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Top 8 WCF Interview Questions & Answers [Updated] 2019

A WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) job interview hands you the opportunity to talk in detail about your skills, knowledge, and experience. It gives you a chance to discuss how your candidacy can prove to be fruitful to the organisation. The key to successfully tackling an interview lies in the preparation. 

Here’s a list of the top 8 WCF interview questions that will allow you to feel a lot more confident before going in for that crucial, career changing interview.

1. Please list out the various Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) that are supported by WCF. 

There are three notable types of MEPs which are supported by WCF. They are as under:

• Request/Response 
• One Way 
• Duplex 

2. Can you list out the different Instance Modes in WCF? 

The WCF framework has provided three available modes for controlling WCF instance creation. They are: 

• Per Call: Instance created for each call. In terms of memory, this is the most efficient mode but there’s still a need to maintain a session. 
• Per Session: This is an instance which is created for the complete session of a user. 
• Single Instance: Only a single instance is created for all users which are shared between all of them. In terms of memory utilisation, this is the least efficient instance mode. 

3. Explain the various contracts available in WCF. 

In WCF, all services expose contracts. A contract is described as platform-neutral and termed as a standard way of elaborating what the service does. WCF defines four types of contracts. 

• Service Contracts 
• Data Contracts 
• Fault Contracts 
• Message Contracts 

4. Can you point out the different bindings supported by WCF? 

The WCF platform comprises predefined bindings elements. Each element elaborates on how the client and the service communicate with each other. Here are the nine different types of WCF bindings: 

• BasicHttpBinding 
• WsHttpBinding 
• NetTcpBinding 
• NetNamedPipesBinding 
• WSDualHttpBinding 
• MsmqIntegrationBinding 
• NetMsmqBinding 
• WSFederationHttpBinding 
• NetPeerTcpBinding 

In addition, one can even define their own custom binding as well.

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5. Explain the different ways of hosting a WCF service. 

There are three different ways to host a WCF service: 

• Self-hosting or hosting in a console or desktop application. 
• Host in application domain or process provided by Internet Information Services(IIS) Server. 
• Host in Application domain and process provided by Windows Activation Services(WAS) Server. 

6. Describe the concept of Endpoint in WCF. 

In WCF, Endpoint can be described as the relationship that exists between Address, Contract, and Binding. 

7. Can you list out the main components of WCF? 

There are three primary components in WCF which are: 
• Service class 
• Hosting environment 
• Endpoint 

8. Can you elaborate on the various transaction isolation levels provided in WCF? 

The different isolation levels available are as follows: 

• Read Uncommitted – Also known as Dirty isolation level. 
• Read Committed – Also known as the default level. 
• Repeatable Read 
• Serializable – regarded as a restrictive level. 

Taking into consideration the importance of showcasing the right technical skills and knowledge, here is an additional list of WCF interview questions for you to have a look at. 

a. Explain the concept of DataContractSerializer. 
b. Can you explain the concept of duplex contracts in WCF? 
c. Is it possible to have two-way communications in MSMQ? 
d. Can you touch upon the various programming approaches for WCF? 
e. Can you list out the various ways of hosting a WCF service? 
f. Is it possible to host a service on two different protocols on a single server? 
g. Explain the process of hosting a WCF service in IIS. 
h. Can you pinpoint the three types of transaction manager WCF supports? 

It doesn’t matter whether your interview is successful or not what matters is what you get to learn, where your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie. It’s all about your preparation and positive attitude. All the best!

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