TulsiBabard in US presidential election?

Washington: The first woman elected to the US Congress, Tulasi Gabbard, has said that it is very serious to contest elections for the post of president. She seems to be preparing for the upcoming presidential election in 2020. She was elected to the House of Representatives for a four-time Democratic Party from Hawaii. When asked by a news agency about the presidential election, she replied that she would consider the presidential election seriously.
If Thalassi Gabbard gets elected in the presidential election, he will become the first Hindu in the presidential election. If she won the 2020 election, she would be the youngest and youngest woman ever to be president. “There is concern over the way my country is going. I’m thinking too much about this, “Gabbard told reporters. To win the presidential election in 2020, Gabbard will first have to compete with its own Democratic Party leaders in the primary election. Over the past few weeks, Gabbard has met several times with party leaders. Indo-Americans are taking the view on this issue.


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