel websites - irctc

Rail travel in India is billed as cheapest in the world at less than US 10 cents per kilometer. IRCTC’s web portal attracts millions of customers daily.

It ranks among one of the busiest websites in the world. IRCTC offers four mobile-based apps for reservation of rail and air tickets, ordering meals for the journey, timetable and schedules and other tourism.

Indian Railways runs a customer loyalty program offering superb incentives to frequenters. IRCTC has tied up with major apps including Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) and SBI Buddy for travel services.

2. MakeMyTrip:

Established in the year 2000, MakeMyTrip is India’s oldest online travel agency. MakeMyTrip redefined the manner Indians made travel arrangements.

The website is very popular for booking all travel requirements from air tickets to sightseeing and accommodation, car rentals and events. MakeMyTrip offers highly discounted air fares 24×7.

make my trip

Customers can also avail spot discounts through innumerable coupons featured on the portal. MakeMyTrip is swift to incorporate price drops and pass on the benefit to customers. It is truly India’s first successful travel related venture online.

MakeMyTrip offers the ease of booking tickets anywhere, anytime through its eponymous mobile app.

You can get amazing discounts on your bookings using  MakeMyTrip coupons from Couponwaale.

3. Air Asia

Air Asia is a success story that would make all Indians proud. The airline, founded in Kuala Lumpur in 1993 had gone bankrupt. A former executive at Warner Music named Tony Fernandes bought it for a token price of one Malaysian Ringgit or about 30 US cents or Indian Rs.  17.

Air Asia

The airline came saddled with a debt of US$ 11 million on December 2, 2001. Within a year, Fernandes reversed fortunes of Air Asia to post a profit and launch new routes in 2002.

The Low-Cost Carrier, with a hub at Sepang International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, has emerged as the world’s only air carrier that offers the cheapest fare of US$ 0.023 per seat kilometer.

Air Asia ranks as India’s third popular travel website.Air Asia India offers cheap air tickets, hotel accommodation and ground transport. Air Asia tickets can be booked through its portal or mobile app. Just visit Couponwaale To get exciting offers and deals on AirAsia.

4. IndiGo

Ranking as the fourth most travel portal of India is GoIndiGo, operated by budget carrier IndiGo. Very economical airfares available daily combined with great flight frequency are reasons behind GoIndiGo’s success.

Statistics indicate IndiGo held whopping 39.9 percent share of India’s domestic and international Low-Cost Carrier market.

travel websites - indigo

The airline has recorded profits for eight consecutive years, thanks to its reliable service and cheap fares. GoIndiGo offers flight tickets only. It operates a large fleet of some 133 aircraft that operate across India and to select destinations abroad.

5. RedBus

But travel is not only about flights and rail journeys. Founded in 2006, RedBus is India’s answer to global travel giants. RedBus provides travelers with the most simple application for booking bus tickets, hotels, sightseeing and pilgrimage tours.

best travel websites - redbus

The history of RedBus makes inspiring reading for anyone who has dreamt of launching a business. Starting with a few seats from a local bus operator, RedBus now facilitates travelers to reserve bus tickets online on 2,000 bus operators across 100,000 routes worldwide. Its mobile app is used by over 7.5 million people globally.

RedBus, ranked at No-5 among top 10 travel websites operates independent portals for Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, and Peru. Spot discounts and special offers are made round the clock on RedBus.

6. Yatra

The brand derives its name from Sanskrit ‘Yatra’ meaning pilgrimage, tour or trip. The very catchy Indian name and superior quality travel services offered by Yatrahave propelled this web portal into fame. It ranks among top 10 travel websites in India and aptly so.


Yatra offers travelers domestic and international airline tickets, rail and bus reservations, sightseeing, car rental and holiday packages.  Yatra attained this position due to the very broad spectrum of services it offers. For example, travellers can book stays 500,000 hotels worldwide.

Yatra’s web portal features great online discounts on every travel need. Business, pilgrimage, history, culture, heritage packages for Indians and foreigners are available at Yatra, which also offers a mobile app. Yatra offers amazing deals to its users.


Cleartrip is a renowned innovator in India’s online travel websites. An excellent loyalty program is offered by Cleartip to its frequent customers. This program, called Cleartrip Rewards features attractive incentives including free nights and dining at top hotels.


For discerning customers, Cleartrip serves as a single window for buying every travel requirement such as tickets and accommodation. Indians can also buy air tickets for flights originating and terminating at destinations abroad, through Cleartrip.

Efficient services offered through Cleartrip web portal and mobile app have brought this company to a leading position among top 10 travel websites of India. Coupons and Discounts on Cleartrip

8. Jet Airways

Jet Airways is India’s premier Full-Service Carrier, pioneer and flagship of the nation’s privately owned aviation sector. It holds about 22 percent of India’s air travel market. Jet Airways has dominated Indian skies since 1992 and since has become a major contender in its segment worldwide.

Jet Airways has dominated Indian skies since 1992 and since has become a major contender in its segment worldwide.

jet airways

The airline operates to some 70 domestic and international destinations, with its fleet of about 110 aircraft. Contrary to its primary identity as a major airline, Jet Airways portal is also utilized for booking travel elements including hotels, holiday packages, sightseeing trips and car rentals. These can be bought separate or bunched with air tickets.

As one of top 10 Indian travel websites, Jet Airways also offers Android and iPhone based app is also offered.

9. Airbnb

Airbnb is no ordinary travel portal. It allows people to book anything from an austere, comfortable apartment to lighthouse and castle. Airbnb is all about the experience. It is about adding great value to a holiday by presenting unique opportunities.

airbnb website logo

Holidays for painting, taking pictures of great historical monuments, culinary tours, hunting (wherever permitted), esoteric arts and practices are brought to life by Airbnb. These experiences are offered across the world and at exquisite destinations.

The company lives up to its promise of delivering the unique experience sought by very exclusive clientele.  Airbnb also offers amazing offers and deals on packages to its customer every now and then. Airbnb is redefining the very concept of holidays for India.

10. Ixigo

Over 20 million users in India and abroad book their travel requirements through Ixigo’s mobile apps. The web portal Ixigo also allows travelers the comfort and convenience to book, cancel, reschedule journeys, accommodation, and other travel requirements.

Ixigo is fast gaining popularity as a top travel portal from India, domestically and abroad. Great daily deals and weekend offer in India and abroad can be bought at Ixigo.

Honoring the veterans

  • Cox & Kings: Any mention, comparison or ranking of online travel agencies is incomplete without mention of three pioneers. Cox and Kings are hailed as the world’s very first travel agency.
cox and kings

Some consternation exists over the role of its founders in colonial India. It was founded in 1758 and is now headquartered in Mumbai, India.

  • Thomas Cook: A boy in England dreamed about taking groups of people on excursions. In 1841, this boy named Thomas Cook, took a group of 500 people on a train ride, setting the ball on a roll for what was to become one of the largest travel firms in the world.
Top 10 travel sites - Thomas cook

Over decades, the dream materialized into Thomas Cook & Son, the world’s leading travel services provider. Thomas Cook ranks among pioneers of mass tourism.

  • BalmerLawrie Travel and Vacations: Headquartered in Mumbai, India, this company was established in 1867. Today, BalmerLawrie operates in 19 cities across India. It is among the oldest travel firms to be accredited by International Air Travel Association.

BalmerLawrie is now owned by the Indian government and a leading supplier of travel requirements to ministries.


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